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80/365: Dot-lined White This fuzzy moth is amazing. The caterpillars are also fuzzy white with black markings and feed on oaks, cherries, and roses. Then they turn into this gorgeous beast! I found this one at my porch light last summer, so they don't even need a fancy light to bring them in.

154 4 Mar 22, 2018

I'm going to share a secret with you! I adore hairstyling and it has been this amazing journey that I so look forward to continuing to see where God keeps steering me with it, but I also have fallen in love with making cold pressed soap! Anybody else have a fun side hobby??? I'd love to hear yours! Let me share even more with you that I haven't yet to share, I have this new dream. It is simply a baby dream right now, but I would LOVE to be that person to open a brick and mortar soap shop! I mean seriously, how fun would that be?! Not only that, but transfer my salon to it where I could do hair and make soap. I'd be happier than a piglet in mud on a rainy day! What's your way far out there, going to take a while to actually get there, but so much fun when it happens goal?? We all have them, and I know with patience, time and some serious prayer for guidance, we will make it there! Rome wasn't built in a day y'all, and neither was Eden ❤

46 7 Mar 21, 2018

Local friends! Starting today I have a super fun GIVEAWAY going on that you have multiple options for ways to enter! Check out the link in my profile and click on Easter Basket Giveaway to be link to where to enter! What's in the basket you ask? 1. Duo full size Pureology shampoo/conditioner 2. A $100 gift certificate to have your hair done by me! 3. A pinkpewter headband I bought just for this giveaway! (They have some really pretty things!) 4. A cocoa mint soap hand made by me! 5. A chocolate bunny and some Easter chocolates! I am so sorry to all my sweet friends not in North Carolina, but this is a local giveaway for my clients and anyone wishing to come to my salon. Thank you so much for all your support and I'll have some giveaways soon for everyone!

55 5 Mar 20, 2018

78/365: Hackberry Emperor This butterfly gets its name from its caterpillar host plant, the hackberry. Apparently these butterflies do not visit flowers nearly as much as other butterflies, which may explain why I see them so rarely - I tend to go to flowers when I want to see butterflies!

161 6 Mar 20, 2018

Happy Monday friends! Monday's are office days for this girl! There's always so much to catch up on, plan out and respond to that I'm normally sitting right in this spot for most of the day. It's always funny to me when people ask when I'm at the salon and I respond with Tuesdays and Thursday through Saturday, they are surprised and talk about how great that most be to have 3 days off each week. Really I only have 1 day off y'all, that's Sundays. Sunday's are for church and family. Those other two days are what I consider "behind the scenes" days. Going into business for yourself is absolutely amazing. There's a lot of work though to keep the show going. But I sure do hope you enjoy it as I share everything! ❤

76 6 Mar 19, 2018

77/375: Spreadwing Damselfly It's getting to be about the right time of year to start seeing this again! This spreadwing damselfly is laying her eggs inside a plant. Once they hatch, the nymphs will make their way into the pond to continue their development. I love that you can see all the holes from where her sharp ovipositor (her egg laying tube) has pierced the plant.

128 3 Mar 19, 2018

76/365: Giant Water Bug When I first moved to the southern US, I was horrified to learn (from our realtor, randomly) that locals call cockroaches water bugs. Make it SO much harder to tell people about these bugs, the giant water bugs, that I studied in grad school. Giant water bugs and cockroaches are in two completely different orders, Blattodea and Hemiptera respectively. Also, giant water bugs are aquatic and live in water while most of the roaches people call water bugs are terrestrial pests they find in their homes. I talked about giant water bugs at a work event for a good part of the day today and had to keep telling people, "Well, these aren't roaches and aren't even closely related to them..." Sigh... My poor water bugs get no love here because people think they're roaches!

148 3 Mar 18, 2018

Hung out with friends, celebrated my Irish heritage, and saw a beautiful sunset. Overall, a great day! #stpatricksday #igersraleigh

16 2 Mar 18, 2018

75/365: Sweat Bee Honey bees get all the attention, but there are so many species of native bees that are important too! Sweat bees like this one pollinate a lot of plants, including some pretty amazing native flowers. Bees are amazing and do so many great things in our world! They could really do with some more love.

133 9 Mar 17, 2018

Flooring is never boring. A big thank you to treefrogindustries for your talent, attention to detail, and pure craftsmanship while working on this spectacular guest house floor. We can't wait to show y'all how this will look when it's finished! #WendellGuestHouse #oldoakconstruction . . . 📷: cohen_studios

54 4 Mar 16, 2018

These are some of the best people I have ever known, leaving California will be hard but not getting to hang out with them is a whole different ball game. PC- nelsonfilms nelsongraphs

120 2 Mar 16, 2018

Hey there friend! There are a lot of fresh faces around here so I thought a #fridayintroductions would be good! But first, tell me your absolute favorite breakfast! I want to know more about you! Here's 5 fun facts about me 1. My favorite breakfast would have to be a sweet, simple southern breakfast. Scrambled eggs with some cheese, grits made to perfection with some butter and pepper, bacon and grandma's homemade biscuits and jelly! And I wouldn't complain if there was some gravy there for some biscuits and gravy. Yummy! Can you tell I grew up in the south? 😉 2. I have been doing hair professionally since I went to school back in 2009. I graduated high school in June and started at Aveda in Chapel Hill that very next month in July! 3. I have recently fallen in love with baby llamas! Officially added to the bucket list is to pet a baby llama. Why are they so stinkin adorable?? 4. Growing up I was a total beach kid. Now as an adult, I am obsessed with mountains! Really I'm just a nature girl and love it all for the beauty that God made it for, but oh do the mountains have my heart. My husband, anthonypirrocco and I have goals to have a mountain cabin put in the NC mountains one day. We honeymooned out there, so it is even more special in our hearts! 5. I can't tell you about any current music. To be honest, I just don't like any of it. BUT you start talking about 90s/early 2000's jams, I got you! If you see me around town in my car, you might see me singing from my soul some backstreet boys or Ryan Cabrera. I get into it. Lol! PS, I have a fresh toner on my hair in this photo. I use redken Shades EQ because they have amazing toners! I mixed 8T with a little 6N (so I wouldn't get silver hair!) I am a bit obessed with this combo! PPS thank you nikki_fancythis For taking some fantastic photos for me! Y'all should really check her out if you like the style of this photo!❤

75 9 Mar 16, 2018

74/365: Stink Bug I'll be honest - I'm not sure which stink bug this is, so I can't share much about it. You can definitely see the line between the leathery and membranous sections typical of the wings of true bugs though!

130 7 Mar 16, 2018

I just love collages... and art.. and all things collages + art 4E&E 💛 |swipe for the b4|

425 3 Mar 16, 2018


28 1 Mar 15, 2018
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