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Week 2 booty day... not gonna lie, my tummy still feels a lil bloated at this point, but I know that this program works and I’m sticking to it and I trust the process. . I also woke up feeling tired. My body is definitely taking a beating with such intense workouts so I’m going to up my self care. Foam roll, stretch, get a massage this weekend, and a nice soak in the tub are all on the agenda! . I’m loving the progress so far, I’m loving seeing my challenge group participants go through this and seeing their results so far. . Week 2 is off and running! #80dayobsession #joansobsessed

47 2 Jan 23, 2018

Remember round one when I had crazy results just in the first week?!?! . You know, this summer in July when I was in the test group for 80 day Obsession. . Welp, finally I’m leading others through this same program... and all I have to say is... HOLY SHIT!!! . It wasn’t just me... it works this well for ALL!!! Guys, this is just one week in, one week for fueling your body properly, one week of fun workouts, one week of a super awesome support group. . We are still allowing newbies in this group for the next week! You can get started right away! What’s holding you back? Join us and get these results too!!!! #80dayobsession #joansobsessed

83 2 Jan 22, 2018

Okay so starting this program for round 2 one of my major goals over the holiday/my busy travel season, was to make sure I started where I left off... . Meaning, Joan, don’t kill your results and go into the next round regretting the fact that it’s like starting over. . The pics below is my final photo after round 1 and my beginning photo for round two. Yes with two months in between of total indulgence but also working out... . And well, I’m up like 5lbs and in this pic I am a little bloated from a weekend of indulgence, but I’m pretty proud of myself!! Although, I definitely have officially lost all of my summer tan! 😂😂😂 . I can’t wait to see where this round takes me. I’m sore, I’m tired, I’m full, I’ll LOVING every workout and how much stronger I have become... and I’m loving being able to do it this time with some of my besties and my team, and hearin from them on the daily about how much THEY are loving it. . This workout program is truly a game changer, because it isn’t a quick fix, because the results and the behaviors are sustainable, because it’s a lifestyle. . If you are sick of yo yoing and want lasting change... I’m your girl! Join me!! My group is crushing it and you’re invited!

79 6 Jan 20, 2018

Day 5 leg day about to go down! I LOVE leg day. It’s hard. Sometimes it’s straight up torture... but what it does is gets freaking results! . I’m all about dem results! #80dayobsession #joansobsessed

33 0 Jan 19, 2018

Day 4 #80dayobsession . When you wake up and you are 9lbs down since Monday and realize just how much you overdid it over the weekend!! 😂 . Guys, I am by no means under the impression that it is all fat loss, that is called sodium and bloat! Some of it is definitely due to the fact that I’m back on track with my workouts and nutrition and that my body REMEMBERS and says, “oh, yeah... this is what we are doing... I can do this” and then let go very easily if the excess from the over indulgence! . That’s what happens when you train your body with proper fuel, timed nutrition and you build lean muscle that revs your metabolism and keeps you more fit! . This round of 80 Day Obsession I just had the goal to start it where I left off... and today, we are there, and that feels good! . To know that I am just on day 4 of week 1 of this program that helped me get in the best shape of my life and that now I am going to further those results.... THAT feels amazing! . Still time to join us!!! #joansobsessed

78 4 Jan 18, 2018

Ready for cardio core... . I’m seeing all the ladies in my challenge group sweating and saying “I didn’t die!” Lol 😂 . It’s an intense workout for sure, but I embrace the sweat, the breathing hard, the Challenge. It’s challenge that changes us! . #80dayobsession #joansobsessed

68 4 Jan 17, 2018

Annnnnnnnd it’s done!! Booty on fire!!! Loop work is cray!! But love that lifted booty!! . You guys wanna join? #80dayobsession #joansobsessed

91 4 Jan 17, 2018

Day 2 booty day!!!! . This is my fave day!! Yes, Autumn makes your ass feel like it’s going numb and going to fall off... but it gets results!! And I love results!! . Yay for day 2 of 80!!! #80dayobsession #joansobsessed

78 4 Jan 16, 2018

Whew! Today has been a whirlwind!!! Haven’t had a chance to even post to social!! . It’s here!! It is finally here. Today 80 Day Obsession officially launched and now my challengers and you guys get to do this program that just totally rocked my world. . I lost 18lbs and 20.25 inches and had a revelation when it comes to fitness and nutrition... and now... . I’m so stoked to be doing this to a T for Round two. Starting fitter, thinner, stronger than last time and with my challengers all doing it together at the same time. I’m so pumped to see them experience this, watch them change their minds, bodies, become stronger emotionally, mentally and physically. . There is still time to join us! This group will remain open for the next two weeks and then it closes to any newbies 🙂 . If you waited... no worries!! We still got you!! Come join us and let’s get fit together! #joansobsessed #80dayobsession

