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Nesta semana nós passamos das 1000 curtidas na nossa página e queremos agradecer cada um de vocês que gosta do nosso produto e nos ajuda a crescer a cada dia mais. Juntos vamos longe! Desejamos uma sexta-feira cheia de amor para todos! ✨💛 #onlydesigns #comcarinho #love #friday #home #decor #inspirarion #design

12 0 Oct 20, 2017

'Vendedor de flores' Série Brasileiros e Brasileiras Técnica: Aquarela Tamanhos e valores sob consulta pelo e-mail conrado.micke ou pelo direct. #arte #art #illustration #design #designer #quadro #decorating #decoração #interiores #interiordesign #interior #architeture #arquiterura #inspiração #inspirarion #designdeinteriores #gravura #flowers #watercolor

7 3 Oct 20, 2017

Living por Natália Botelho. Iluminação a.dearte. Belo Horizonte – MG. 🔎 o site: Desafio Projetar o Próprio Apê. Foto: Henrique Queiroga

46 3 Oct 20, 2017

Uma ação de bondade faz bem não apenas à quem faz, mas para quem recebe também. A Idellibh em parceria com abd_oficial é ponto de recolhimento de fraldas geriátricas para a Associação Paulo de Tarso . Vamos todos participar desse gesto de solidariedade!

136 1 Oct 20, 2017

Forgiveness is a HUGE part of the letting go process, and the clearing space process, and the upleveling process, and the receiving process... and I could go on! My point is, {!firstname_fix}, that without forgiveness we get stuck. And we stay stuck because we are tethering ourselves to resentment, which is stuck in the past. And Here I am. Stuck, because I thought I had forgiven someone, but I really hadn't let go yet. It is one thing to say you have forgiven someone, and it is a whole separate process entirely to truly, energetically let go of that resentment. I understand how hard it can be to truly forgive someone who has caused you tremendous pain. It is uncomfortable, and the voices come up to try and to talk you out of it, because holding that grudge keeps you safe. Your ego is an amazing thing, and sometimes gets a bad rep. Our ego was developed to keep safe. It learns by association, and usually subconsciously. Because it makes associations without your conscious knowledge, it can sometimes be hard to connect the dots of "why do I feel this way when ____ happens?". But when you dig deep and reveal these subconscious connections ( I'm excited to teach this process in the group coaching program! ), you can rewrite the story and unlearn the association. To change your subconscious beliefs. To shift your subconscious behavior. To allow yourself to step past this fear and move on to living life at a new level. And it all starts with forgiveness. So, I have a homework assignment for you, if you are up for the challenge. Make a list of the 5 most painful things that you believe about yourself, or why you cant have, do, or be what you want. Trace these back to when you first heard them. Write a short letter, or response to each of these people, experiences or events, and forgive them. Let go of them. And include a change in story, by rewriting the truth. This is just barely scratching the surface of the forgiveness we will be doing in the Becoming Next Level As Fuck group coaching program, so if you feel like you need to go deeper with this work than I invite you to join us!! Check the enrollment details in my bio!

46 1 Oct 20, 2017

💙 Él.

233 38 Oct 20, 2017

Cozinha por Denis Krasikov. São Petersburgo - Rússia.

90 1 Oct 20, 2017

✔iernes!!!! Repito look, porque es súper cómodo, calentito y porque si!! . Jersey mango Jeans bershkacollection Botines marypaz_shoes . #bershkastyle #bershka #mango #mangostyle #marypaz #marypazshoes #denim #jeans #mylife #mystyle #mylook #mylooktoday #viernes #friday #fridaylook #comfy #mirror #mirrorselfie #mirrorpic #mirrorphoto

16 1 Oct 20, 2017

Ostatnio mój tydzień trwa w przybliżeniu 3 dni, czas tak szybko ucieka, że nie wiem w co ręce włożyć. Zostało 44 dni semestru, a przecież dopiero się zaczął 😱. Ciężko uwierzyć, że już 1/3 za nami. I co dalej!? 😂 ALE JEDZIEMY, WALCZYMY! #polishgirl #brunette #girl #polskadziewczyna #makeup #ddob #photography #instagirl #instagood #inspirarion #potd #outfit #ootd #loveit #blogger #style #fitgirl #slefie #instalike #followme #offshoulder

84 3 Oct 20, 2017

Sala de Jantar por ACF Arquitetura. São Paulo - SP.

149 2 Oct 20, 2017
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