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alittlebitoftmc great tag! Even better breakfast. Send us a private message with your address and we’ll send you out a coupon! #2eggsadayrok #Repost alittlebitoftmc ( get_repost) ・・・ Breakfast was so 🔥 yesterday I woke up craving it this morning like nobody’s business! Shoutout to the best mama for helping make my smoothie the past 3 mornings since I can never wake up on time👩‍👧 • • 🍞: daveskillerbread powerseed bread + #traderjoes reduces fat cheddar + thefarmershen free range egg scrambled in organicvalley ghee Smoothie: juicing greens + mixed frozen berries + papaya + honey + almond milk #cleaneating #intuitiveeating #realfood #itsalifestyle

2 0 Oct 19, 2017

💪Weight lifting for beginners🏋️‍♀️: 1. Hire a trainer. I cannot stress the importance of this enough. Hire a trainer for just a few months to not only work on form but to help you build a foundation of knowledge for weight lifting that will make creating your own programs much easier (Ps. Online trainers can help you with form if you are sending them videos). This is how it started for me and I am so grateful for what I learned from my trainer! 2. Focus your program around compound movements. Once you've built that foundation of knowledge you will know what compound movements are. Compound movements are exercises that incorporate multiple muscle groups which is what is going to help get you, as my trainer would always say, full body strong. Your first 2-3 moves will usually be compound movements before moving on to isolated workouts to further exhaust specific muscles. 3. Get good form down before adding weight. See number one. Good form will help prevent injuries, imbalances, and ensure you are actually working the muscle groups you're focused on. 4. Increase volume overtime by adding sets, reps, and/or weight. This is called progressive overload and this is how you become stronger and build muscle. Volume means weight x sets x reps. Your volume must be increasing to achieve progressive overload, however if you look at the graph you'll see it is no linear. You need "deload" weeks where volume decreases to allow for recovery. 5. Warm-up properly & stretch after. Too many people neglect this! Take the time to warm-up your body with a few minutes of cardio and dynamic stretching. After your workout take 5 minutes to do some static stretching. Your body will thank you and performance will improve. 6. Be realistic with frequency. Training more does not necessarily mean you will get stronger faster, especially when training at a high intensity. It matters more what you do with the time you are training. Remember that sleep and rest days are when your muscles recover and grow.. rest up!

9 1 Oct 19, 2017

Messy background ✔️ Open locker ✔️ Smudge on pants ✔️ Wearing shirt stolen from sister ✔️ Hit me up if you want to know how to take beautiful photos 🙋🏼 • • •

4 1 Oct 19, 2017

. . D E S L I Z A 👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻 . . . 🍫🍫R E C E T A 🍫🍫 . 🌺🌺TARTALLETA🌺🌺 😋 TARTA CON BASE CRUJIENTE DE GALLETA Y RELLENO CREMOSO DE CHOCOLATE😋 . . PARA LA BASE: 🍪🍪Ingredientes🍪🍪 👉🏻 40 gr harina de avena neutra. 👉🏻 40 gr copos de avena suaves. 👉🏻 50 ml de agua 👉🏻 Pizca de levadura de repostería y pizca de sal. 👉🏻 Endulzante que uséis a gusto. 🍪🍪 Preparación🍪🍪 ✅Mezclamos todos los ingredientes y amasamos muy bien hasta que tengamos una masa que podamos manejar con las manos y que no se nos pegue. Aquí podéis jugar con un poco más de agua si está muy seca o un poco más de harina si está muy pegajosa. ✅ En el molde que vayamos a usar ponemos esta masa y le damos forma con los dedos esparciéndola por toda la base y los laterales. Reservamos. . 🔥🔥 Es momento de encender el horno 200º calor solo abajo para comenzar🔥🔥 . PARA EL RELLENO: 🍰🍰 Ingredientes🍰🍰 👉🏻 300 gr de boniato asado. 👉🏻 60 gr Queso Fresco Batido. 👉🏻 30 gr harina de coco (podéis sustituir por otra harina) 👉🏻 100 gr claras. 👉🏻 10 gr de cacao puro desgrasado. 👉🏻 Pizca de sal. 👉🏻 100 ml de agua 👉🏻 Endulzante que uséis a gusto. 🍰🍰 Preparación🍰🍰 ✅ Ponemos todos los ingredientes en la batidora y batimos hasta que quede no queden grumitos. ✅ Añadimos la mezcla sobre la base de galleta que tenemos en el molde y damos golpes al molde sobre la superficie para que se junten bien las dos mezclas. 🍫Yo he añadido una onza de chocolate puro 100% cacao rallada por encima🍫 🔥 Llevamos al horno por aproximadamente 30 min pero ir vigilando y cuando veáis que el relleno está bien cuajado listo. 😅😅 Súper importante dejar enfriar muy bien antes de desmoldar que está preciosura es muy frágil. . . La he hecho por la noche para consumir en el desayuno y la he dejado fuera de la nevera para que la galleta se quedara crujiente y en serio no os podéis imaginar cómo está esto de bueno 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 . . Definitivamente será la TARTA ESTRELLA CASA ARIANNA 😋😅 . . #healthyfood #healthy #healthychocolate #healthybreakfast #healthylifestyle #cuentanutrientesnocalorias #chocolate #chococookies #chocoadictos #deliciuis #yummy #tasty #delicioso #saludable #foodporn #healthyfoodporn

8 1 Oct 19, 2017

I’m a little behind catching up on blogs I read but meret_boxler got me with this quote in her blog last week. So much of what she said is what FINALLY led me to my FINAL break up with diet culture! Live your life! What could we all do that truly mattered if we dieting/weight loss/appearance wasn’t a thing?

