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Need a good cuppa pronto #ilytravels #brighton

20 0 Sep 21, 2017

Paid smallpond a visit during my stopover in Brighton. Plus, I found a phone while peeing and thought that they were filming me. #ilytravels #brighton

16 0 Sep 21, 2017

This is darfuria he does things for everyone especially officialtoska Thanks for everything ✨ #ilytravels #brighton

12 0 Sep 21, 2017

Missing this sweetheart amyillustration who I met at leefestuk cultmilk booth. Felt like I knew her since forever. This is Amy my glitter sister #ilytravels #brighton

20 1 Sep 20, 2017

The last day of my UK trip was quiet. I sat down to enjoy my last meal in Brighton and thought to myself how this is it. I am coming home to face reality. No more free passes in English land I've got to get back to my Asian roots and loved ones and make it work. Saying goodbye to new friends, food and people were never easy. But coming home to unemployment, study loan and a rigid system, I just longed for my mama's cooking. I may be "inner British" but I am still a Makcik at heart. It's been grand! See you next summer ☀️ #ilytravels #brighton

20 1 Sep 20, 2017

Me this morning... #ilytravels #brighton

12 0 Sep 20, 2017

Missing the chill out Brighton vibes #ilytravels #brighton #bukankucingku

33 1 Sep 19, 2017

World naked gardening day #ilytravels #brighton

8 0 Sep 18, 2017

Cutie bum #bukankucingku #ilytravels #brighton

39 0 Sep 18, 2017

I like how all four shots I took of darfuria kitchen were crooked but still wish I was back in Brighton soaking up the sun and sea #ilytravels #brighton

14 2 Sep 18, 2017

Finally home in Singapore (well I have been since 1st September) #ilytravels

4 0 Sep 18, 2017

Chilling with this cutie #bukankucingku #ilytravels #brighton

26 0 Sep 18, 2017

Spent my bank holiday walking round the streets of Brighton post-swim in my towel soaking up all the sun life is wonderful #ilytravels #brighton

23 0 Sep 18, 2017

Right before they attacked my seafood platter... #ilytravels #brighton

26 0 Sep 18, 2017

Need to ship back all my books from UK I love Asimov with a passion #ilytravels #london

15 0 Sep 18, 2017

I'll see you soon Brighton #ilytravels #brighton

13 0 Sep 18, 2017

Last night in London felt less lonely thanks to him. They're right London is best enjoyed with company. It's been fun. Time to head home 😽 #ilytravels #london

11 0 Sep 18, 2017

It's always been like this like this like this like this #ilytravels #brighton

24 0 Sep 17, 2017
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