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If you are disciplined enough to always pay back what you #borrow each month, a #creditcard is a safe, secure way to #spend – but if you consistently run up #bills and can’t #payback, the high interest rates can get you into #debt that is out of control. Remember credit card interest rates can be well above 30%.__________SOME ADVANTAGESEasy to carry, easy to use.Credit cards are readily accepted and #save you from having to carry #cash. #Buy now, pay later. If you don’t have the cash you need till next #payday, a credit card gives you some flexibility – though you should only use it if you’re confident that you can pay it off.__________SOME DISADVANTAGESHigh interest payments.If you don’t clear your balance at the end of each month you’ll have to pay #interest on your outstanding balance.Beware of the debt spiral.Miss just one #payment and the interest will start to add up. Unless you pay off what’s owed each month, you can quickly spiral into debt if you continue #spending on your card.__________Be honest with yourself. If you know that you are likely to miss payments and may use credit excessively, you are better off with a debit card. With a #debitcard you are spending only what you have. #MMWN #MoneyMattersWithNimi


" I have an interest - some might call it an unhealthy interest - in unusual homicides. A bad habit, but very hard to break. "" Nevertheless, you will find, Dr. Kelly, that humiliation and blackmail, when used judiciously, can be marvelously effective. "" A person of rare ability seeks to draw me into some sort of malevolent game of his own devising. "Aloysius Pendergast._______________ _______________


...and more! Inspiration for these comes from modern architecture, image sources comes from pin interest, of particular interest is blocky shapes #artist #art #artwork #drawing #pencil #pencildrawing #moleskine #moleskineart #moleskinejournal #sketch #sketchbook #abstract #architecture #instaart #instaartist #fineart #contemporaryart #modernart #shocking_art #bumpgallery #saatchiart #olksypus


The Patriots have some interest in Lions WR Andre Roberts. The Falcons and Lions have also had some interest in Andre Roberts. He had 14 receptions for 188 yards and 1 touchdown last year. I will be expecting more numbers from him if we do end up signing him! Thoughts


Dear Spam account that comment on every single post I make trying to sell me followers. Kindly fuck off I am not interested! Frankly I have no interest in having people who have no common interest or understanding in what my page is about. So please desist, I will only just report your page anyway. #stopspam #spam #idontbuyfollowers #fakeaccounts #iwillreportyou #effoff


La Reproduction interdite. “Everything we see hides another thing, we always want to see what is hidden by what we see. There is an interest in that which is hidden and which the visible does not show us. This interest can take the form of a quite intense feeling, a sort of conflict, one might say, between the visible that is hidden and the visible that is present.” #magritte #lareproductioninterdite #surrealism


Hi everyone! We have an exciting interest free system to announce! When you purchase anything over £280, we offer an interest free payback system where you can pay the full amount of the purchase in up to 12 months! #interestfree #cycling #bikes #mountainbikes #kidbikes #hybridbikes #roadbikes #bicycle #welovecycling #southseacycles


We come across the same questions as real estate agents. Will prices of homes go down? Will interest rates rise? The fact of the matter is that prices of homes will not go down, and interest rates will gradually increase. If you are dancing along the line of purchasing a home...It would be in your best interest to buy this year. Let us inform you and help you get rid of your doubts. Contact:Julio theomnigroup.biz949.415.6305alara theomnigroup.biz657.210.0127 #realtorlife #boom #homesweethome #omnigrouprealestate #theomnigroup #omnirealestate #dtsa #historichome #santaanahomes #santaanarealestate #orangecounty #orangecountyhomes #homes #buysell #homesforsale #buy #sell #realtor #realtorlife #realestateagent #customerservice #homeowner #finance #financialfreedom #buying #gardengrove #anaheim #orange #riverside #corona


OG$ Point-Ex Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke aka Holecopter Ben is hitting towards Negative Interest Rates. Imagine been charged for depositing your money in a bank. Now that we all have direct deposit there is no way around it. Negative Interest Rates are on the way America. Prepare now #OrganicMoney #gold #silver #nirp #negative #rates #banks #US #America #Fed


