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THIS GOES HARD FROM THE HOMIE OR WHAT!? I THINK SO ESE💨 DROP THAT SHIET🔊🔥 itsceezababy jaydeclet jaydeclet jaydeclet #ChicanoRap #OldiesRap #RapMexicano #LatinRap #GangstaRap #HipHopRap #UndergroundRap #Oldies #GFunk #IndependentArtists 🌊 #SEASIDE#831 #CALIfornia #WESTCOAST 🇲🇽 #MEXICANOS 💯 #RAZA ✊🏽 #BROWNPRIDE#CRIPS 🔵 #SUREÑOS #UNITY #BLACKandBROWN 🤜🏽🤛🏿 #THESIDE #SEAFAZCity Regrann from itsceezababy - “See that Twinkle ✨ in His Eye Gleam, Bitch That Nigga Ain’t Got it All 🤯 Don’t Need No Visine” Do Me A Favor if you Fuccin wit this & Tag jaydeclet x3 For He Could Drop This 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Its Critical 🌍

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Nov. 28, 2006: Stu Lantz jinxes Lakers (listen), Michael Redd thusly scores 45pts (18 in 4th) with prime-Kobe guarding him (Redd had two 4-point plays on him). He did it using the old "new" NBA ball. That synthetic, 2-panel ball was used for the first half of the '06-'07 season before players started complaining about it cutting their fingertips due to the grip. Kobe adapted well, having played a perfect quarter (9-9) with it earlier that month against the Jazz when he had 52pts in 3qtrs. So had Redd, who also earlier that November dropped 57pts...also against Utah. (Jazz were actually a great defensive team that year). Bryant and budding Bucks' star shooting-guard Michael Redd would team up in '08 to win USA gold with the Redeem Team. After the win, which was Milwaukee's first against LA in 10 meetings since 2001, Redd provided some of the better quotes you'll ever hear. He began by crediting former teammate Ray Allen's influence on him. "That was a big trade at the time because he was an established star, but they had enough confidence in me to put me into the starting lineup at the two-guard position. I learned so much from Ray and I tried to apply it so that when my chance came, I was ready. I'm still learning." Redd was named an All Star 3 seasons before this (which is prob why Nelly - a noted Kobe hater - mentioned Redd in his "Heart of a Champion" track in 2004 (it samples the NBA on NBC theme). He continued, "It's not so much the points for me this year. I didn't come in with the mind-set to average 30. I came in with the mind-set to win games. I'm not really worried about stats. I'm just playing basketball. You play better when you're not worrying about stats and individual accolades." Redd's 57pts 2 weeks before this was the most ever scored by a player drafted after the 1st round. "I knew I was capable of being a first-round pick. It just didn't work out. But life is all about handling adversity. At least I was drafted. I came into training camp that first year, not guaranteed a spot on the team, and I worked my butt off and stayed positive." Kobe also spoke after the game. "We just didn't do a good job of executing." ___ Redd: 45pts (16-30) 8reb 5ast

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#DailyRaps 56 💨 Realness Verse 1 Part 1 prod. therealagebeats 💨 🎼 🎼 Lyrics 🎼 🎼 Realness Picture paint the feelings You always know what deal is The more you practice The more you feel it But everybody concealing So how the fuck is you healing How the hell you going deal with The realness Right Real shit Yo And ain’t nobody telling truth Less they selling you too Giving you lies And end up getting your food Cause your soul is on hold Trying to get rich quick That’s the only way it goes? But you haven’t tried shit I’m applying the same message I’ve been sending Embrace the free It’s for passion not to mention It’s not for rapping It’s not for homage It’s bout doing what you want Not impressing your homies And being self aware That you’re not parents Your friends, your teachers No role models Ever going to teach you your truth Or understand what it’s like to be you See through dishonest 🎼 🎼 🎼 🎼 It's all about the realness #hiphopcanada #hiphopsoul #hiphoplove #hiphoprap #hiphopblogs #hiphoplives #hiphop4life #hiphoplives #hiphopislife #rapculture #rapradar #rapping #rapmusic #independentartists #hiphopvideo #hiphopradio #hiphopnight #hiphopforever #rapperlife #consciousmusic #consciousmind #consciousminds #hiphopworldwide #hiphopmonster #hiphopmonsters

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