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1 0 Apr 29, 2017

I feel awkward about 80% of my waking hours. And I used to let that paralyze me. I spent a lot of time playing small so I wouldn't stand out, so I wouldn't risk failure or embarrassment. And a few times along the road I fell flat on my face and went back to that safe, small space. And then I started drawing again. And it became my own magical way of owning my awkwardness. Connecting with other people through connecting dots on paper. I'm seeing a lot of dots connecting these days and it is nothing short of magic. Realizing my awkwardness is all a part of the master plan. And maybe most days I feel about as elegant as a walrus, but I still throw on my flower crown and go to work. Whatever that thing is that makes you feel weird or different...don't hide it! Lets be awkward walruses together, ok? 👊🏻✨👊🏻 23/100 of #100daysofmandysmotifs

0 1 Apr 29, 2017

did this quick #moana painting a few months ago to test out my new set of gouache paint. still a lot to learn with gouache! #art #disney #illustration

0 0 Apr 29, 2017

she #drawing #illustration #girl

0 0 Apr 29, 2017
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