Are you sick and tired of being rejected because of bad credit? Are you fed up with paying high interest rates for credit cards and insurance premiums because of a low score? Do you want to buy a house and get the best rate and terms available? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Credit Medix is the solution for you! Our credit consultants at Credit Medix are Board Certified and specialize in helping you restore your credit by leveraging the laws found within the Fair Credit Reporting Act to dispute negative, inaccurate, and unverifiable information that may be affecting your score. Why does your score matter? Well lets say for example you need to borrow $200,000 to buy your dream home. If you qualify for a loan at a 5% interest rate as opposed to 4% because of your lower score, you would end up paying $43,000 more in interest over a 30 year period. Invest in yourself today and let us, the experts, do what we do best! For more information please visit our website Feel free to contact us directly for a free evaluation @ (786) 493-8054 or toll free 1(888) 571-6638 ext 201. #creditrepair #creditmedix #invest #creditscore #FCRA #restoration #cleanslate #improve #financialfitness #fico #mortgage #creditcards #interest #lowerpayments #creditconsultants #creditbureaus


Bitcoin Income calculated with 39235 GH/s. If you reinvest in Gh/s, your earnings will increase exponentially in a few month. An external picture with a combound interest calculation is coming soon. #bitcoinmarkets #bitcoinminingfarm #bitcoin #bitcoinminer #bitcoinmining #dogecoin #dogecoinmining #litecoin #litecoinmining #cryptocurrency #cloudmining #metizer #mining #blockchain #networking #network #affiliateprograms #affiliate #interest #invest #investment #freebitcoin #freemoney #earn #earnonline #freebitcoins


Today 1pm est Periscope...VISION: Do you have a vision or purpose for your life? If so, does you love interest have one? If so, does it complement and mesh well with yours? If not, then why are you entertaining her/him?VALUES: Have you dug deep to know what you deeply value at your core? What is truly and deeply important to you in life? Does your love interest share your same values or are they the total opposite? If not, then again, why are you allowing yourself to catch feelings?VICTORY: Are you walking in greater degree of personal Victory over your inner struggles, wounds, past relationship hurts, childhood issues, sins and missteps? Or are you still running and sweeping it under the rug in the chase for love? Is your love interest walking in personal Victory from their stuff? How would you know? If they are not then why are you still trying to pursue a relationship? #Vision #Values #Victory #Relationships #RelationshipGoals #Love #Romance #HealthyRelationships #MatureLove #PurposePartners #Christiandating


"It doesn’t interest mewhat you do for a living.I want to knowwhat you ache forand if you dare to dreamof meeting your heart’s longing.It doesn’t interest mehow old you are.I want to know if you will risk looking like a foolfor lovefor your dreamfor the adventure of being alive.It doesn’t interest mewhat planets are squaring your moon...I want to knowif you have touchedthe centre of your own sorrowif you have been openedby life’s betrayalsor have become shrivelled and closedfrom fear of further pain.I want to knowif you can sit with painmine or your ownwithout moving to hide itor fade itor fix it.I want to knowif you can be with joymine or your ownif you can dance with wildnessand let the ecstasy fill you to the tips of your fingers and toeswithout cautioning usto be carefulto be realisticto remember the limitationsof being human.It doesn’t interest meif the story you are telling meis true.I want to know if you candisappoint anotherto be true to yourself.If you can bearthe accusation of betrayaland not betray your own soul.If you can be faithlessand therefore trustworthy.I want to know if you can see Beautyeven when it is not prettyevery day.And if you can source your own lifefrom its presence.I want to knowif you can live with failureyours and mineand still stand at the edge of the lakeand shout to the silver of the full moon,“Yes.”It doesn’t interest meto know where you liveor how much money you have.I want to know if you can get upafter the night of grief and despairweary and bruised to the boneand do what needs to be doneto feed the children.It doesn’t interest mewho you knowor how you came to be here.I want to know if you will standin the centre of the firewith meand not shrink back.It doesn’t interest mewhere or what or with whomyou have studied.I want to know what sustains youfrom the insidewhen all else falls away.I want to knowif you can be alone with yourselfand if you truly likethe company you keepin the empty moments." ~ Oriah Sacred Embodiment healing sessions yogalastudios in person LA/NY or long distance. Together we go in and love Big!Contact in bio. Xo


INDIVIDUAL PSYCHOLOGY ORIGINS OF SOCIAL INTEREST IMPORTANT OF SOCIAL INTERESTSocial care is an attitude of connectedness with humanity in general, an empathy for each member of the human community. Social care is a natural condition of the human species and devices that binds society together (Adler, 1927). Therefore, the social concern is the interest or our interest to help others.Our immediate environment as a major influence in determining the level of social concern us.Environment which is meant here is family, friends, and communities in which we grow. Because of them we got the values ​​of social concern. Embedded values ​​that would later become the voice of our hearts for always helping and keeping others.SOCIAL AWARENESS THAT THE INTENT IS NOT TO INTERFERE IN THE AFFAIRS OF OTHERS, BUT RATHER TO HELP SOLVE THE PROBLEM FACED BY ANOTHER PERSON WITH THE PURPOSE OF GOODNESS AND PEACE. #savenature #saveanimal #saveearth #catlover #animallovers #vegan #care #psychology


