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We love our newest fundraising partner - Pucker up Pitties! 💋They make adorable handmade pins from copper, powder-coated and finished with a soldered pin back. Available in blue-nose, red-nose or black-nose. Each pin is just $20, with 50% of the profit being donated to us! Shop at or see the link in lexarchibald’s bio!

27 1 Nov 17, 2017

GET READY! The 4th annual It’s The Pits Secret Santa Event is coming to town starting Monday, November 20th! Sugar (pictured here) and her adoptable friends will all be looking for Secret Santas to spoil them with special surprises such as toys, treats, and perhaps even a new coat from mindyspittiecoats who we are teaming with again. Stay tuned! The event will be posted and shared on Monday!

46 2 Nov 17, 2017

This sweetheart is currently sitting in one of our local shelters and needs rescuing. She was picked up running the streets one too many times and taken from her previous "owners". She quickly became a staff favorite at the shelter because she is so sweet and affectionate. Loves people and is good with the other dogs she has met so far. But before we can pull her, we need a local foster first. To foster for ITP you must live in or near San Diego or Riverside county and fill out our foster app online at We will provide you with everything you'll need. If you can't foster, please share!

77 3 Nov 17, 2017

Who knew that family night movies, meant 2 hour full body massage! The movie, Megan Peavey, was riveting, yes I was watching! Again, salute to our War Hero's. The big guy is something else! Love him! Adore him! Swipe to catch the full facial massage, then eventual passing out. Talk about super snuggle combo massage. #adoptables #adoptdontshop #itpalum #itsthepitsdogrescue #rescuedogsofinstagram #itsthepits #sandiego #pitbull #pitbullsofinstagram #iamalovernotafighter #americanstaffordshire #amstaff #thepowerofone

12 0 Nov 17, 2017

After my morning walk, my favorite snuggle place: The man's lap. Then it was back to chore time where I did all the work again, so now I get to sun and nap. Sweet #adoptables #adoptdontshop #itpalum #itsthepitsdogrescue #rescuedogsofinstagram #itsthepits #sandiego #pitbull #pitbullsofinstagram #iamalovernotafighter #americanstaffordshire #amstaff #thepowerofone

19 0 Nov 16, 2017

Our Annual garage sale is TWO DAYS AWAY! We will be accepting donations through tomorrow. Please remember that ALL proceeds from our garage sale goes directly to our doggies. ••• If you have any items laying around you would like to donate to our Garage Sale, please contact Stacy at jaxsan21 or call 619-871-1996. Thank you!

41 1 Nov 16, 2017

Check out sweet Taffy’s AMAZING progress! We can’t thank Taffy’s foster family and temp foster family enough! This girl is blossoming into such beautiful girl! We also want to thank all of you have donated to Taffy’s medical care and have shown your support of our gorgeous gal. Stay tuned for more updates!💕

1105 37 Nov 16, 2017

Adoptable Jack is such a snuggle bug! He is the best cuddler and so in tune to his people's emotions and moods. Jack just seems to know when you need an extra hug. Jack is a young neutered male who loves people and gets along with other dogs. He is available for adoption in Southern California. To learn more please visit

485 4 Nov 16, 2017

Hey, lady! Can you get me another toy like this? It’s one of my faves but somehow got destroyed. I blame the cat. 🐶 ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ #ItsThePits #ItsThePitsAdoptable #ItsThePitsDogRescue #PitbullsOfInstagram #RescuedIsMyFavoriteBreed #Pitbull #AdoptDontShop #FosteringSavesLives #FosterDog #AdoptMe #FlopDontCrop #Rescue #DontBullyMyBreed #StopBSL #IAmALoverNotAFighter #AmericanStaffordshireTerrier

101 3 Nov 16, 2017

OK, I've been hearing about this "Big Guy" who was to show up, who would be giving me awesome full body massages, and I was like "yeah right, and pigs can fly". Walla, he showed up! He's for real! In honor of Pitbull Awareness, and the fact we love massages. Pretty Darn good massage, in fact the best! Also, shout out to Its the Pits rescue today in recognition. I went from D-day at the shelter, to Disneyland for dogs here. The power of one. #adoptables #adoptdontshop #itpalum #itsthepitsdogrescue #rescuedogsofinstagram #itsthepits #sandiego #pitbull #pitbullsofinstagram #iamalovernotafighter #americanstaffordshire #amstaff #thepowerofone

19 0 Nov 16, 2017

We just love seeing our #ITPAlum’s getting spoiled by their forever families! One way to spoil your pup is through a bullymake subscription!! Use our code ItsThePits10 and you'll save 10% and 15% will be donated to ITP 😊

177 1 Nov 15, 2017

Adoptable Mickey is gearing up for the upcoming holiday in his new hat! He’s hoping that his future forever family sees just how cute and well-behaved he is, just in time for thanksgiving. For more information on Mickey, please visit

230 3 Nov 15, 2017

Little Miss Taffy (hanging out the crate) is learning how to play the classic card game Uno 😜 Taffy is in a temp foster while her foster family are out of town and while this photo may just seem like a cute photo op, it actually means a lot. When Taffy first came to us, she was a complete mess - she had been neglected, suffering from a terrible case of mange and afraid of her own shadow. While still cautious, she has come out of her shell and every day becomes a little more confident. This is why fostering is SO important! A scared dog like this would never be adopted from the shelter but a foster home allows them to feel safe, to decompress and to learn confidence and trust. If you've been considering fostering with your local rescue or shelter, please take that first step! A dog will thank you ❤️

323 2 Nov 15, 2017

End of day , post night walk on Tongue out Tuesday. 1/2 of frosty paw. Yeah! PS. Fosters taking their sweet time getting these dolled out to my Foster bro and sis. Had to drop them a clue pill by dropping that at their feet. I'd post a new picture of myself, but it basically looks like last night back curl. Sweet Dreams World. #adoptables #adoptdontshop #itpalum #itsthepitsdogrescue #rescuedogsofinstagram #itsthepits #sandiego #pitbull #pitbullsofinstagram #iamalovernotafighter #americanstaffordshire #amstaff

17 0 Nov 15, 2017

SAVE THE DATE! Our Annual garage sale is happening THIS WEEKEND! We will be accepting donations until the 17th. ••• If you have any items laying around you would like to donate to our Garage Sale, please contact Stacy at jaxsan21 or call 619-871-1996. Thank you!

47 1 Nov 15, 2017

Are you looking for a sweet mellow cuddly guy to add to your family? Titus may be your guy! As you can see, he loves to cuddle and gets along well with other dogs. Titus is available for adoption in Southern California. To learn more please visit

813 13 Nov 15, 2017

ADOPTED!! Little Lady has been adopted! We had a feeling this pretty pup wouldn't be with us very long. While the only dog for now, she has two human brothers to grow up with ❤️ Congratulations! #ITPAlum

202 2 Nov 15, 2017
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