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repost via instarepost20 from k.p_sports "To all my fans and friends I want to thank all of you for the amazing response I have received after the AGP last night. It was a great battle between the best 212 professionals in the world and I was honored to be up there with these amazing gentlemen. I am happy with my second place finish and I'm looking forward to standing next to these champions in 2018. Flex Lewis is a great champion and he is a friend. We are both excited about the next Mr. Olympia and the war we will have in stage. Please be respectful with your comments for this is our sport and love and there is no place for hate." برای همه طرفداران و دوستانم، می خواهم از همه شما سپاسگزارم برای پاسخ شگفت انگیز که بعد از AGP در شب گذشته دریافت کردم. این یک نبرد بزرگ بین بهترین 212 متخصص در جهان بود و افتخار من بود با این آقایان شگفت انگیز، من با پایان یافتن دومین خودم را خوشحال می کنم و امیدوارم در سال 2018 در کنار این قهرمانان ایستاده باشم. فلکس لوئیس یک قهرمان بزرگ است و او یک دوست است. ما در مورد آینده آقای المپیا هیجان زده هستیم و جنگی که ما در صحنه خواهیم داشت. لطفا با نظرات خود احترام بگذارید برای این ورزش و عشق ما است و هیچ جایی برای نفرت وجود ندارد  #instarepost20

0 0 Sep 24, 2017

repost via instarepost20 from djdtings Thoughts and prayers to Puerto Rico. Puerto Ricans are strong fiery people and no doubt in my mind they will recover!  #instarepost20

1 0 Sep 24, 2017

REPOST via instarepost20 from dreamcenteratl Calling ALL dReamers! We’ve FASTED & PRAYED, and now it’s time for some much needed FELLOWSHIP. Meet Us this Sunday, September 24, 6pm for our Church Wide Fellowship at Slingshot Entertainment 6344 Cash Ct Northwest Peachtree Corner, GA 30071 It’ll be an evening of FOOD, FUN and FELLOWSHIP, so you don’t want to miss it. To register: Text dRfellowship to 71441 or Spread the word and we’ll see you there. Remember, a church that PRAYS and WORSHIPS together....FELLOWSHIPS together. . . . #churchwidefellowship #fellowship #food #fun #family #friends #partners #slingshot #celebrate #sundayfunday #lovecelebration #dReamcenteratl #williammurphy #daniellemurphy #GetInWhereYouFitIn #MakeTheChurchGreatAgain  #instarepost20

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REPOST via instarepost20 from dreamcenteratl dReamers! We've been celebrating our leaders all month long for #LoveCelebration and as servants of God it's our duty to be a blessing unto our brothers and sisters. . . Join us tomorrow, September 24 @ 2 PM as our Outreach Ministry hits the streets of Decatur, GA continuing to spread the #Love by providing FREE Milk, Eggs & Bread to those in need. Let's be a blessing! . . . #MiraclesSignsAndWonders #1000peoplepraying #SundayWorship #PastorCharlesJenkins #dReamcenteratl #williammurphy #daniellemurphy #praise #worship #praiseandworship #fasting #prayer #21days #21daysofprayerandfasting #iexpectamiracle #September2Remember #MakeTheChurchGreatAgain  #instarepost20

6 0 Sep 24, 2017

STILL planning to watch, tailgate and attend games of those that support your president tomorrow?. ~~~~~~~~~ Gotta hit where it hurts💰! #NONFL 🚫🏈 ••••• repost via from bignik2 Stop looking at things on the surface. Start exercising your brain otherwise you end up led astray. Nothing is as simple as it seems. #chess #think #getwokeandstaywoke  #instarepost20

5 1 Sep 24, 2017

repost via instarepost20 from jerellshearin Regrann from georgiaspartans - ・・・ Grammy Nominated Music Engineer dvanteblack w/ chriswaymon x bigrayvangroove and 888keyz will be judging the Divine Talent Artist Showcase on September 23 from 6pm to 10pm . Tickets are just $10 #music #media #Talent #artists #artistsoninstagram #musicartist #Hiphop #r&b #soca #gospelmusic #gospel #entainment #Music #atlmusic #indieartist #dvanteblackmastering #dvanteblack #atl #atlanta #newatlanta #atlantaga cc: neverlosefocus1 - #regrann - #regrann  #instarepost20

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He stay on point💯🤜🏾🤛🏼repost via instarepost20 from balleralert From the desk of #MichaelRapoport  #instarepost20 #fucktump #kneelwithkaepernick #kneelinprayer #lovetrumpshate

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So THIS happened!!! repost from greg_burnham7 #Queens at #Baltimorecomiccon2017 doctafoo and ccthegreekgeek  #instarepost20

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capik rapp in de house yoo 🤘🏻 sambungan part 1 semalam.. jom layan 🤗 . . #Repost misszhefa_skylovers ( get_repost) ・・・ Halloo Msia..Luar Msia..Super Hero/Heroin..Terobaek sikit pg ni dgn video capik ni..nak delete syg..bakar semangat..kak zhe di padang nihh..anak ada tranning .. . . skyloversofficial syafiqkylez lesung.batu ctciksiti nadd_skylovers redhair_skylover vibrate_skylovers thaqifah_skylovers suzana_skylovers . . #bangkitbersama #hellomalaysia #MisiUpKanCapik #luaskankuasamusyafiqkylez🌹🌹 #doayangbaikbaik #cakapyangbaikbaik #fikiryangbaikbaik #instarepost20 #Repost misszhefa_skylovers with • • • . . Thankyou tante misszhefa_skylovers 😘

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repost via instarepost20 from netortsweet Внимание оставляйте комментарии в первый пост о конкурсе за 5 сентября и полностью соблюдайте правила конкурса иначе вы выбываете из игры😭💎💜Ну что снова конкурс? 🙌🏾 разыгрываю подарок от lachantage ) по старой доброй традиции конкурс длится чуть меньше 2 месяцев! А именно окончание конкурса и подведение итогов произойдёт 31 октября! 🙈 условия конкурса! Быть подписанным на меня netortsweet и на мой официальный бренд lachantage ! Сделать repost поста одного! Отметь под моим фото 3 подруги сестры и т д) и подпиши участвую- это в обоих постах lachantage netortsweet ! Ещё!!!! Профили должны быть реальные активные! Поблажка! Профили закрытые открывают стр на время розыгрыша! В 17-30 по московскому времени) но в последний день так сказать не сочетается для вас мои милашки скрытых страничек ❤️🌶😅 повторюсь чем больше вы проявляете активность и лайкаете мои фото кстати их нужно отлайкать в обоих профилях по 10 шт)) все проверю😄 тем лучше для победителя #lachantageхочуподарок! ❤️❤️❤️ напоминаю подарки я дарю не всякие безделушки а платье )) 🙈и так конкурс начинается!  #instarepost20

4 0 Sep 24, 2017

repost via instarepost20 from boyundas Submission Sport PH- Muay Thai Training at Ultimate Fitness Metrowalk subsportph ultimatefitnessmetrowalk carlofromdapi  #instarepost20

11 0 Sep 24, 2017
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