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Enjoy faster and more effective #naturalrelief from the symptoms of mild #arthritis with Modere #glucosamine. Buzz blog link in profile #wednesdaywin #specialoffer #jointhealth #socialretailau #shiftingretailau

3 0 Feb 21, 2018

#QuestionOfTheDay via RiplApp For 7 years I tried to fit into a system in order to help people be healthier. For 7 years it was a constant battle. I spent most of it counseling patients on lifestyle changes to improve their health. It became clear that gut health was important for emotional health. Then Yoga entered the picture in 2014 and added clarity. I learned that deep emotional stressors influenced a patient’s ability to enact the lifestyle changes they wanted. These stressors were rooted in trauma and led to a constant state of dis-ease. When these stressors were addressed, the real healing began for many who were ready and able to be with the discomfort. These layers of touch showed that there IS a better way achieve health. Diet alone won’t do it. Neither will exercise by itself. I know this from firsthand experience. When the physical, emotional and metaphysical (spiritual) layers are addressed as a WHOLE true healing and well being is possible. I retired my license and certification across the US in July 2017. There is a more compassionate way to treat dis-ease that doesn’t involve drugs, procedures or surgery. I established Nurturing Vedic Touch to bring compassion into medicine by addressing all layers of touch. Interested? Live in Austin, TX? Come see me. You’ll know if this is the right approach for you. ❤️

8 1 Feb 21, 2018

Wednesday Win time!! Modern lifestyle, diet and injuries are having a massive impact on our joint health & mobility as a population. Modere Glucosamine contains glucosamine sulfate with MSM and cat’s claw to deliver a great daily supplement for any athlete or active person. Glucosamine can help to alleviate the mild joint inflammation associated with arthritis and osteoarthritis, promoting joint function and flexibility. #linkinbio to jump online and take advantage of 15% off! #achangeworthmaking #wednesdaywin #winning #shoponline #sale #jointhealth #mobility #arthritis #inflammation

3 0 Feb 21, 2018

➡️Attention females: you need to learn how to control your joints⬅️. . Majority (not all but most😉) of women are bendy, like myself. We have tons of flexibility, but not much control of that range of motion. This means we can get into positions fairly easy, without trying, and without much control or stability. This is no Bueno👎. . One of my favorite ways to train control in bendy females like myself is the exercise I'm performing in this picture, single-leg Romanian dead lift💪. . This exercise is beautiful because it requires a great deal of foot, knee, and hip control while hingeing at your hip. If you lose control in any of these joints, you'll lose balance and fall over🤤. . Other reasons this exercise is beautiful? It lights your glutes on fire🔥🔥, especially with added weight (unless you're performing it incorrectly)🍑. . PS for more info on mobility and control vs flexibility, head over to movementupgraded and learn 😉.

25 2 Feb 21, 2018

Excited to add this gem into my lineup, especially now that I'm switching my weight training to pushing heavier again!! It's been fun doing lower weight, higher reps and crazy muscle squeeze/focus but gotta keep the body guessing, right?! #gotgoals 😁💪🏻🙌🏻😍💃🏻 Benefits Supports joint health, mobility, and flexibility*Contributes to the natural production of collagen and supports healthy connective tissue* AdvoCare FLEX™ is formulated with a mixture of collagen and amino acids focused on improved movement, connective tissue health, and mobility.* UC-II is collagen derived from specific animal sources to promote improved joint health in healthy individuals who participate in strenuous exercise.* AdvoCare FLEX also contains a mixture of amino acids, including L-Proline which plays an important role in the body's natural production of collagen, and supports the health of joints, ligaments, tendons, bones, and the skin.* #fitfam #informedchoice #tested #safeandeffective #girlwholift #fitcouplethings #jointhealth #flexibility #collagen #aminoacids #gymgirls #wellness #girlswithmuscle #backedbyscience #backedbymedicalresearch #flex #bethebestYOU #livebettereveryday #lifestyle #strongerthanexcuses

