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With #PresidentsDay coming up and #Pigs being pardoned...we have to stay on top of the game! #wit #Politrix #TheAltWrong #GeorgeWashinton #JoeArpaio

32 1 Feb 14, 2018

Been Better UPDATES MONDAYS with another strip about voting in 2018. Check out the full strip with the link in the bio. #beenbettercomic #joearpaio #conservative #republican #arizona #webcomic #comics

21 0 Feb 13, 2018

Donnie has inspired an increasing number of White Nationalists and their allies to run for office in 2018. From Joe Arpaio, the anti-immigrant darling who was pardoned by the President for violating the Constitution, to Matt Gaetz, the Florida Republican who invited a leader of the Alt-Right to join him at the State of the Union. This has motivated self-described Nazis to run on the Republican ticket, sometimes unopposed, increasing the chances for partisan voters to check the box for an actual Nazi. #2018Midterms #2018Elections #WhiteNationalists #WhiteSupremacy #DonaldTrump #JoeArpaio #SteveKing #CoreyStewart #MattGaetz #DanaRohrabacher #LouBarletta #ArthurJones #PaulNehlen #SeanDonahue #JohnAbarr #AugustusInvictus #TomTancredo

50 11 Feb 10, 2018

WHILE YOU'RE ALL MAJORLY OBSESSING OVER THE LAS VEGAS SHOOTING FACTS, JOE ARPAIO IS RUNNING FOR SENATE! YES THAT'S RIGHT, YOU HEARD ME RIGHT, HE'S RUNNING FOR SENATE! SO, HERE ARE MY QUESTIONS! Joe Arpaio for Senate? What? Joe Arpaio to walk free from all federal charges? What? Joe Arpaio thinks he'll get America's votes? WHAT!? I AM COMPLETELY BAFFLED! That photo was from an event where I went and completely dominated the Republican voting floor with testimony, my testimony was so powerful that people were high-fiving me on the way back to my seat! When I saw him, I stood there just staring at his old ass and was like... Let me go and get right up in the middle of this circle, okay now let me take a photo with his stupid ass! He has no fkn idea who he's shaking hands with and taking a photo with. The look on his face says it all... "Who in the fk is this?" Should I do a double campaign? One for Senate and one for Sheriff? I think that's actually what I'm going to do! Is there a law against running 2 campaigns simultaneously? Bahahahahahahha😂🤣😂🤔🧐🙄😘 WATCH ME!

183 7 Feb 7, 2018

I stand with Lupita and her family. I stand with puenteaz. We need to fix the immigration system, to protect families and defend human rights, and we need to fix it now.

27 1 Feb 6, 2018

To my Republicans friends, the GOP is a private organization and if they back this man you must finally concede that your party is no longer a representation of the core values you cling to (whatever that may be, I have never understood.) I can give you trump as a misstep perhaps, that you either believed it was time to “shake things up” or the misguided imaginings his business “acumen”may service you. I beg you, please, please, see the forest for the trees! Or just see the tree itself, the “strange fruit” that is hanging in front of you. My God, this cannot be who you are. Is it? Are you still able to convince yourself that your party has your best interest at its core? Trump ran on fear, ignorance, false promises and collective racism. Jesus Christ, what did you tell yourself when trump chose Pence as a running mate? Pence, “god fearing” man who calls gay people an abomination. Then there was Jeff Sessions, a pro segregationist, Roy Moore, a child molester, Joe Arpaio, a racist, corrupt, sadist...did you think “yes, this is all okay”? Trump would not condemn nazis protesting but, you can. Put an end to this lineage of morally corrupt, racist, homophobic, nazi support, pedophilia ignoring, klansmen. Arthur Jones, really? You don’t have to back this one. Demand better because this is untenable. WAKE UP!

17 6 Feb 5, 2018

PHOENIX—“Somebody wants me out of the race,” Joe Arpaio said. He was in the lobby of the Church for the Nations, a sprawling 13-acre campus where several hundred Republicans—from precinct captains all the way up to Governor Doug Ducey—gathered last weekend for Arizona’s annual party convention. Outside, candidates blanketed tables with campaign literature. Inside, Arpaio was in a sour mood. 🔸 During a 24-year career that not long ago seemed to be over, Arpaio was the tough guy Sheriff of Maricopa County. He dressed his inmates in pink underwear and housed them in outdoor barracks known as Tent City. He became the face of the anti-immigration movement, gaining national prominence (“America’s Worst Sheriff,” in the headline of a New York Times editorial) for workplace raids that thrilled conservative activists and enraged civil rights attorneys. Then Arpaio lost his reelection bid for sheriff in 2016. Last year, he was convicted of criminal contempt of court for not complying with a federal judge’s order to stop racially profiling Latinos during raids and traffic stops. 🔸 Arpaio, who is 85, never served his jail time. Instead he was pardoned by President Donald Trump, with whom he has developed a mutual adoration society. On Twitter, the president called Arpaio “an American patriot” who “kept Arizona safe!” It looked like a sendoff at the end of an illustrious if divisive political career. “I told my wife I was done with politics,” Arpaio told me. 🔸 Then, just a few weeks ago, Arpaio announced he would run for Jeff Flake’s open Senate seat, much to the chagrin of some members of his own party. Plenty of Arizona Republicans—operatives, activists and state party officials—fear a past-his-prime Arpaio will alienate Democrats and independents and moderate Republicans, even if he loses the primary. ( 📷 smahaskey/POLITICO #magazinecover #thefridaycover #joearpaio #arizona #republicans #gop #senate #longreads

15 0 Feb 4, 2018

My piece on Judge Joe Arpaio and his worrying run for Senate is up on the site now - check it out... [Link in Bio] #news #washington #joearpaio #judge #senate #usa #resist #theresistance #trump #writing #journalism #arizona #unitedstates #politics #arpaio #republican #democrat

9 0 Feb 2, 2018
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