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People: How can you be so confident in a bikini? Me: Easy... you put on a bikini and you you don't give a shit about what others may think... I avoid eye contact and I pretend I am alone and that I am a the queen of an amazing Island. Me and my belly are just unapologetic 🤘👸🌴👙

403 14 Jan 16, 2018

A work out is never complete with out a selfie right? #workout #lularoeleggings #armday #dead #weightlossjourney #hourglassfigure

5 2 Jan 16, 2018

Waking up with a purpose. Transformation Tuesday, my mindset is different. Got the 7 day plan, 5 year plan, 10 year plan😌😘❤️. Happy Tuesday fam!

5 1 Jan 16, 2018

🖤 Double Trouble

77 2 Jan 16, 2018

If u don’t waist train u can’t looks this hot,there is no two ways about it ,order a waist trainer and look as sexy,get instant and permanent flat tummy within 30 days,100% guaranteed..3 hooks latex available in XXS to XXXL for 12k only FREE DELIVERY NATIONWIDE! **DISTRIBUTORS WANTED NATIONWIDE ** #latexcincher #hourglassfigure #getsnatched #getwaisted #flattummy #thickthighs #teamhourglass #waistcincher #slimwaist #nomorepotbelly #nomorebackfolds #slay #postpartumbody #bodygoal #waistgang #shapewear #waisttrainer #waisttraining #waisttrainerlagos

15 0 Jan 16, 2018

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1 0 Jan 16, 2018

Sport fashion!!!👟 Love this style!😀Tego typu sukienka pasuje do wszystkiego! Przyznam szczerze, ze na wieszaku nie zrobila na mnie takiego wrażenia jak na Czuu😊 #blackdress #kobieco #szpilki #sport #fashion #style #stylistka #personalshopper #zakupy #zabawa #poznangirl #poznan #polishwoman #polishgirl #posnania #osobistastylistka #staryrynekpoznan #glamour #highheels #casualstyle #dress #stripes #blondynka #blondgirl #browneyes #blondehair #hourglassfigure #hourglass #style #trendy

43 2 Jan 16, 2018

For awhile I strayed away from why I have this account to begin with and put the motive on the back burner due to hectic life changes in the past year & have been posting just to post. I don’t care about the attention or the “IG Fame” that many believe is the main point of this sport/industry. In my opinion, that being portrayed as to why “everyone” does this ruins the hard work everyone in this industry puts in. Personally, I get terrible social anxiety when I’m not in the gym scene due to the attention it draws to me especially now that I’m becoming more muscular than the normal female. While on stage, it’s a different attention, it’s being recognized for your hard work and understanding how many mountains you’ve climbed leading up to that 15 seconds under that spot light. —————————————————- I do this day in & day out because it challenges me more mentally than physically. I promised myself four years ago I will never be deemed mentally weak again. This sport alone challenges your mental strength every second of the day. I do this daily because I enjoy learning my body, what works, what fails. I like improving my weak points & learning new mind to muscle connections. I do this because I love everything about it, I ENJOY this lifestyle. This is an art to me. If it feels like a job that you dread doing, stop. If you’re craving the attention you think this gains you, stop. I’m not talking about just competing, I’m talking about being in the industry as a whole. I do this and market myself so I can inspire those around me. Weather it’s four or a thousand people. ————————————————- With that being said, I’m going to start sharing more about my journey & the hardships I overcome because someone somewhere needs to know they’re not the only one going through certain struggles. I started in a dark state and I’m damn proud of how close I’ve gotten to the light side of life. Do I still have shitty days? Damn right I do. But I don’t let my demons dictate my next moves, I got them running scared. 👹🔥

192 10 Jan 16, 2018
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