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Thanks to all who attended our small edged weapon defensive tactics seminar. Thanks to Guru Mike Lee for co-teaching the seminar with us. Respect the blade! #justifiableforcetraining #justifiableforce #defensivefit #blackbagresources #knifetraining #knife #respecttheblade


August 24th This day is a celebration of this marvellous tool that has been with humans since the dawn of time. The evolution of knives has been a remarkable feat – from knives made of bone, stone and flint, to modern creations using titanium, bronze, iron and steel. Nobody can deny the knife is one of man’s most useful tools – for cooking, eating, fishing, hunting, and defense. #justifiableforce #justifiableforcetraining #knifeday #knife #respecttheblade unionuta blackbagresources simonsaystrain

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