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The tones I can get out of this #guitar tho 💙 can't imagine how it would sound through a better amp! #rocks #rockmusic #rocknroll #jammin #coolvibes #izzystradlin #alley8ball

2 0 Nov 23, 2017

This #lespaul tho 💙 the 90s studio Paul's are just great cheap (for a gibson) #workhorses of a #electricguitar , I love mine, plays magnificently #rocknroll #rockmusic #cool #confidenceiskey #checkitout #verycool #awesomesauce #izzystradlin #alley8ball

3 0 Nov 23, 2017

I like the snake on your tattoo, i like the ivy in the ink blue. slash 🐍 #slash #snaketattoo #gunsnroses #axlrose #izzystradlin #duffmckagan #stevenadler #snake

1 0 Nov 23, 2017

So everyone. instagram won't let me log into my other acc tiredroses anymore and Instagram hasn't contacted me back yet. I don't know if i want to restart my account, i am kinda demotivated. I am going to think about it. Thanks to everyone that started me following here, love u guys.

20 2 Nov 23, 2017

#GPRepost #reposter #regram_app guns_n_skid_row via GPRepostApp for Android ------------------ Celebrating ”The Spaghetti Incident?”! Today (23 November) marks the 24th birthday of Guns N’ Roses’ cover album ”The Spaghetti Incident?” 👇🏻[Intresting Facts]👇🏻 1. If you look closely to the bottom middle of the album cover you can see a code. The code almost looks like a barcode or corporate fine print – it’s easy to miss. But back in 2006, fans on a Guns N’ Roses forum did some detective work and decrypted the message. The message says ‘FUCKEM ALL.’ • 2. The album title is referring to a food fight between Axl Rose and Steven Adler. Much was made of this food fight during Adler's lawsuit against the band in 1993, in which Adler's attorney referred to it as "the Spaghetti Incident". This has been confimed by Slash in his autobiography ”Slash”. • 3. The album features a hidden track, “Look at your game, girl” a controverisal track from the cult leader and serial killer Charles Manson. The track is at the very end of the album, tucked in with “I Don’t Care About You”. • 4. “The Spaghetti Incident?” Is the only Guns N’ Roses album that hasn’t had a tour related to it. It was also the last album Duff, Matt and Slash would appear on, it’s also Gilby’s first GN’R album. • 5. In “Ain’t it Fun” Hanoi Rocks singer Michael Monroe does a guest appearance. This isn’t the first time Axl had collaborated with Michael Monroe as he was also doing backing vocals and appeared in the music video of Michael’s “Dead, Jail or Rock ‘N’ Roll” • 6. During the studio sessions the band also recorded instrumental tracks of the song titled "Beer and a Cigarette", originally by Hanoi Rocks. The vocals were not recorded and the song was left out of the record because the band didn't want the songwriter Andy McCoy to get the money. The band also did an instrumental version of the song "Down On The Street" by The Stooges which also was never released. #AxlRose #Axl #Rose #AxlFuckingRose #WAxlRose #WAR #Slash #SaulHudson #SlashHudson #WorldOnFire #DuffMcKagan #Duff #McKagan #KingofBeers #IzzyStradlin #StevenAdler #RichardFortus #4Tus #DizzyReed #DizzyFnReed

4 0 Nov 23, 2017
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