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#PlumbersDaughter #freshcolour #BabyMama #HairTO #BLOWDRY #StraightHair #SheCares #ItTookAVillage dana_0925 dee.deange.leggieri jcampoli uffaa3 My friends have the best hair 👄

32 4 Mar 18, 2018

Made it to the top of Sassafrass today! Had to hold back tears at the top when I realized that I made, and I really didn’t think I could! Of course this was followed by bonking spectacularly, like I didn’t know it was possible to feel that broken....super thankful for everyone that helped me along the way. #sassafras #cycling #ridelife #bonking #lifegoals #girlswhoride #ittookavillage

22 1 Mar 13, 2018

#Repost woodlandfields ・・・ When your after party includes a concert, it’s a guarantee that your wedding was epic! Congrats to Savannah Peyton & Michael

82 2 Mar 12, 2018

Finally Finished is the theme if #igquiltfest today and I have to go back to three years ago when we finished this quilt. My Grandpa’s Mother made these blocks when he was a kid. They never became a quilt and were handed through the family and never completed because of fear of ruining them. When we got them, they were quite frail. Mom and I were determined for Grandpa to see his mothers quilt finished in his life and we made the quilt. Mom pieced, I quilted, my Grandma bound it, and we his great granddaughter label it. 5 sets of hands and the best Fathers Day gift ever 😍 #flowergardenquilt #vintagequilts #ittookavillage #and80years

36 6 Mar 9, 2018

Thank you isn’t enough for the folks at Stonemill. You guys knocked it out of the park with our build and we couldn’t be happier. The process from “should we”, to design, to permit, to build, is a long one. Our architect alisonstrickland was amazing bringing all our wants together, and our builder stonemilldesignbuild is a group of rockstars. Paul, Brenda, Tony, Frank and Pat Thank you! Each of you played a huge role in the completion of this house. You were always a phone call or text away, and we appreciate it. We will miss our daily and weekly interaction with you guys. #oakvillecustomhomes #oakville #customhome #stonemilldesignbuild #welivehere #ittookavillage

30 2 Mar 9, 2018

Last year versus this year... the 5 year battle is over! #crossfit #doubleunders #strongereveryday #ittookavillage #relentless #neverquit crossfitlowoxygen

31 4 Mar 9, 2018

Giving thanks on Women’s Day to all the amazing women who raised this girl up to be the woman I am today. #tbt #ittookavillage #seniorpictures #1989 #monroviahigh #wildcats #womensday2018 #womenmaketheworldgoround 💪🏽🌍💚😺💚

76 3 Mar 9, 2018

I can't believe my handsome lil dude is going to be TEN in 3 weeks 😭 where has the time gone?!? And even better question, how have I been able to keep something alive for that long!?! 😂 #justbarely #ittookavillage #furbaby

19 1 Mar 8, 2018

•happy International Women’s Day to all!• especially my badass Wonder Woman Mom• who went to law school bc she knew it was the best way to support her two girls • but also thank you to the men who help raise women up in every aspect of their lives, this man my uncle was one of those men• miss him everyday• #ittookavillage #mom #internationalwomensday #womxn #latinx #thefutureisfemale #mayitamayahuel #womenempowerment

59 5 Mar 8, 2018

The 1 Year Albumversary ya'll Thanks for being apart and sharing the love 🔆 #Heirloom #ItTookAViLLAGE

42 1 Mar 6, 2018

Home sweet Home! #MovingDay #exhausted #ittookavillage sarahfiore3 cjpugh #noInstaAuntPhyllis stonemilldesignbuild youmovemetoronto #oakvillecustomhomes Thanks alilandry8 for our housewarming present! She know us well 😉

35 10 Mar 6, 2018

We’ve been traveling alllll day. How did it go? Well, if you pay close attention to each picture you’ll see JJ is in a different outfit in each one. That’s what happens when you POOP. ON. EVERYTHING. 😩 Thankfully I was prepared and he slept pretty much the whole flight and my row mate was really considerate and everyone around me asked to help and people just rock. That being said, I’m not in any rush to travel with a baby by myself again anytime soon. #imgood #travellingwithbaby #wemadeit #ittookavillage

573 26 Mar 5, 2018

Lovely Diana at the_mamahood asked me to choose my favourites things from her wonderful site - a gorgeous platform supporting and celebrating creative mamas and their small businesses. Many of my favourite independent children’s brands (plus some mama ones too) are on here, so I was thrilled and flattered to be asked. Find out what I chose and why (you’ll find me in the Journal section of the 👀 Thank you for having me the_mamahood. xx smallprintbooks acornandpip blueticking meminio nelliebrunodesign tillyandcub jackandfredas #littlespree #littlespreeloves #themamahood

203 28 Mar 4, 2018

LOVE. RESPECT. LOYALTY. There isn’t enough space on social media for me to describe how much the folks at Rocky Mount Academy - including the men pictured here - have done for Trey and our family. It has been an incredible ride. Could not have asked for a better high school experience for my boy. Without a doubt Trey would not have been at this table yesterday but for the grace and power of God leading him to pursue his dreams without distraction and also by placing him at RMA - and under the influence of amazing leaders coaches teachers staff students teammates boosters parents second dads second moms and friends. Forever and ever we thank you. Much love from a Grateful Parent (Trey Smelcer, Class of 2018). ♥️🏈🙌🏻 #signingday #football #ittookavillage #RMAeagles #itstartshere #churchontherise #blessingsonblessings _riseyouth_

135 12 Mar 3, 2018

First Political Debate for me AND first official production for Dare Mighty Things in the books! ✅ #ittookavillage #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #daremightythings #myeventfullife #godems #ilgovdebate #wbez

64 2 Mar 2, 2018

When your excitement over your first upsell doesn’t fit in the picture 🎉🙌🏽 #ittookavillage extra special thanks to migueldecaracas #hootsuitelife

21 15 Mar 1, 2018
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