20 0 Feb 21, 2018

Have you ever felt like needing a walker? The creaks and aches of your joints making movement so difficult you thought you were trying to walk through molten lava? Burning.... pain. I have found that taking advantage of mother natures goodness - blended intelligently - soothes the the aches and pains so the body can do what it was intended to do.... MOVE! Research shows that glucosamine, cat's claw and dimethyl sulfone synergistically blended, creates an effective relief for those with inflammatory joint diseases. There was this one time I saw a lady at a park, sitting on the bench holding her cane. She was watching the kids play on the swings just like she was watching a movie. It was passing her by. Life is to be enjoyed. Today I would like you to take advantage of this invitation... I invite you to contact me within the next 24 hours so that you can start enjoying life without pain. #wellbeing #mummachat #health #movement #nature #jointhealth #naturesmedicine #healing #pain #painfree #livelife #lifeisnotamovie

14 0 Feb 21, 2018

Favorite Collagen Products from vitalproteins.....Yes, I have a few! ______ What's so great about collagen? Collagen is a vital building block of our bodies including skin, hair, nails, bones, and joints. Our bodies cannot synthesize enough collagen on their own and our diets today contain minimal collagen. Supplementing our diets to ensure that our bodies are enriched with collagen is important to overall health, fitness, wellbeing and vitality! _____ Some of the benefits include: 1. Healthy skin, hair, nails 2. Joint health 3. Tendon & bone strength 4. Healthy cartilage 5. Improved digestion 6. Gut health 7. Deeper sleep _____ Shop these and other Vital Proteins products using the link in my profile! _____ #vitalproteins #collagen #collagenpeptides #stayvital #realfoodnutrition #nutrition #health #guthealth #jointhealth #healthyskin #healthylifestyle #healthcoach #affiliate

17 1 Feb 21, 2018

Pardon our love, but we think our marine collagen is the best on the planet! It dissolves instantly (we don't even stir ours!), and it's tasteless, and odorless. Win-win-win!

26 1 Feb 20, 2018

The answer to all your arthritis needs! These formulas support joint health & flexibility! 💪 #noni #arthritis #naturessunshine #jointhealth

7 0 Feb 20, 2018

👣🖤 let's talk about feet baby, let's talk about SMR. let's talk about all the good things that may release. #FootyTuesdays 💥According to a study done by Grieve, R. et al (2015, 💥Hamstring & Lumbar Spine Flexibility showed a SIGNIFICANT INCREASE following #SMR (self myofascial release) "via tennis ball to the plantar aspect of the foot."💥 ¿ Huh ..say what Coach ? WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU: 1. rolling the soles of your feet has a direct effect on your hamstring and low back flexibility. 2. doing this regularly for a few minutes.. before or after a workout will yield immediate benefit. 3. SMR can improve your recovery time by positively affecting ROM (range of motion) and soreness/fatigue following exercise. 👊🖤😎MORE ROM, LESS FATIGUE, BETTER RECOVERY. #keeponrollingbaby #youknowwhattimeitis ____________ #yvr #fitness #wellness #health #breath #yoga #yogaeveryday #joga #stretch #strength #stretchtowin #mobility #training #backhealth #flexibility #fitnessaddict #fitnesslifestyle #fitspo #trainer #nogymnoproblem #jointhealth #backhealth #posture #selfcare #hipmobility

19 9 Feb 20, 2018

Take care of your body and it will take care of you. 💪

101 1 Feb 20, 2018

💡Shoulder warm up ideas💡 ⠀ Here are a couple of shoulder warm ups that I’ve found very effective. ⠀ 1.) Samurai Dual Wield ⠀ 2.) Elevated push up to single arm support ⠀ 3.) Alternating angle dumbbell press ⠀ Enjoy 😎✌🏽 #shoulderwarmup #shouldermobility #strengthcoach #shoulderjoint #warmup #movemore #rangeofmotion #movement #personaltraining #jointhealth #kaizen

21 0 Feb 20, 2018

Just a shot from last nights run. Thanks to our Italian running coach lorenzo_lietti for giving us a lesson in ‘gruppo spaccato’. DM us for the ultra secret Monday weighted run club. We will put you on the list. Pin will drop on where and when to be a few hours before the Monday beat down. 😘

91 3 Feb 20, 2018

Stillness and balance ✨ Coach K coach_k_kowalczyk doing a hold on our non-sliding jumping blocks 💪👣🐒

92 2 Feb 20, 2018
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