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The original blueprint for Humanity is an incredible, magnificent, multi-dimensional palace. It is really one of the supreme works of Creation, yet it has been degraded to the point where really Humanity is living at such a low, low vibration. The shortened lifespan is a reflection of that degradation, and the decimation of the DNA is another reflection of it. What is left for the collective Humanity is a grinding, never ending struggle for survival. That is what really dominates this Planet at this time. - If the Light Workers would get in touch with some of their older incarnations on this Planet, such as the Lemurian incarnations, it would be very helpful. Many of them had incarnations there. They were quite lengthy, and they were closer to the original blueprint in their lifespan and their realization. If the Light Workers would seek to remember those lives, and connect to them as their own identity, this will restore knowledge, power, techniques of manifestation, meditation, healing, longevity, self regeneration - all of these gifts that are considered rare. Remembering the identity of the original blueprint in an actual incarnation of it is a very quick way to begin to restore it and to bring it into being. For once it was and so it shall be again. And when a person remembers the once that was, it's like proof and it activates that cellular memory.

31 4 Feb 20, 2018

Open your 👀 and wake the fuck up!!! #hiddenknowledge #knowledgeofself👑

13 3 Feb 19, 2018

We’ve Got Your Goat!,🤘🏻Baphomet seal goat head enamel pin in Chaos Black, Grimoire Green, Blooded Red & Panic Pink #kreepsville666 #kreepsville #occult #hiddenknowledge #satan #saturn #baphomet #enamelpin #glitter #whatsyourcolor #devil #devilworship #goathead #throwupyourgoats #gotyourgoat #marked #satanic #secret

277 2 Feb 19, 2018

The Arrata World Axis, a Petroglyph from Shu-Nun, in modern day Ukraine. Dating roughly 22,000 years ago. Depicts the nether realm associated with sepents/reptiles the earthly realm of man and heaven, depicted with spiraling sun rays and birds. This corresponds to #alchemicalteachings found throughout all cultures #salt #sulphur #mercury #trypillia #trypilliancivilization #ancienthistory #alchemy #arts #woke #hiddenknowledge #psychedelic #ig #instagood #love #life #death #art #roots

22 0 Feb 19, 2018

Judgement is a reflection of the element fire. I personally love this card as to me it holds much significance at this present time. Pluto gives this card powerful transformative energies. Creating strong drives, obsessions, the ability to transform. Archangel Michael calls you to rise up and be who you want to be! Destiny awaits! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #tarotcardoftheday #taroteverydamnday #tarotreadersofig #tarotcardreading #tarotcommunity #witchpower #spellbound #tarottribe #lightworkers #riderwaitesmith #thirdeyeopen #hiddenknowledge #symbolism #bohemianwitch #solitarywitch #theoldways

96 5 Feb 19, 2018

I've always had the reputation of tellin the future. So I studied card pulling 2 take my natural talents further. I began pullin cards during my Live 9 (am PST) a few days ago. I'm a few days late w/posting, but here's the message: Karma- (cont)Let us do away w/them. Let us use the intelligence & free will our Lord has given us & help our fellow human beings, respecting & loving them above all. Upside down- Time lost on falsd promises, chimeras & impossibilities. U will have 2 repair & correct mistakes & start again, w/o any inturruptions or delays, & conform 2 the truth. Lost actions. Bad speculation resulting in difficulties, uneasiness & financial loss. The bread u deny 2 others 2day will be taken away from u tomorrow. IV of Air A man is lying in the middle of the African savanna w/4 birds of prey around him. 1 of them is about 2 attack himb while the others r biting & pecking his body, causing him extreme pain. 1 of the birds is attacking his head (his future, his plans)b another his feet (his past, what he has done). The 3rd 1 has its talons @ the height of his solar plexus, which will make him loose his balance, & the 4th is supporting the other 3 by silencing the scene & casting evil shadows so that no1 will learn what has happened. Upright-Dangerous situation or place. Ur position is completely unfavorable. There is no escape, no chance of doing anythingb since u r being attacked from 4 flanks. Paths r closed, nothing can be made real, there is trouble @ all levels. Both ur hands & feet r tied. Upside down- Illness, convalescence, need of rest & cure. Wounds & sorrow caused by loneliness, nobody understands or remembers u. (I pulled this card the day after an intense exchange involving 4 others & myself. These words speak of the energy I had 2 lift & transmute. These cards give direction. Information. Information is light. Light is love💕) Wanna kno what the cards have 2 say about u? Book a reading & find out 🌠💕🔆🌠 #electriclady #twerkntone #TeamAlchemy #LuvNLite #HealChallenge #witches #witchcraft #magic #readings #occult #hiddenknowledge #dreams #fantasy #Manifest #create #divinefeminine #spells

18 0 Feb 19, 2018

My family stopped comprehending my nature a few yrs back. My fate has landed me back in their presence. Instead of holding on 2 stale energy, I focus on the good & elevate from there. Like many of u, my family is truly goin thru some shit these days. I was guided 2 share the messages of my heart w/my aunt 2day. She's naturally wired 2 handle chaos w/poise & Source driven direction. I usually keep my messages 2 myself cuz it's safer. 2day, I followed my heart instead of my head. In the midst of our convo, I see a lady bug. So I put my Aunt on hold so I could talk 2 it. This bug did everything it could 2 avoid me. So I respected the boundaries & took this pic b4 enjoying the rest of my convo. Moments after capturing this pic, the wind blew aggressively & wiped the bug outta sight. It was super quick & super violent. I brought this up 2 my Aunt & we chuckled a bit. But I wonder if she caught the message. I was confessing my gratitude 4 my Aunt always being the image of love in my life. No matter what. This is the woman who used 2 do drive by visits while I lived in Miami. The Aunt that always challenged me 2 act of unconditional love no matter what. I was thanking her 4 guiding the family down the path of health & wellness 2 this day. I was also talkin 2 her about detachment & being @ peace w/the people who r not prepared 2 receive other people's truth. Many days,we as a people rise thankful 4 the gift of life. Then life disappoints us & we become ungr8ful af. Words r curses & we r casting spells on ourselves 2 end our own lives. We never kno when a gust of wind can blow us away & make us distant memories of our own wakin experience. Time 2 wake up people! We got shit 2 do.Love unconditionally is #1 on my list. Wuz #1 on urs? Comment below n let a Godis kno 💕🔆😘 Thx justintimberlake 💃🎶🙌 #ElectricLady #TwerkNTone #TeamAlchemy #LuvNLite #HealChallenge #thesecret #hiddenknowledge #higherlearning #positivethoughts #manifest #youarecreators #wisdom #connecteduniverse #arcturians #aliens #galacticfamily #lawofattraction #helenamagdalena #liveyourlight #spitituality #bluerays #mirrorsedge #dice #solarfields #nerd #fun #geek

16 0 Feb 19, 2018

Know your Roots 🌳🌐 And Hold your Gems 💎 #Crystal #Gems #HiddenPower #HiddenKnowledge #HealingLure #Purify #DisSpell. #World #SpecialBeings . #SpecialMindz. #SpecialLove

29 0 Feb 19, 2018

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. #tattooedguysofinstagram #tattooedguys #occultist #occult #unicursalhexagram #thelema #6 #hiddenknowledge #dowhatthouwilt

10 0 Feb 19, 2018
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