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New episode of Burger Of The Week: A #BobsBurgers Podcast is up on our website, YouTube, and wherever you find podcasts! 🚗🔥🌊

8 2 Sep 24, 2017

It's the perfect afternoon to download and listen to the show's latest episode - Her Choice. #podcast #podcasters #podcastforwomen #womensrights #womensreproductiverights #health #herchoice #herpod #ladypodsquad

25 1 Sep 22, 2017

Has the social media age create false friendships? Does technology make us more desensitized? We discussed this topic on our latest episode in the wake of Kenneka Jenkins’ death. 📸 createherstock

37 5 Sep 22, 2017

Howdy there from this sparkly purple cowboy hat wearin' uterus. Listen to Ep. 13 - Her Choice to hear where this comical image fits into a serious story about the reproductive rights of women in the South. Illustration by cheestaysfly #podcasting #herpod #sparkles #cowboyhat #uterus #womensreproductiverights #thesouth #abortionaccess #ladypodsquad #personalstory #illustration #art #reproductivejustice

61 5 Sep 21, 2017

A 30 Day Challenge to You All 30 Days Why have a 30-day exercise challenge? Glad you asked. Lots people say that it takes at least 21 days of doing a behavior consistently to become a routine. Well, maybe and maybe not. There are lots of articles written about this. You can use your friend google to check on it. Or if you value your privacy and don't want lots of ads to show up wherever you go online, use your friend duckduckgo or whoever you trust to bring you results. That said, it might take 21 days to form a new habit, i.e. exercise. But it might take way longer to break an old one i.e. sitting on the couch and thinking about exercising. So, why 30 days? Because it is a round number. Because it is a long time. Because it is really not that long and maybe doable. And because a lot of people do 30-day challenges so it seems familiar. The Challenge Move your body every day! Do Yoga or Pilates, dance like crazy in your living room, run up and down your stairs, walk around your yard, take a 10-mile hike or whatever takes your fancy. I am doing this to hold me accountable. If you want to join in, post a picture (selfie) of you doing something in the comments. With a date, if you can. Or a video. Up to you. I probably will host to Steemit every day. If you don’t know what that is, go to and join the fun. So, are you with me? Today, I did Yoga. Just a pic of the mat to invite you to step onto it with me. See you tomorrow :)

28 9 Sep 21, 2017

Episode 13 - Her Choice is live. Listen to hear Liza Jane's personal story regarding reproductive rights of women in the South. 📷: hodges.mel #reproductiverights #women #thesouth #access #podcasts #podcasting #rights #ladypodsquad #podernfamily #choice #listen #herpod

40 4 Sep 20, 2017

Amy Oestreicher blows my Mind!! Some of you probably already heard of Amy. She is the one with two Ted Talks - the one who talks about how her stomach exploded! Can you believe it? Her stomach literally exploded and for six years!! Yes! Six years she couldn’t eat! If you are anything like me, that would be devastating! I love to eat, and I love even more to drink my coffee. None of that was happening for Amy during those first six years after surgery. Did I mention that she had 27 operations since this happened to her when she was 18? And that she isn’t completely healed yet? Is still in pain? That all seems way more than a person can handle. But no. That is not all Amy had to deal with. Just two weeks before her trauma, she finally took the courage to tell her mom that she had been sexually abused. Most people would have given up. Not Amy. After waking from a long coma and being released home, she set to writing, and singing, and writing some more. Yes, singing. Just a couple of months after coming home, she auditioned to be in a musical and got the part. Remember, no food or drink allowed for her. I forgot to ask her in the interview how she handled a dry mouth. Pretty soon, she turned her writing into a one-woman play and has been educating varied audiences about sexual abuse. Find out more about Amy and her amazing story by listening to the podcast! Clickable link in profile

23 1 Sep 19, 2017

NEW EPISODE ALERT!!! Check out the premiere of the Coach Kiana / The Kiana Shaw Show. On this premiere episode, I bring on Sonja Keeve to discuss how parents can better advocate for their special needs children. #CoachKiana #LeadHERship #PodernFamily #PodSquad #HerPod #podcast #Global #podcasts #internetradio #radio #BlackGirlMagic #BlackGirlsRock #BlackGirlsAreMagic #BlackIsBeautiful

