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Today is the day. Vote for change in #LakewoodOhio! #Taubman4Council #Taubman4Lakewood

36 2 Nov 7, 2017

We need to do more than just react; we need a plan that is proactive AND reactive. We can end the #opioidepidemic in #LakewoodOhio!

16 1 Nov 7, 2017

Today we voted for safety, not discrimination. We voted for common sense laws that work to make Lakewood safer. We voted to end the harassment of good residents and good dogs. We voted for objective laws that work. We voted for an inclusive Lakewood. Thank you Tristan Rader, Meghan George & Brian Taubman for researching and not fear mongering. It is time to catch up to 2017 and be an inclusive city . . . #endbsl #dogstagram #weeklyfluff #pitbull #pitsofig #pitbullsofinstagram #dog #cleveland #ruffpost #huffpostgram #dogstagram #petstagram #puppy #photooftheday #dogoftheday #weeklyfluff #rescuepetsofinstagram #1lkwd #lovinglakewood #onelakewood #lakewoodohio #savethemall #lkwd4charlie #imwithcharlie #savethemall

461 4 Nov 7, 2017

When I’m elected, I’ll implement a three-step #environmentalplan that will make #LakewoodOhio more #sustainable and reliant on #renewableenergy.

19 1 Nov 7, 2017

Under the watch of our incumbent #LakewoodOhio #CityCouncil, crime has remained stagnant or, worse, risen. And there has not been an individualized plan to reduce crime. Nothing has been proposed. Click on the link in my bio to see what I plan to do about that.

22 1 Nov 7, 2017

Breed specific legislation (BSL) is wrong and discriminatory. We can end it in #LakewoodOhio and replace it with a breed-neutral dangerous dog ordinance that will hold all owners and dogs responsible for their actions, and not discriminate based on breed alone.

20 2 Nov 6, 2017

When elected, I will be transparent and always hear and voice the concerns of the citizens. If an issue comes up, I will make sure people are aware of it and understand it, and together we will come to a decision that is in the best interests of #LakewoodOhio and its citizens.

17 1 Nov 6, 2017

It's time for a change in #LakewoodOhio. We need to address our aging infrastructure and focus on attracting new businesses to our city.

23 1 Nov 6, 2017

When elected to #LakewoodOhio #CityCouncil, I will look to increase after-school activities, promote a city-run youth mentoring program that will work hand-in-hand with local business and citizens, and finally renovate the pools and parks. I will also propose joint youth and senior programs with the idea of improving everyone’s quality of lives.

24 2 Nov 6, 2017

Whether it has risen or remained stagnant, crime is an issue in #LakewoodOhio, and there hasn't been an individualized plan to address it. I propose foot patrols, zone patrols, and a city-run neighborhood watch program with a police liaison. Under my watch, we will reduce crime, and our police force will be held accountable for their actions as well.

20 2 Nov 3, 2017

#LakewoodOhio is one of the most walkable cities in Ohio. To ensure our sidewalks are clear and navigable all year long, we need to use a city sidewalk plow to take care of high traffic areas and walkways around senior centers. I will look to start a snow angel program where an individual will take care of the sidewalks around their street, and I will hold absentee landlords responsible for their sidewalks.

36 3 Nov 2, 2017

#endbsl 🖤🐶 ••• #Repost happydogfoundation ( get_repost) ・・・ Be the change you want to see. 🙌🏼🐶❤️

21 1 Nov 2, 2017

On November 7, vote for change in #LakewoodOhio #Taubman4Council #Taubman4Lakewood

42 2 Nov 2, 2017

November 1, 2015 is the date that we lost a wonderful family member 😥. Max was the very first friend that I made at my new home 🏡 and my mom's first best friend ❤️. I didn't know Max for long before he crossed the rainbow bridge 🌈. The only good about this is he is no longer in pain ❤️. Even though he is no longer with us the memories still remain. Rest In Peace Max you are missed 😘🙏❤️🌈. 2000-2015. The photo on the left is of Max. The first two pictures on the right are of Max and I. The other two are of Max and Marley (Max thought of Marley as his own. Marley has also crossed the bridge 🌈).

46 4 Nov 1, 2017

The #OpioidEpidemic is not a new problem in #LakewoodOhio. Under the watch of the current incumbents, this problem has been brushed under the rug and recent efforts are too little, too late. We need to have both a proactive and a reactive approach to dealing with this crisis.

22 3 Nov 1, 2017
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