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Our beautiful bekahbearrr sharing the wisdom and art of Mugwort magic with out new intern Nicole. #medicinetribe #herbalism #medicinewomanways #mugwort #dreamherb #herbalism #twinstar #twinstartribe


Afternoon walk with my best bud! Boy, today has been productive! Dreaming up a couple new nourishing formulations for winter care, elixirs + teas for our Monthly Herbalism Share next month, packing orders up and making flyers to post around town!! Getting creative over here with David Bowie radio!! Next order of business, get ready for girls night and go buy a new bed!!! #countrylife #smallbatch #plantmagic #apothecary #herbalism #winterwonderland #snowbunnies #plantmedicine #handcrafted #liveyourdream #herbalism #wherearemysnowshoes?


RELATIONAL HERBALISM .In my experience herbalism is about relationship. Relationship to the land where the plants, trees, and flowers grow. Mindful relationship to myself, and my ability to walk gently upon the Earth. Relationship to the thoughts and intentions that are repeated while transforming plant into medicine. Relationship to the medicine, consuming natural medicine daily as part of my self-care routine. Relationship to my community and guiding others through conscious consumption of medicine into vital health.... #herbalism #relationalherbalism #vital #herbalist #california #africandaisy #rattlesnakemountain


Plants are at the heart of herbalism, and they offer great joy and beauty to those who endeavor to spend time with them. They are the thread that connects us together with one another here in community. They are our window to the mysterious and beautifully complex ecosystems of which we are part. Regardless of how or why we each came to herbalism, eventually we all settle into deep appreciation for the plants which make it all possible. In our free Herbal Materia Medica Course, we pay tribute to the plants by teaching you how to research plants, write plant monographs, and create your own materia medica. Do join us, registration is now open and class begins January 10th!


:::ALCHEMY & HERBALISM::: Spagyrics is the art of preparing herbal medicines according to the Alchemical tradition. We shot a video touring our lab, revealing some of the mysteries behind Alchemy and the preparation of Spagyrics, while sharing some of the profound and beautiful teachings behind this ancient tradition. Sajah shares how Alchemy can enhance your herbal practice and medicine making skills with the powerful and precise methods of Spagyrics. This video is only up until tomorrow night!!! Head over to to watch the free video series!For those of you who are fascinated by ancient medical traditions, such as Alchemy and Ayurveda - wanting to understand the fundamental patterns they hold in common - Click the link in our profile to learn all about our online Evolutionary Herbalism Immersion Program. Registration for our 2016 course closes tomorrow night!


Mexican Dream Herb mineral salts. First burn and recrystallization. #alchemy #spagyrics #herbalism #dreamherb #crystals #minerals


Had so much fun yesterday presenting the Spring Detox workshop with anyaromanovacoaching and the ladies of Spark Your Life Sisterhood. Recipes are up on my website :) #springdetox #kitcharicleanse #ayurvedadetox #ayurveda #ayurvedicwisdom #herbalism #wellness #detoxtea #dandelionroottea


The calendar herb, calendula, goes year round, but is happier now in the cooler weather. Little rays of sunshine on our day, our health. #calendula #yearround #calendarherb #vulnerary #herbalism #botanica #botanicadeb

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