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So many reasons to be a proud native yet so many changes still needs to be made #indigenouspeoplesday #NoDAPL #abolishcolumbusday #respecttheearth #sacandfox #meskwaki #strongresilientindigenous


~All birds, even those of the same species, are not alike, and it is the same with animals and with human beings. The reason Wakan Tanka does not make two birds, or animals, or human beings exactly alike is because each is placed here by WakanTanka to be an independent individuality and to rely upon itself. - Shooter Teton Sioux #waterissacred #selfreliance #indigenouspeoplesday #siouxindian #nativeamericans #standingrock #sacredlands #alldifferent #allbirds #notalike #greatspirit #god #shootertetonsioux


I am glad that today - the second Monday in October, on which #ColumbusDay has been celebrated in Turtle Island/the United States of America since 1937 – is being increasingly celebrated as #indigenouspeoplesday . Though this day celebrates the landing of Europeans on this continent’s shores, it also … and more transparently … marks a day of great #lament by its native peoples, as it was a beginning of the destruction of their #traditionalculture #TurtleIsland had long been inhabited from coast to coast by numerous tribal groups, and evidence supports pre-Columbian contact by both #African (east coast of the Americas by Abu Bakr II of Mali in 1311 CE) and #Polynesian (with the Chumash/Tongva of Southern California between 300 and 1450 CE) #seafarersLeft: A member of the #PolynesianVoyagingSociety fleet arrives in #SanFrancisoBay, with the #BayBridge in the background. Middle: Wa’a (Polynesian canoe) builder Hualalai Keohuloa shares with visitors about his heritageRight: artist’s rendering of Abu Bakr II’s fleet #traditionalknowledge #nativeamericans #nodapl


#Repost nalgonapositivitypride ・・・After much work with transfolxfightingeds adiosbarbieofficial we have published our open letter to #iaedp to let it be know that their choice of location for there 2016 Symposium is an ignorant and offensive act against #eatingdisorders providers/suffereres who are indigenous or people of color. "Amelia Island Plantation (Labor Camp) Resort is a site of historical violence and erasure, colonization, displacement, illegal enslavement and forced labor. This legacy of violence includes Spanish missionaries and European invaders whose colonization decimated the Native/Indigenous Timucua people in the 1500s; smugglers who captured black folks and smuggled them through Amelia Island to be sold into slavery; and the white-owned hotels that gentrified the island in the 1970s, extinguishing the area’s existence as a thriving black resort destination (even through the Jim Crow era during which black resort owners were not allowed on the segregated beaches). The legacy of white violence at Amelia Island mandates addressing, requires accountability and proscribes complicity." Please read and share our open letter. #EDshift #NPP #indigenouspeoplesday #indigenousday

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