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0 0 Oct 18, 2017

My first upload since clearing out my Instagram to reset myself here. I really hope everyone enjoys this piece. I painted this in acrylic on a 20 by 16 inch canvas I'll be adding more of my pieces very soon. #art #painting #acrylicworks #acrylicpainting #acrylic #womens #nüdes #nudes #inspirations #love #loves #gallery #stracavzduch #finishedpainting #follows

5 0 Oct 18, 2017

One of most highly acclaimed and best selling business book of our time, "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" is a must read. Stephen Covey talks in detail about the principles and habits that you must incorporate in your personal and professional life for a better living. . . This a one of my 5 🌟 book read and I recommend you all give it a try. . However for best results, try to practice these habits in real life (I'm still working on that part🙃) #bookstagram #motivation #inspirations #everyday #business #books

5 0 Oct 18, 2017

Continue to go out there and compete. Give it all you got. Make the most of those opportunities, because this may be your only chance. Don't worry about what others say or think of you. Repost ufconfox 👍🙌💯😊

2 1 Oct 18, 2017

Go that extra mile, take that chance, give a little more. You won’t regret it.

6 1 Oct 18, 2017

gg_luxious 😍🙌🏼💁🏼 #makeup #goals

12 1 Oct 18, 2017

When opportunities, it's important that you make the most of them. Make it count, because there is no telling when you will get another opportunity again. Repost ufconfox 👍🙌💯😊

1 1 Oct 18, 2017

Art come in different way! Follow richest_motivation for more luxury motivation!!!

5 1 Oct 18, 2017

Bikes, Tats & Piercings.

5 1 Oct 18, 2017

Surround yourself with those who bring positive vibes only. Stay away from the toxic ones. Remember, have a vibe about you so vibrant, that others can't avoid you. Remember this, others can sense your vibe from a mile away. Repost apassionforpositivity 🏈👍🙌💯😊

2 1 Oct 18, 2017

#inspirations exist, it only has to find you #working Pablo Picasso

2 0 Oct 18, 2017
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