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The album, Doris, is the first album released by artist Earl Sweatshirt. It has a decent list of features, with a majority of them being other odd future members, but other well known artists such as Vince Staples. Doris is 15 tracks long with songs ranging from 2 - 4 minutes. The theme is the album is darker overall. As seen on the song "Chum", where Earl discusses his childhood without a father and what his life had become. The beats are produced by Earl himself and many other big name producers such as The Neptunes. Doris has a plentiful amount of good songs but some that are lacking for me, such as Hoarse. Overall the album is one of the better ones I've listened to and is the definitely one of my favorites. I'm feeling a strong 9 on this album.

26 5 Jul 26, 2017

Check out elevatedsmz1 album #TheAscent if you haven't already and catch me on track 5! #LinkInBio

40 1 Jul 26, 2017

Last 9 albums I've listened to this week (I'll be posting every Wednesday)

37 7 Jul 26, 2017

elevatedsmz1 full length album #TheAscent OUT NOW on SoundCloud! Give it listen and SHARE if you vibe with it 🙏🔊🔥

47 2 Jul 26, 2017

38 1 Jul 26, 2017

Hello, I'm Jonathon, and welcome to my page. - Some of my favorite artists are: BROCKHAMPTON Denzel Curry Tyler, The Creator MF Doom(and all related personas) Death Grips - My current top 3 albums: Saturation The Money Store Madvillainy

52 12 Jul 26, 2017

📷: Bboy Start Dragon (BREAKLANDERS CREW) - FREEZE🔥! И еще немного баланса и тренировки в самых необычных местах💪! Турция, Кемер🌄! Летом потрясающие виды и желание сделать крутой кадр каждый раз, когда видишь клевое место😆✌ ! Так и перемещаемся со фриза во фриз😎! А у вас уже есть коллекция летних фото? BREAKING UNITY! Всем жаркого лета и уличного дэнса, друзья☀! 📌💣💥👍 Вторая смена летнего городского лагеря с 1 по 19 августа👍! Запись уже открыта! JUST VYATKA BABY😉! ✏Звоните и записывайтесь: 77-31-31 (Андрей), 8 (909) 136-4657 (Сергей)! Количество мест ограничено😉! 💥💣📌 BREAKLAND 🏠 ул. Московская, 4 (офис 5G). Тел. 77-31-31 #breakland #deadfliescrew #мертвыемухи #breaklandflava #justvyatkababy #вяткаfunk #breaklife #dancer #ballance #bboy #ibboy #bboyworld #breaklife #bboylife #dancerslife #bboying #freestyle #hiphopheads #стойканаплече #breakdance #breaking #брейкданс #turkey #турция #amaraclubmarine #танцы #nature #adidas #dancer #dancing #bboystartdragon

45 1 Jul 26, 2017
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