3 1 Oct 19, 2017

Come visit us for your chilly, bubbly KOMBUCHA refill to chill out this weekend coming ☀Remember you can BYO bottle or use one of ours!

5 1 Oct 19, 2017

Well at least one of us is excited that tomorrow is Friday 🤷🏼‍♀️😉 This week has been a total DOOZY but I’m so excited to take this weekend to relax with my pup and get some life stuff done. Is this adulting? Ps. Thanks sylviawitek for letting me borrow your baby, while mine is at home with my parents🤗🐶 In this photo I’m wearing my new danielwellington rose gold and black watch! Use code "ERINLIVESWHOLE" for 15% off you very own #classicpetiteashfield. Happy Friday eve love bugs! 😘

64 9 Oct 19, 2017

Made the most perfect fall salad for lunch 🍃 Mixed greens, roasted sweet potato, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, almonds & cranberries with hopebloomshfx maple sage balsamic dressing. So good! ✨ Happy Thursday everyone!

74 6 Oct 19, 2017

Keeping it simple today. Protein packed bowl 💪🏽 Black beans seasoned with curry, cumin, cayenne, garlic powder, turmeric and himalayan salt. With a side of baked broccolini and garlic/parsley butternut squash. I live for these flavors 🌶 #vegan #plantbased #legumes #proteinpacked #whatveganseat #simpleveganfood #spicyfood #crueltyfree #dairy #herbs #spices #vegano #veganism #veggies #healthconscious #intuitiveeating #listentoyourbody #foodisfuel #fuel #vegansofig

21 2 Oct 19, 2017

Did you know we sell lots of cooking (& cleaning liquids) in bulk and you can bring in your own jar or container to refill 👌🏼 If you want to refill your own container, just take it to the counter first to be weighed before filling it. Our raw, unheated, unprocessed honey comes direct from the farmer to us!🍯 Pic of our honey & our mesh produce bag by thelessproject.

5 1 Oct 19, 2017

I am a creature of habit 🙄 This is round about exactly what I take to work everyday - the only difference being I change the fruits in my breakfast fruit salads, switch up my snack types, and of course make different lunches. . Snacks are my saviour! To prevent myself from ending up in the tuckshop in work I always arm myself with plenty of fresh fruit/veggie snacks, lots of water and a bottle of fruit juice in case I ever fancied a can of cancer ahem I mean coke.... . #vegan #mealprep #foodprep #food #foodie #eat #eats #healthyhabits #healthyeating #healthy #healthychoice #lunch #homemade #freshfood #snacks #fruit #vegetables #water #bodyfuel #intuitiveeating #routine #diet #wellbeing #mindbodysoul #nofilter

6 3 Oct 19, 2017

. . HOLA HOLA Aquí seguimos pasados por agua, os muestro nuestra cena de hoy. . . C E N A 🤗 ✅ Crema calentita de calabacín y puerro. ✅ Revuelto de potón con setas, tomate natural troceado y perejil fresco. . . Fácil, rico y sanito! . . Ahora os dejaré la receta de la tarta que hemos desayunado hoy a ver si triunfa 😜😜 . . #healthy #healthydinner #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #healthylife #realfood #comidareal #eatrealfood #cuentanutrientesnocalorias #IntuitiveEating #micomidamimedicina #saludable #sanoyrico #dinner

21 0 Oct 19, 2017

Living a #Vegan lifestyle? Wrap your taste buds around our Vegan Wrap. Made with avocado, beet, carrot, spinach, spicy sauce, red onion, non-gmo soy-free vegan cheese and tomato. #GreenCornerCafe

27 1 Oct 19, 2017

Thank you to everyone who commented or messaged me with such lovely support yesterday! ❤️🙏🏻 Having some gentle encouragement is honestly making the whole process of gaining weight a lot less daunting and uncomfortable for me 🙏🏻. - [Egg white oats cooked in happywayau salted caramel whey. Topped with fresh strawberries, loving_earth caramelised buckinis, a sneaky_wholefoods peanut butter and caramel slice and a spoonful of wild_friends sunflower butter 🤤]

81 3 Oct 19, 2017

Passion and determination with a little bit of self-discipline and consistency. 🥇🏋🏻‍♀️🖤⚡️ • • • #fitness #fitspo #fitstagram #fitfam #fitlife #lifestyle #personaltrainer #program #periodization #progress #nutrition #intuitiveeating #heath #exercise #workout #strength #strong #weights #gain #lift #flex #gym #gymlife #girlswholift #girlswhotrain

26 0 Oct 19, 2017

Fajitas night!! Con pollo a la plancha y salteado de verduras claaaaaro #fajitasnight #fajitashealthy #healthy #healthystyle #noestoyadietacomosaludable #intuitiveeating #picoftheday

12 0 Oct 19, 2017
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