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3 1 Aug 22, 2017

Had the honor of covering the #solareclipse for work ( abc7ny), capturing photos of people who were watching from atop the Empire State Building in NYC. I didn't have a solar filter for my camera, so only people shots here. Here's a quick album with some flavor of the action. And by the way, anyone notice anything wrong in shot number 4? #eclipse #empirestatebuilding #esb

3 1 Aug 22, 2017

presents I G O F T H E D A Y ∘ P H O T O | frvnkyvng ∘ ∘ R E P O S T F R O M | ig_nycity L O C A T I O N | One World Trade Center, New York L O C A L M A N A G E R | Team ig_nycity ∘ F E A T U R E D T A G | #igworldclub #ig_nycity #ignycity_ #nycity #ig_nycity_ #igcnycity #new_york #frvnkyvng ∘ S E L E C T E D B Y | igworldclub_admin F O L L O W U S | igworldclub ∘ M A I L | igworldclub S O C I A L | Facebook • Twitter M E M B E R S | Available on igworldclub_officialaccount C O U N T R Y R E Q U I R E D | If you want to join us and open an igworldclub account of your country or city, please write us or go to ⠀ Powered by | T H E . H U B

98 2 Aug 22, 2017

Here's to the nights that turned into morning, and the friends who turned into family 🌒 #99NYC

27 1 Aug 22, 2017

"I'm not sure what I'll do but, well, I want to go places and see people. I want my mind to grow. I want lo live where things happen on a big scale" 💫

17 1 Aug 22, 2017

Partial ring of Fire. #solareclipse #ig_nycity ig_nycity

1 0 Aug 22, 2017
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