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Introducing the newest member of the family ... Lady! She's super cute and a hot mess. We certainly did not plan on adopting dog #2 so soon, but this crazy little foster girl stole our hearts (really, Joel's). Welcome to the pack, Lady! #accident #fosterfail #tinydogsarentthatbad #hotmess #formerbreederdog #currentspoiledprincess #adoptdontshop #ppr #poodleandpoochrescue #papillion #maybechihuahuatoo? #mutt #rescue #fldogs

1 0 Sep 23, 2017

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away • Happy 4th birthday to 430boardroombar 🎈 • #happybirthday #bitrhdayparty #starwars #princessleia #slaveleia #costumeparty #movies #party #hotmess #becool #riseandshine #fortlauderdale #430boardroombar #florida 💫

6 1 Sep 23, 2017

One year ago! Especially with PCOS, achieving a healthy body is HARD. But I'm not afraid of hard work. I can't do a workout this intense yet, but I'm loving my current workouts!! If you have goals, don't watch me lose weight and get fit for the SECOND time without reaching out!! We'll find workouts that you'll LOVE, that work for where you're AT! My next bootcamp starts October 2nd!!! Shoot me a DM or apply!

30 2 Sep 23, 2017

Everybody just wants to be loved. That’s a comforting thought isn’t it? I mean, when you’re frustrated with you kids or your husband because they’re acting a fool. What if you could remember to think, they just want to be loved. When your coworker doesn’t complete their work and that makes more work for you. Or your mother “suggests” you handle some part of your life a different way, and you want to scream. What if you could remind yourself to think, they just want to be loved. How would that change your perspective on the situation? How would your feeling toward them change in that moment and how would your reaction change? Imagine that for moment. Like at bedtime. When the kids are supposed to be brushing their teeth and getting into pjs but instead they’re jumping on the bed and running around with their pants on their heads. You want to scream right? Or is it just me :) When you remind them once again what they should be doing and they whine and pout and you want to set a consequence but you know that’ll just make them loose their ever loving minds! What if you could look at their little faces and think, they just want to be loved. Could that one simple, comforting thought, change the trajectory of your night. Could that one thought change the outcome of the bedtime routine to a success rather than a complete and utter meltdown failure, again. What if you’re at work and a coworker has done less than you feel they should’ve done, which you then think makes your day more difficult. Could you think to yourself, they just want to be loved? Would that change the way you react to the situation? Would that change your attitude toward them and the added work you have to do? How about when you husband is sitting not he couch playing video games instead of helping you with the kids or the dishes, or making dinner. What if you looked at that man sitting there and reminded ourself that he just wants to be loved? Would that change to way you see the man relaxing after a tough day of work? Would it change the tone in your voice when you ask him to help you wrangle the kids into the tub? Because it is the truth. It is a comforting thought to me that when I loo

3 2 Sep 23, 2017

CALLING ALL MAMAS!!! 🤰🏻👶🤰🏼👶🏽🤰🏾 👉🏼Feel too busy to fit in health and fitness? 👉🏼Overwhelmed by your crazy busy schedule but want to make a little time for yourself? 👉🏼Want to work on yourself, but have no idea where to start? I am running another Hot Mess Mamas Challenge group!!! 😃 I am focusing my October group on busy moms that want to work on themselves, but are concerned about how much time they have to commit to a challenge! 😄 I don't care if you are an expecting mom, a new mom, veteran mom, stay at home mom, a working mom, or a fur baby mom! 😄 Being a mom can be overwhelming and can make you feel like you are losing your mind at times! Am I right??? 😜 So we will focus on taking BABY STEPS towards your goals! And we will be HOT MESSES together! We will share our daily chaos and craziness, while supporting each other to be healthier! Sound like something you are interested in? Then let's chat about reserving your spot! I'm only taking the first 🔟 Mamas, so don't wait! Let's chat about your goals and see if this is the right group for you! 😄

3 1 Sep 23, 2017

Off we goooo 🚙💨 Omg I was just sayin’ that my life use to consist of me rolling out of bed at this time to throw on my apron & serve my life away for 16 hours 🖕🏻Fuuuccck that now in T-2 hours I’m going to be road tripping to T.O with my ride or dies making memories & learning how to level TF up on our biz ... No one is going to change your life for you remember that 👏🏻👏🏻some people think 2 years of busting ass at a business to be free is a long time yet working 40 years at a job to stay broke is mmmmokay 🤷🏻‍♀️ that hit the feelers eh... I’m just a message away to help you level up & be free it’s in your hands now beauty 🤸🏻‍♀️💕💕

23 1 Sep 23, 2017

Probably thinking about cheese 🧀 #myonetruelove #alreadymademyvows #forbetterorworse

12 4 Sep 23, 2017

... and together, we're a whole hot mess 💕 . . . . . . . #omaha #dontcoast #okaymovetoKCnowthanks #nebraska #dasmahbessfrann #hotmess #wedontcoast #weaccomplishmoretogether

8 0 Sep 23, 2017
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