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ruby palmer's beautiful constructed wall sculptures at jeff bailey gallery. . . . baileygallery rubypalmerstudio #jeffbaileygallery #hudsonny

120 2 Feb 11, 2018

amazing mystical landscapes by colin brant at jeff bailey gallery. . . baileygallery #colinbrant colinbrant724 #jeffbaileygallery #hudsonny

82 3 Feb 11, 2018

rubypalmerstudio baileygallery 😍 Great show! #rubypalmer #jeffbaileygallery

129 5 Feb 11, 2018

Ruby Palmer at Jeff Bailey Gallery in Hudson! So much great work in this show! #rubypalmer #jeffbaileygallery rubypalmerstudio baileygallery

99 5 Feb 11, 2018

Ruby Palmer opens at baileygallery Sat 2/10 6-8pm baileygallery #rubypalmer #hudsonny #jeffbaileygallery

95 6 Feb 7, 2018

These sweet, killer cats will be part of the menagerie colinbrant724’s upcoming exhibition baileygallery. Opening Saturday, February 10th, 6-8PM. Hope to see you there. XX #colinbrant #jeffbaileygallery #hudsonnewyork

130 6 Feb 5, 2018

If you’re in Hudson, NY it’s your last week to see TRANSCENDENT FUNCTIONALISM. Objects from the Shaker Museum are shown alongside the work of contemporary artists and designers. Check out my 3D-printed swag light and my planter cast in soil. #jeffbaileygallery #emmettmoore #shakermuseum #hudson

85 2 Jan 23, 2018

Highly recommend this show baileygallery . Artists making design/designers making art and blurring the spaces in between. Really nice, unique moments in the spillover. #hudsonvalley #hudson #jeffbaileygallery

32 1 Jan 18, 2018

some quick pics from #transcendenfunctionalism at jeff bailey gallery in hudson: #sharimendelson 's recyclables sculptures #maiaruthlee 's riff on clip art / pattern books and a shaker side chair circa 1840-60. . . baileygallery #jeffbaileygallery #hudsonny

73 3 Jan 13, 2018

Transcendent Functionalism' on view til 1/28 at baileygallery Seen here Shari Mendelson. #sharimendelson #jeffbaileygallery #hudsonny

72 0 Jan 11, 2018

01.07.2018 Post 13 amyapleasant I have worked with Jeff Bailey Gallery since my first solo show in NY March 2004. He has been an incredible support for my work and a dear friend. Here are a few posts from shows we have done together from New York City to Hudson. 💙 I will be showing new work with Jeff Bailey at NADA New York in March. newartdealers Follow this rich program baileygallery #jeffbaileygallery #amypleasant #hudsonnewyork

32 1 Jan 7, 2018

things we didn’t expect happened this year. our #3M phone pocket tee became a piece of art on the wall of Jeff Bailey Gallery as part of Transcendent Functionalism, an exhibition featuring designers and artists who take design as a point of departure, appropriating and personalizing the forms of furniture, garments, graphics, and other useful things. As objects familiarize into possessions or recede into ciphers, finding new functions or forgetting their original ones, they come to represent a people, place, and time. Placed in the context of Shaker production an unfolding of opposites emerges: anonymous, individual, communal, hi-tech and handmade. Forms and materials get recycled, become modern, moody, forthcoming, utilitarian or enigmatic. These are objects along the travel to perfection, that tell us who and what we are. We are honored to be shown along side Cody Barber / Colby Bird / Nicole Cherubini / Nick DeMarco / Stephen Eakin / Doug Johnston / Maia Ruth Lee / Kim Markel / Elise McMahon / Shari Mendelson / Emmett Moore / Sara Greenberger Rafferty / Richard Roth and objects from the Shaker Museum | Mount Lebanon. The show is up through January 28th.

68 2 Dec 22, 2017

My 3D-Printed swag light now on view at baileygallery in Hudson, NY. In great company with likemindedobjects 💡 #swag #jeffbaileygallery #emmettmoore #elisemcmahon #likemindedobjects

107 6 Dec 21, 2017
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