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regram mindfuleuphoriaNew Moon readings will be going out tonight! If you are not signed up for my newsletter, click the link in my profile and sign up. I pull cards and wax poetical about the current energies each New & Full moon .I’m a big picture kind of person. I’m at home in the sign of Aquarius. I’ve had to practice great constraint lately over in Facebook world not to get dragged down by everything that is happening. And all the ignorance, fake news, and alternative facts. I am passionate about what’s happening, but I can also see the bigger picture. This is exactly what we needed for our survival as a species. I truly believe that. This is a collective uprising of the people to take back our power and our sovereignty. I know in my heart that, yes, this is a crazy time but I have faith in the feminine to pull all this chaos into constructive beauty and much needed progress. #mindfuleuphoria #hera #divinefeminine #collective #uprising #faith #hope #bigpicture #greatspirit #mindfulness #mystic #astrology #newmoon #aquarius #ancestralhealing #intuitivehealer

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