33 5 Sep 18, 2017

A post taken from sarah.r.gillis page that fully sums her up! Y'all listen to Ep. 12 - The Whole Woman before the new episode goes live this Wednesday! #podcasts #magiclessons #elizabethgilbert #moms #amazingmoms #rolemodels #livelife #herpod #ladieswhopodcast #feminist

41 0 Sep 18, 2017

NEW EPISODE ALERT!!! Check out the premiere of the Kiana Shaw Show w/ Coach Kiana . On this premiere episode of The Kiana Shaw Show, Coach Kiana brings on Ms. Sonja Keeves to discuss the reality & misconceptions of children with special needs as well as how to better advocate for them. . . #PodEcho #Podsincolor #PodernFamily #Podmosphere #PodSquad #trypod #HerPod #nextlevel #podcast #podcastnetwork #rt #supportblackbusiness #losangeles #newyear #instagood #podcasts #internetradio #radio #networkmarketing #subscribe #share #rtpodcast #podcasting #listeningclub #blackpodcast #Melanin #BlackGirlMagic #BlackGirlsRock #BlackGirlsAreMagic #BlackIsBeautiful

36 2 Sep 18, 2017

One more organization that Sarah will work with in March. She's headed to Haiti. Check out The Whole Woman episode and also mamababy_haiti to learn more about it! #podcast #mamababyhaiti #herpod #nonprofit #doula #getitsarah #empoweringwomen #saferbirths #haiti

23 0 Sep 15, 2017

What does #Nas and #NickiMinaj being a couple have to do with us? Nothing really. But that's didn't stop us from talking about it on our latest episode. No worries - we talked about really important stuff too. Tap the link in our profile to listen.

27 5 Sep 15, 2017

Do you have questions about the South? Ask NYLL cause we've got answers. For an upcoming episode we will do a Q&A with members of our community. DM us, comment below or shoot us an email containing your questions or points of discussion you'd like to hear. If you Podcast feel free to include a shoutout. #ladypodsquad #podcast #thesouth #q&a #herpod #podernfamily #askus #podernfamily

18 5 Sep 14, 2017

Without A Phone Maybe you noticed that we didn’t post for a couple of days. NO phone!!! That is why we were absent from social media. Why do I post a chicken picture with a no phone post? Good question! Because it is their fault!!! Kind of. As you know, I am in love, love, love with podcasts. So, while I was out pulling weeds and cutting greens for the chickens, I had my phone by my side. In a small pouch. And that pouch does not repel dirt. For all I know, it actually attracts it. So, I am bringing loads of loads of greens to the girls and boys, followed every step of the way by Boya (you see her being busy in the background) while my phone does all the things it is supposed to do : Play my podcasts, take pictures, remind me with an alarm that it is time for something else - I don’t need to tell you. You all have phones!! Then, it died and I went in to charge it. Nothing. I tried a different charger. Nothing. I tried the third charger and a different outlet. Still. Nothing. I cried. Not really. But, I realized how much of my life has the phone as a companion. Btw. phone calls are not part of it. Maybe 2 a week :) Long story made short. I just came back from the geek squad and they fished a big seed out of the charge port. No wonder the charger couldn’t connect!! So, you see. If those chickens weren’t demanding weeds and greens and seeds and all that good stuff all the time, I could keep my phone on a clean desk and seeds could never enter the inner life of the phone. Makes sense, right? Tell me your story of life without a phone. And while you are at it - what podcasts are you listening to?

49 2 Sep 13, 2017

Who's that lady (from history)? That's Ina Eloise Young. She was a baller. Listen to Ep. 12 -The Whole Woman to hear more about her and be impressed. #wcw #baller #sports #ladypodsquad #whosthatlady #herstory #herpod #getitgirl #worldseries #inaeloiseyoung

31 9 Sep 13, 2017

Our very special, silent guest star, birthday girl extraordinaire, Kat's sister, Becca! Thanks for spending your birthday listening to us scream into a mic. #podcasting #herpod #podcasters #doincrime #birthdaygirl

12 0 Sep 13, 2017
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