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Getting in touch with my SF Filipino roots at the Filipino Night Market with pinoyako1981 - looks like everyone's having a great time!!! - #foodie #foodblogger #iifym #ifitfitsyourmouth #ifitfitsyourmacros #pinoy #pinoyfood #pinoypride #sfpinoy #flexibledieting #flexiblediet #filipino #filipinofood

5 1 Nov 18, 2017

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend legends ☀️ Make sure you keep treats in moderation & don’t undo a hard weeks work 🤘🏻 + don’t forget to tag us in your healthy snaps 📷

19 3 Nov 18, 2017

Proof that you can blow your fat macros and still eat something yummy. Related: I’d forgotten how much I love sauerkraut. daveskillerbread 21 whole grains and seeds bread, scrambled egg whites with sriracha, sauerkraut, dill, turmeric, pepper, and whole grain mustard. 14P/25C/2F. #ifitfitsmymacros #ifitfitsyourmacros #iifym #fermentedfoods #sandwich #eggs #eathealthy #eatrealfood #cleaningoutthefridge #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #eatwell #eathealthy #macros #realfoodfitsyourmacros #rffym #nourishingfood

12 1 Nov 18, 2017

Had the aodrinks dark choc almond milk for lunch today. Now I don’t really love nut milks generally, but this was delicious 😋🍶 Not too sweet, not to nutty and at 1.1g of carbs and 72 calories, quite a great Saturday treat lunch!

25 8 Nov 18, 2017

Good morning guys, how are you? Time for breakfast! For breakfast i have 150g of boiled egg whites and oats, topped with "0-calorie chocolate sauce"! Kcals 247 = 21p/31c/3f. ______________________________ #flexibledieting #eats #правильноепитание #protein #macros #eattogrow #dailyfoodfeed #instafood #iifym #leangains #cleaneating #fitmeals #пп #fitness #fitfam #fulldayofeating #bodybuilding #foodblogger #foodpics #igfitness #ifitfitsyourmacros #flexibledieter #breakfast #diet #proats #gymlife #healthyfood #delicious #calories #gains

37 1 Nov 18, 2017

First national show is in the books 🎉👙🌴 Out of 37 girls and 5 callouts I made 3rd callouts! Of courseeee I wanted top 5 but I knew going into the show that my physique is just not on that level yet. And that’s okay! However I’m so so proud of the changes I made for this show and everything I was able to accomplish this prep. Hopeful to still make top 15! I know what I need to work on this off season and have big plans for the future. Thank you to all my friend and family for the support and for everyone who reached out to me this past week! Just got back from sushi and wine with my girls elle_bfitbody empeachyfit and erinmarrie_bakes but tomorrow is when the real eats begin 😈 #miaminationals #miaminationals2017 ••• Suit: angelcompetitionbikinis Tan: protan_official Supplements: 1upnutrition

199 7 Nov 18, 2017

Late night leg workout: Squats 5x8 at 305. Leg Press 15 reps for 4 sets Hack squats 15 reps for 3 sets BFR leg extensions 30,15,15,15 reps BFR leg curls 30,15,15,15 Standing calf raise 12x3 BFR seated calf raise 30,15,15,15. #skysoutthighsout

51 2 Nov 18, 2017

TGIF workout

47 1 Nov 18, 2017

🍩Hostess Donettes, Cinnamon Sugar Crunch!🍩 - 😍Came across these at Safeway grocery store in the states while doing some shopping! These things taste good AF!!😋🍩 - 👌🏼Love that they're mini donut size so you can have one here and there instead of just eating one regular donut. Delish treat!🙌🏼 - - Macros for one donette🍩: 80Cals 1P/4F/12C - - - - - #yum #foodporn #iifym #carbs #ifitfitsyourmacros #macros #donuts #donettes #delicious #tasty #dessert #yummy #eating #eat #flexibledieting #gains #hostess #love #nomnom #bestoftheday #instagood #instadaily #muscle #doughnuts #cinnamon #fitness #fit #fitfoodie #fitfam #lifting

56 0 Nov 18, 2017

I started eating this before I took a photo! Was way too hungry to wait 😂 Moroccan spiced lamb chops with butter-fried cabbage & mushrooms plus a side of avocado

30 3 Nov 18, 2017

Amazing comparison and post by cartergood: 📍Organic PB & J vs. Pizza Hut Personal Pan Pizza 📍 — 👯‍♀️Tag a Friend!👯‍♂️ - Go ask ten random people which of these meals is best for losing weight (without showing the calories), and I'm 100% confident it would go 10-0 for the whole wheat peanut butter & jelly sandwich... - Yes, PB&J's are delicious 🤤, but they also come with a shitload of opportunity for sneaky calories... - For one, bread calories can vary depending on the brand used. The Arnold Whole Grain bread 🍞 used in this comparison (~100 Cals per slice) is a classic diet culprit. It “healthy” and “whole wheat,” but has more calories than most white bread! - Then there's the actual PB & jelly... and honestly, I was being reserved with my quantities used for this comparison. Most people aren't meticulously measuring out 32g (2 tbsps) of peanut butter or jelly... - They're usually scooping out whatever looks good, licking the spoon clean 🥄, and then sneaking an extra finger swing before screwing on the lid. - Cuz peanut butter finger swipe calories don't count.... right? 😉 - [Just wait. There will be folks in the comments who say 1.5 servings of PB is a lot... those are the spoon lickin’ finger swipers I’m talking about! ] - So does this mean you should eat the Pizza 🍕? Well, no. Not if you don't want to... - But if your friends or coworkers invite you out to Pizza Hut for lunch, and you say no because you're “on a diet”... only to sit alone at your desk and slam down the same number of calories from your organic whole wheat peanut butter & jelly sandwich... - See what I mean? - Personally, I'd enjoy the time with friends, order a big ass side salad, and make the pizza fit into my daily calorie target 👌 - PS. I’ll take my free pizza anytime now, pizzahut

23 5 Nov 18, 2017

🤓Ever read a post and think what the heck did they even say? 🈵🈂️ Often times macros sounds like another language!🆘 As macro counters we have our preferred here's some definitions to improve your #macrocabulary! . 🆗 DEFINITIONS & TERMS: . 🔢MACROS - short for “macronutrients”, specifically protein, fat & carbohydrates aka P F C. . ➖CUTTING - counting macros in a caloric deficit (a.k.a. Eating LESS calories than you burn in a day) in order to lose fat. . ➕BULKING - counting macros at a caloric surplus (a.k.a. Eating MORE calories than you burn in a day) in order to promote muscle building while minimizing fat gain (although there will be some). . ⭐MAINTENANCE - counting macros at a caloric balance (a.k.a. Eating THE SAME AMOUNT of calories that you burn in a day) in order to encourage muscle growth but maintain current weight. . ↩️REVERSING - the process of incrementally adding in calories over time, allowing your body's metabolism to adapt to the added calories without gaining weight. . ⌛GRAMS - a super small metric unit of measure used in macro counting! . 💒MACRO FRIENDLY -  means a good value for your macros! Typically low in calories, or high in protein and low in fat & carbs. . 🔊HIGH VOLUME - foods that are low in calories relative to the quantity of food helping you feel full and satisfied. . 🎤What are other words that blow your mind? Leave em below!

64 9 Nov 18, 2017
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