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6. -COLD TURKEY- I do not have enough will power to stop something ‘just cause’ I need to support myself in the process. I haven’t just stopped drinking and let my life flow on the same. There has been changes in thought, changes in patterns, changes in behaviour and changes in the tools I have used to chill the fuck out! Things that I have found better then a glass of red: Sleep!! If I’m stuck in my head it is the best way to reset the pace and tone of my thoughts! 90% of the time if I am having a shitty night I am also over tired, so why not just go straight to the source of the problem and fix it! Floatation tanks: I walked out of my first float and the guy asked what I thought. Word for word my response was ‘It was like yin yoga on crack!’ It’s that good. If you have any mindfulness, meditation or yoga practice the element of sensory deprivation will elevate your state of peace and openness! And with all the $ you save on not buying drinks it will be in your budget! The beach: or any body of water, long hot shower or bath! Wash away all of the shitty heavy energy in your body! Movement: turn a song on and dance (I’ve created my own ‘dance it out’ playlist on Spotify for this exact reason) do yoga, go for a walk or run, ride a bike, do cartwheels (I forgot how much fun they are).. do what ever you need to move your limbs! Emotion is energy in motion, so when it all becomes stuck in your body that’s when it feels like its all too much and you’re agitated, tense, tight and short of breath! So get moving to let it flow out! Communicate: this can work in two ways. One: you have the friend that you know who will be able to help you out with how you are feeling, so call them! Or, someone or a situation is making you feel like crap, so call them to talk it out! Fix the fucking problem! (More on this specific idea later!) Drink water: so much agitation, fogginess and heavy energy is caused by dehydration! You’ll be surprised how much better you’ll feel after a glass or two of H2O! My anxiety is usually cut by 40% after I drink up! Chiropractic care: this drops your body into the reset and regenerate state! Bliss! **continued in comments**

13 3 Jan 22, 2018

Thanks to hello_sunday_morning and tommyfranklinsmiles for a brilliant dance on yesterday as part of the Dance across Australia initiative. It was a great way to celebrate 5 years alcohol free. Love your work guys 💚 You can see the full article here #hellosundaymorning #tommyfranklinsmiles #thehappihunter #community #connection #wellbeing #iliketofeelgood #dancing #australia

46 2 Jan 22, 2018

Thank you for showing us a good time Melbourne! There’s no better feeling than being out in public, letting everything go and learning how to embrace the music without a car for what others think of you To the people who stopped by for a dance during their morning bike ride, jog or walk through the park, we salute you! 👌🏼 Next weekend, Hobart! 🙌🏻✨

103 10 Jan 21, 2018

Day 22: kicking off week four sansbooze with a 5am walk, healthy breakfast and some raspberry mint Nu #sansbooze #hellosundaymorning #dry2018 #dry #healthy #yum #summer

12 0 Jan 21, 2018

Perspective🌈. Halfway through worship, Parker whispered to me that he "didn't feel so good." Poor buddy. We swiped some oils on his tummy and wrists to calm the nausea and excused ourselves to sit on the couches in the foyer and listen to the message from here.💖. . There is a pregnant woman sitting on the on couch opposite us, avoiding the hard pews for obvious reasons. I had flashbacks of sitting in church for years, pregnant and swollen. Then, nursing my babies in the back row, exhausted.💖. . Another memory came to me of Sunday mornings completely hungover from the activities from the previous evening. That terrible feeling in your stomach, pounding head. A frustrated and numb spirit. Spending the morning justifying my actions. These people just don't understand. They're goody two shoes that just don't know how to have a good time like I do. Ha! The LIES that deceive us. How naive I was. Complete denial.💖. . Now, I sit here snuggling my gigantic 8 year old baby in church fully FREE and fully PRESENT. It's a beautiful thing to allow the Holy Spirit to penetrate your heart. For years I put up my giant shield of shame against it. NO MORE. I'm so over it. I'm so thankful for His relentless pursuit of my heart 💖. . . . . . . #hellosundaymorning #sunday #church #sobersunday #sobriety #soberliving #momlife #present #portland #redeemed #thankyoujesus

36 2 Jan 21, 2018

This is what I learnt today on a Dry January Sunday morning #hellosundaymorning #dryjanuary #yoga #retreattogayles #headstand

43 3 Jan 21, 2018

During this 5-day cleanse, I’m not just focusing on food exclusively. Yes, that’s a big part of it. But just as important, actually maybe more, is focus on my breath. I’m waking up early each morning and starting my day with at least 10 minutes of deep breathing & meditation, before doing anything else. They say you’re only living as well as you’re breathing. Deep breathing regenerates and restores our bodies. It cleanses our bodies AND our minds of toxins that have built up and stored. And negative thoughts and belief systems most definitely store in our bodies as toxins, if we don’t release them. Your breath truly is your greatest tool for health ❤️ How well are you breathing? How well are you LIVING? 📷: mirandayelvington

55 5 Jan 21, 2018

Anybody done an alcohol free challenge before? I didn’t join in with January sobriety because, well because January is depressing enough without a red wine, but I’m giving it a go now it’s almost over. It felt like an OTT step to buy a book but actually the #28dayalcoholfreechallenge is genuinely helping me unpick my bad drinking habits and walking me through it day by day. I’d love to hear from anyone who has cut back or cut drinking altogether. . . #oneyearnobeer #oynb #londondrinking #sobriety #detox #alcoholfree #nobooze #hellosundaymorning

8 0 Jan 21, 2018

The predawn hours belong to me. Sometimes it's meditation and mindfulness, today it's cheesecake leftover from our 20th anniversary dinner. Grateful. So very, very grateful. stevehartsoemusic hello_sunday_morning #hellosundaymorning #afaf #grateful #theluckiest #worthit #warrior #loveyourself #rise

16 0 Jan 21, 2018

21 days without booze and my beloved bubbles! Month one is ticking over quite easily. Feeling happier, sleeping better, more bounce in the mornings. #dryjanuary #hellosundaymorning #newyear #sixmonthsnobooze

15 0 Jan 21, 2018

Design Studio Sam II Product Moodboard . Witter dan wit kan bijna niet! . Wat vind jij van deze combi? Mijn klok met wit wolvilt vlak in dit mooie, rustige interieur van lovingitpl. . Super leuk met al die kleine kleur details! Je shopt de klok op . Binnenkort ook online in de shop! . . #product #moodboard #inspiratie #kiekje #klok #interieur #inspo #Lovingit pinterest #blog #clock #inspiration #interior #design #wood #eetkamer #knus #goedemorgen #helloday #wit #wolvilt #product #origami #detail #geometrisch #designstudiosam #hellosundaymorning #goodmorning #wakeup #sundayfunday

22 0 Jan 21, 2018


74 7 Jan 21, 2018

Good morning! I have some plans for this Sunday but first coffee please! ☺ #hellosundaymorning #coffeewithmilk #coffeemaker #kawa #kawazmlekiem #dziendobry #niedziela #polishblogger #caffeinelife #morninglikethese #igcoffee #coffeeandseasons

78 2 Jan 21, 2018
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