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This woman deserves a medal🏅 She is always supporting me and challenging me on a daily basis. When we first met at Crossfit, we became friends. We would compete against each other in workouts and Chelsea would always blow me out of the water. I had just started my personal fitness journey and she kept me interested and brought out the competitive side of me. Before meeting Chelsea, I was a quitter. Things would get hard and instead of finishing them, I would quit. It took her drive and energy for me to be able to finally find mine. I still remember being in the gym, trying to learn how to squat and seeing Chelsea kill it. I was like damn, she’s a bad b! We did competitions together and at our first “strength” competition, Chelsea won best lifter out of all of the women. I was so inspired by her. To this day she still pushes me to be the best version of myself that I can be. Recently, she switched from powerlifting to weightlifting and I am so impressed. It’s not easy to go to work, pursue a masters degree in Nursing and find the time to dedicate to lifting. She does it all and still manages to keep me sane. Balancing your life is a skill and she has truly mastered it. Thank you for allowing me to follow my dreams and for helping me to realize them! I love you, #FEYONCÉ 😍🐻🦇

11 1 Oct 17, 2017

125kg for a bench double, shoutout to the cameraman nathanwinsala for his superb skills.

5 2 Oct 17, 2017

240x16 PR after 2 paused sets of 8. Had to narrow the grip down a bit to alleviate some outer pec pain 👌🏼 #goldenflashpowerlifting #apemanstrong #livelargefitness #ipf #usapl #uspa #sbs #howmuchyabench #benchpress #powerlifting #liftlikelarry #powerlifting #insanelabz #teaminsanelabz goldenflashpl

3 0 Oct 17, 2017

Block pulls below the knee 😩💪 I actually find these far more difficult than off the floor because I get no leg drive, and I'm pulling from my weakest point 😤 385lbs for 5x5, finished with good mornings 4x6 with 205lbs. Trying to make my lower back stronk af 💪💪 #goodmorningvietnam

21 3 Oct 17, 2017

Glutes 4 tha sloots. jonathanpain #prettypowerlifter #glutesforthesloots

34 5 Oct 17, 2017

Last night's bench session went great 5x1 at 385 then 405 and 425 in the slingshot. Kinda forgot to do that pausing thing on 425 but no doubt that I can. And yes mt butt came up a tad because my joggers while stylish aren't that functional and didn't allow me to push my knees out as hard as I usually do. Either way things are going smoother than ever probably the weareprclothing 3/4 sleeve I was rockin. #wearepr #bench #howmuchyabench #powerlifting #powerlifter #garagegym #oldschooliron #brewtstrength #excuses

12 2 Oct 17, 2017

כישרון ויצירתיות הם מתנה. לימודי עיצוב מקנים את היכולת לפתח אותם מעבר ליכולות הבסיסיות. לקחת אותם צעד אחד קדימה ולהפוך אותם למשהו שאפשר ליישם. למוצר. מוצר גרפי למשל. איך מתמחרים כישרון כזה? איך מודדים יצירתיות? איך הופכים אותם לתוצר מניב? איך מכניסים את הנסיון, הידע, ההוצאות לתוך תחשיב כלכלי? מעצבים רבים שיוצאים לעצמאות מגיעים לנקודה הזאת ושואלים את עצמם את השאלות האלה. בקורס Taking Notes מוקדשת הרצאה שלמה לנושא. עינת שמשוני מעצבת ומאיירת מוכשרת, מרצה על מתודות תמחור, נטרול חסמים, ניסוח, האותיות הקטנות והגדולות ועונה על כל השאלות. ההרשמה המוקדמת והמוזלת מסתיימת בעוד מספר ימים! ממליצה לא להתמהמה ולקחת את ההזדמנות בשתי ידיים. כל הפרטים המלאים אודות הקורס המלא בפרופיל

4 1 Oct 17, 2017

Decided to step up my editing game 🔥🔥🔥Be Your Own Purpose Motivational Workout is up // LINK is in the description 🙌🏻

32 4 Oct 17, 2017

When I have to keep reminding myself that squatting 6x4 at 220 isn’t going to be pretty.

30 3 Oct 17, 2017

#transformationtuesday shout out to my client spacestaci. 2 years of hard work and down 121lbs! So happy for you, congrats!!! Sorry we had to beat you guys like that over the weekend tho #httr 😂😂 . . . For personal training, Diet plans (macro coaching), work out plans DM me or shoot me an email at jaymcfarlanefitness (in bio).

147 4 Oct 17, 2017

Top sets from this Tuesday bench day 132.5x1, 127.5x3 and 122.5x3 292x1, 281x3 and 270x3 Pretty sure that’s a rep pr Definitely felt like Week 5’s heavy bench day Handoffs from adfles Programmed by sdenovi Motivated by skullsmashammonia devonphvm Powered by 1stphorm barbell_al loud_86 stlstrongman07 the_latless_wonder sirbraithwaite #powerlifter #powerlifting #liftagrammer #raw #fullpower #unbreakablegear #STrongsleeves #STrongbows #gangstawraps #reebok #sniff_lift_dominate #iam1stphorm #legionofboom #wedothework #deadpull #squat #bench #deadlift #howmuchyabench #dadbod #powerbelly

27 1 Oct 17, 2017

6x130. Svårt att öka. Får köra lätt några pass. #1dayumay #whateverittakes #powerlifting #benchpress #howmuchyabench #firstclassfitnesstuvsta

11 0 Oct 17, 2017

240.4 this morning.. 🤷🏽‍♂️ not to bad considering I've ate like shit, and been sick the past couple days. Felt good to get quick workout in. About time to start prepping for a Bench Only Meet this Dec. still hitting the squats and deads the best that I can. Looking forward to doing a full power meet in 2018. #powerlifting #powerlifter #STrongwraps #STrongbelt #mbslingshot #howmuchyabench #diet #bodybuilding #cutting #242s down to #220s #gaintrain #clanginandbangin #huckfinnpower #teamcupcakespowerlifting #plussizemodel

74 5 Oct 17, 2017
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