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Everyone was born pure but soon everyone sold their innocence for cash, food and safety. We are all contaminated with this life. There are no bad people, they are just more contaminated than you you fucking perfect saint. A terrorist, drug dealer, killer, rapist and theif have the SAME human needs like yours. They know no better and you judge them?, actually you're the exception of the (there ain't no bad people ) rule. Ok so you were born in an environment where you have the knowledge that allows you to be a normal person and you judge the ones who don't. How fucked up is you ? Once everyone realizes that everyone is a MudBlood we can cure each other with love and understanding. Fading in the dark.... That's the main concept of being a MudBlood. From my own perspective, Everyone is a MudBlood. That's why my username is the rap MudBlood. I ain't the only MudBlood.

7 2 Nov 21, 2017

From 50 cent to 5 cent real quick 😁😁

33 4 Nov 21, 2017

Honestly, I disagree with garyvee here on one thing. He always says that the young generation has an extreme lack of patience...but all generations have that level of impatience amongst them. That's where the "get a job" thing came from. The parents cannot be patient in watching their sons/daughters doing what they love for a living and starting from zero. That's why they think that they put their sons/daughters one step ahead from zero by making them go to college. But I can't deny that I was impatient before I was introduced to garyvee's content. This line in the picture was taken from the lyrics of my song "VividLies" Go search for it in genius where you can listen to it and read the lyrics on genius. I'm sure it'll help anyone who read such a huge paragraph. If you made it here, that means you were patient to read and squeeze benefits out of this paragraph. Thank you. Also the link to all my songs is in the bio.

36 3 Nov 21, 2017
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