46 2 Jan 16, 2018

The answer is yes. Lol I kid, it was challenging but it was also amazing and worth it and the sweat felt freaking awesome! . What I love about this program is that it is always changing. It is always challenging. Therefore you are always growing, never plateauing and always looking forward to the next workout. . I know some of you may be reticent to try because you are nervous it will be too hard. Or you are scared you won’t commit and it will be like every other year. Or that you just don’t think it will work for you. . But I’m telling you, this program is a game changer. . I’m telling you that YOU can do this!! . I am telling you I will help you through the whole way! . That you will have support, fun, accountability and best of all... you will head into spring with a confidence and strength you’ve never had before. . Or... your money back. . Put your trust in me and this group I am running and I will give you my all to make sure I help you and fulfill my promise to you!! . I have a few spots left... if you want some info I can add you into our pre launch party group!! No commitment, you can just learn more... want in? #80dayobsession #joansobsessed #gamechanged

35 4 Jan 3, 2018

Workout done!! . Omg... it’s been two days as I got hit with the stomach bug my nephews had :( . But I’m back at it! . Honestly I remember when a stomach flu used to keep me down for days... sometimes not feeling better for a week or two. Now, one and done. . It’s amazing when you take care of yourself, how much better your body takes care of you! 💕 . Back at 80 Day Obsession, day 47 in the books. . Clearly I have not been on point woth nutrition this time, and yet, I haven’t gained a lb... through the most food and drink heavy celebration times of the year! . That was my goal! To be able to start this to a T for a second full Round with everyone when it launches, starting where I left off! . Mission accomplished!! There is still room in our group!! You in?? #80dayobsession #joansobsessed

57 8 Dec 28, 2017

Booty day done!!!! Had a few pals during my workout, nephews, dogs, air hockey happening, some bickering, some laughing, etc.... but no excuses it is done! . And my Christmas will be better because I took care of my needs today too! . #80dayobsession #joansobsessed

41 2 Dec 25, 2017

Today is technically my day off... like my workout calendar literally says rest day... . But I’m seeing everyone in my challenge group post their workouts (today is not their rest day) and I’m thinking I want a good sweat today! . It’s Christmas Eve, which yes, means family, fun, presents, food and more... but I know I always have a better day when I start it with a workout! . So... instead of 80 day Obsessed, I’m gonna jump into a little obsessed and do a bit of cardio! Get my heart rate up, sweat a little and feel freaking awesome!! . See... that’s a little bit how the accountability in these groups work!! . If you guys wanna try a Little Obsessed you can!! Message me and I will help you!! Also... still room to join us for 80 day Obsession, want more info? #80dayobsession #joansobsessed

14 0 Dec 24, 2017

The midworkout....”what in the actual F is Autumn doing to me” face... lol . That workout kicked my ass today. Seriously, every move felt hard... sometimes it’s just one of those days. You power through, and do the moves, even when your brain is whining til all of a sudden you’re done. . Your worst workout, is always better than no workout!! . Now off to help some more people!! I’m so overwhelmed with gratitude that people get to start this program and so excited about how many want to join us!!! You checked out our launch party yet?? #80dayobsession #joansobsessed

34 1 Dec 20, 2017

Workout done!!! Crushed leg day. It was a bit of a late workout as I’ve been helping so many peeps get their packs so they can join me in 80 Day Obsession!! Did you get yours!? . Message me and we can get you going!! #80dayobsession #joansobsessed

44 7 Dec 15, 2017

Woo hoo look what I just got in the mail!!! #proudgrad #80dayobsession #joansobsessed

37 0 Dec 13, 2017

Down 18lbs and up a whole crap load of energy and confidence! . Lost 20.25 inches and gained self control and self love. . Ate more than ever and had the biggest changes and results I’ve ever had. . I crushed this program. We ended this 7 weeks ago and guess what? I’m up 1 lb... that’s it... and I’ve started round two so that could be muscle, or I’ll weigh myself tomorrow and it could be down. . This round I’ve definitely been more lenient with food, it’s the holidays after all, but my goal is to maintain results so I can hit the ground running with a full Round to a T when it’s avail to everyone together in January! . Loving that the results are so sustainable. . You wanna join me next round? I have a launch party Weds on FB and you can learn all about it!! Let me know!! #80dayobsession #joansobsessed #joinme

32 5 Dec 12, 2017
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