It is not a life time opportunity. Save a lot of money, try not to spend it and the good thing you can do is find a way that all your expenses will cover using the savings you have. Example is try to lend money from ofw, and get an interest. Be careful it is risky but ut is profitable and you have help some of them. Try to sell anything, go to cheap places find an interesting item and sell to your friends. Make a goal that all your expenses are getting from the interest of your money. Imagine if you are getting salary and you are just using it to invest... hit 100k for this year you your money... how you will do it. You can figure it out. You just need to do is to think.Let me know from the comment about your progress.


;; comment connections for my love nd affection—friends: upper leftbest friends: upper rightlove interest: centerfrenemies: bottom leftenemies: bottom right—1. first kiss (m&f) [ angelica /2 ]2. first time [ 0/1 ]3. hook ups [ 0/?? ]4. friends with benefits [ lorelei /3 ]5. best female friend [ angelica ]6. best male friend [ 0/1 ]7. iM really lazy so more tba8. love interest [ charlotte ];; #thetakenrpg


The power of interest rates! Home at top was built & purchased around 2007, is about 2300 sq ft and est. PITI payment is $1300/mo. Home at bottom was built & purchasd around 2014, is about 3500 sq ft and est. PITI payment is $1300/mo. The difference in getting more home for a great price is the INTEREST RATE! #PowerOfInterestRates. #InterestRatesAreStillLow. #KellerWilliams #KellerWilliamsRealty #YourWrightHomeTeam #WrightHomes #RealEstate #RealEstateLife. Contact us today at candice4uhomes to schedule your free consultation!


Oxfam are looking for anyone interested in becoming a Takeover Manager for Oxjam 2017. Take a look at the Oxfam website and register your interest - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- #oxjam #oxjam2017 #oxjam #oxjam2016 #oxjamfestival #oxjamtakeover #oxjamuk #oxjamfestival2016 #oxjammusic #oxjammusicfestival #oxjams #oxjamfest #oxfam #oxfamgb #oxfam2016 #oxfamfestival #oxfamfestivals #oxfammusic


The moment is finally here! Win FREE movie tickets for *"Beauty and the Beast"* film. Enter your details to grab your chance to win the movie ticket.To get the ticket, follow the three simple steps below.1. Click to play Interest Riser2. Enter your details information3. 24 tickets available for 12 winners chosen at a random * Terms & conditions apply #BeOurGuest #RiseEnglishLearningCenterBinus #RiseFX #BeautyAndTheBeast #FreeTicketBeautyAndTheBeast #EnglishLearningCenter #RiseBinusRISE - Part of BINUS


Recently, Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas in Stranger Things) expressed an interest in playing Miles Morales in a future Marvel Studios SPIDER-MAN movie.Would you like to see him play Miles in an upcoming MCU movie? #MCU #StrangerThings #CalebMcLaughlin #Luca #FutureSpiderMan #MileMorales


We are bigger and better then ever! We as a company have now been running in Tassie for over a year and we are very excited to be expanding our team. We are looking for males who are ready to entertain AND..... we have decided to open expressions of interest to woman that would like to work for us from being clothed through to female entertainers. We are looking for locals of Launceston but also looking for interest from those in Hobart.Please note: We will only be hiring those that are legally 18 years or olderSo if you or someone you know thinks you have what it takes we want to hear from you. #butlers #butlerssecret #butlerswithasecret #bwas #hobart #launceston #devonport #ulverstone #burnie #applywithin #job #abs #tas #tasmania #tassie #rediscovertasmania #work #fun #ladiesnight #girlsnight #birthdayparty #nightlife #bucks #bucksparty


There is now an online account verification process on Twitter. "Verified accounts on Twitter allow people to identify key individuals and organizations on Twitter as authentic, and are denoted by a blue badge icon. An account may be verified if it is determined to be of public interest. Typically this includes accounts maintained by public figures and organizations in music, TV, film, fashion, government, politics, religion, journalism, media, sports, business, and other key interest areas." #VerifiedAccount #Twitter #Constellatio


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