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“The best thing about living in space: it’s hard” - StationCDRKelly #vet50 #inc5000

5 1 Feb 18, 2018

🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫APARTADA🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫 Chumpa elgante #inc nueva sin etiqueta Talla: M Precio: 450 lps

4 0 Feb 18, 2018

Blessed Morning.☺🌲 #inc #gibraltar

3 0 Feb 18, 2018

SAN MAN AKO MAPADPAD ITO ANG AKING UNANG HINAHANAP 😇 cabuyao ● Laguna west #kapilya #iglesianicristo #inc #chapel #proud #INCmember #Panata #photographylife #travels #goals #worldwide #trend

13 0 Feb 18, 2018

Repost dr.jacob.harden THE TRUTH ABOUT SITTING - DESK STRETCH MONDAYS EPISODE 7 . A LOT of people get low back pain when they are at work. Let's discuss why that might happen.🤔 . There are a lot of factors that go into you feeling pain. The term we use in the rehab world is "multifactorial". Basically, there can be a lot going on and some of the things might surprise you. . 💺So let's talk about sitting. You are bombarded with information about how sitting is the new smoking or how it's slowly killing you. These negative associations can actually increase your sensitivity to pain. Because it creates a thought process where you may expect to get back pain because you have a desk job. And thoughts are very powerful. . The truth of the matter is that sitting is not really the new smoking.🙅🏻‍♂️ It's not the desk job that's bad. It's sedentary lifestyles in general that we really need to combat, i.e. move when you can. If you have a desk job, it doesn't mean you are slowly detiorating. It just means you need to prioritize movement a bit more when you are able to. . 🔃But then let's look at the flipside of that. Can sitting play into pain? Yeah...if you sit for longer than your body is comfortable with. You've heard me talk a lot about how your body favors movement and doesn't want to get stuck in one position all day. And anyone who's taken a long flight knows that eventually nothing feels good when you can't move. So that's where the drill in this video helps you out, and why we have #DeskStretchMondays to begin with. It's just to make sure that you don't stay still beyond your tolerance. . So the take home message tonight.👉 Sitting is not inherently bad for you. You don't have to live with back pain because you have a desk job. And don't let the negative associations made about sitting influence your thoughts about pain. Then take notice of your personal sitting tolerance, be it 3 hours or 15 minutes, and schedule some movement breaks to combat that. And be sure to get some activity in outside of work hours. That's how we survive the desk life. . #Prehab101 #DeskStretchMondays . #lowbackpain #entrepreneur #office #rehab #mobility #stretch #lowbackstretch #inc

23 3 Feb 18, 2018

I do dis Shit on da daily 💯❌🔟💰⛽️🔥🙏 #INC #Finesse #2816 #FinesseSeasonComingSoon

16 0 Feb 18, 2018

Congratulations Sis Ann Louise!!! This was the best decision of you life I promise!!! #inc #salamatpoama

20 2 Feb 18, 2018

Finesse Season coming soon Get wit it or get rolled Over #INC #2816 #Finesse 💰💯❌🔟⛽️🔥🔥💰⛽️💰

9 0 Feb 18, 2018

Diras njega glava ode #psw #inc #bratic

4 0 Feb 18, 2018

Vans era Size 35 - 44 S317 Price: Rm70 #Inc Postage #Pm #0146503063

2 0 Feb 18, 2018

Vans Sizes 35 - 45 S317 Price: Rm70 #Inc Postage #Pm #0146503063

2 0 Feb 18, 2018

CONVERSE CHUCK TAYLOR 2 Sizes 36 - 40 S318 Price: Rm75 #Inc postage #Pm #0146503063

2 0 Feb 18, 2018

Converse Jack purcel Sizes 36 - 44 euro S318 Price: Rm90 #Inc Postage #Pm #0146503063

3 0 Feb 18, 2018
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