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This generation will be the living example of light and love. I’m confident that the love revolution will be spread in this nation and nations worldwide. You wit me? #Artiststatement : casalfonso Project : nolitacafe #Spiritart #SpiritArtist #Intuitive #IntuitiveArt #IntuitiveArtist #IntuitiveDrawing #ArtofLove #ThePowerOfArt #ArtistsOnInstagram #nolitacafe #jakarta

3 1 Oct 19, 2017

Did you know there are hidden messages underneath ALL my paintings? Before I paint anything, I Infuse the first layer of the canvas with written intentions. In my creative process, this is the most important step. The intentions guides the way for where the painting is heading and what kind of energy it will bring to you. My hope is that when you look at the painting, you will be able to FEEL the energy of the intentions through the canvas. In this photo, are words that were specifically chosen by my client for her personal Intentional Painting. In the end you're not just buying another piece of art, you're investing in a painting that is designed to bring you more of what you want and who you want to become. It is personalized and created JUST for you. Do you need more grounding in your life? More balance? More love? Whatever it is that YOU need, I will infuse it in the painting. I whole-heartedly believe in the healing power of art and color and that our intentions are everything. Are you ready for your personal Intentional Painting? Send me a message and let's chat about what we can create together ✨🎨✍🏽

15 1 Oct 19, 2017

When I realized my worth and discovered my truth, I was able to use this to develop the vision for my business. . My vision includes being the mirror for others to see their beautiful truth. . My vision includes helping other women heal a part of themselves by reflecting back to them their internal and external beauty. We tend to be our own worst critics (which is sometimes ok because it helps us strive for bigger and better). It can be a challenge to see ourselves in pictures. I get it. I’ve been in that place. But every time these feelings are illuminated, it is an opportunity for us to heal. . This is why I do what I do. To get to the core in order to stir the emotion. Because when we face it, then we can begin to heal it. . I am here to reflect back to you, your beautiful truth. That we are magical, infinite, imperfectly perfect beings regardless of what our mind is telling us. Let us stop and listen to our hearts instead. . Our hearts will tell us the truth. . So that is why, when I dance with my camera, it is in that moment that photography meets the soul. . . #soulphotographer #brandingphotography #familyphotography #newbornphotography #photographer #photoartist #intuitiveartist #soulpreneur #illuminatingyouressence #soulwork #livingthedream #spiritualawakening #spiritjunkie #iseeyoursoul #divinelyguided #love #goddess #goddessrising #divinefeminie #photooftheday #speakyourtruth #grateful #lovemylife #iseeyou #dearphotographer #caledonphotographer #hillsofheadwaters #yorkregionphotographer #gtaphotographer

27 2 Oct 19, 2017

50 3 Oct 19, 2017

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ doctrine of dreams // just passing through ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

41 3 Oct 19, 2017

Tonight I started a visual integration practice utilizing my Exquisite Mandala© creative exercise...I am grateful and motivated to stay with my 'work'. There are always reasons to give in to doubt, fear, and pain -- the voices that want to silence us or diminish our contributions, undermine our authority. We can always find a reason to not show up for ourselves and each other. How many reasons can we find to show up? What would it look like if we let our process guide us into the very practices that could become our contributions? How softly can we approach ourselves so that the most tender touch breaks through the densest places of our pain? What in us wants to be free from shame and judgement? We have authority. We are loved. We are beautiful. We are creative. We are worthy. We belong. #cultivatebeauty #pdxartist #creativefacilitator #integration #healersunite #creativepractice #allowance #reasonstoshowup #nomoreexcuses #youareworthy #youbelong #mandala #mytruth #mandalaart #intuitiveartist #shamanicpath #wehaveauthority #permeatetransformation #portlandmaker #HSP #itsaprocess #youvegotthis #wildwomen #shaktiwoman #goddessesrising #divinefeminine #sacredfeminine #newstory

10 0 Oct 19, 2017

Love and kisses for all the birthday wishes today! I feel so loved. Thank you for making my day! 💋✏ 💜

19 3 Oct 19, 2017

Yummy candy-colored swirls! 🍬Dreamy botanical shapes in progress on this larger canvas.

19 3 Oct 19, 2017

“Flirting at the Laundromat” (2017) Original acrylic, pastel painting on canvas. . . . . . #originalart #markmaking #artoncanvas #abstractart #intuitiveart

337 6 Oct 19, 2017

ꕖ Energy muse ꕖ had to share all three together. Individuals coming up!

49 5 Oct 19, 2017
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