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Factory Wholesale Top Quality 9A 613 # Body Wave Hair Leading Supplier For Salons and Stores 100% Virgin hair Top quality Factory price Ship by DHL to all over the world No tangle no shed no smell no chemical Any question, kindly contact us soon!!! Mob/WhatsApp: 0086 13826018390 E M A I L:yali #virginextensions #americanflag #brazilianhairsale #unprocessedhair #curlygirl #fashion #naturalhairlove #hairbeauty #myhaircrush #norelaxer #sales #healthyhair #atlantastylist #kinkycurly #naturalsewin #hairtrends #bundle #sell #states #besthair #extensions #weavespecialist #bundlesforsale

0 0 Apr 25, 2017

Today is the final day of Monat's money-saving, awesome free gift, Mother's Day flash sale! Mom (or you!) is/are going to love the hair and skin benefits of that free satin pillowcase! And a free Blowout Cream! Limit of two! Don't delay! Contact me now to get started on the most beautiful hair and skin possible!

2 1 Apr 25, 2017

Specializing in Healthy Hair! Y'nique Wright stylist of Jayah Rose Salon❤️❤️ handsgameofficial

1 1 Apr 25, 2017

To All those Australian and New Zealand soldiers who died so we can have freedom, we remember and thank you 💋🎖

0 1 Apr 25, 2017

There's something about a percision cut that brings me joy. I bought new shears. Can you tell? #tresselite #tresselitesalon #signaturetrim # #atlstylist #naturalhair #healthyhair #olaplex

12 0 Apr 25, 2017

Dear #SheaMoisture . Last April you created a commercial that showed how black hair care products are always pushed to a small corner of a store. You highlighted how it makes us feel to know that products we need are minimalized to a shelf while "white" hair care products get a whole aisle. You made that commercial and I cheered because I know what it's like to go into Walgreens looking for something and be told to go to the "ethnic section." . Today my phone has been blowing up with friends leaving nasty reviews on your page. I finally googled to find out what happened. Then I saw your new commercial about "Hair Hate." I'm not sure if you can gentrify hair hatred, but you did. . The people who use your products are black women. Let's put that out there. There may be white girls with curly hair who use some products but let's make it clear that black women built your empire. The Curl Enhancing Smoothie is a staple for natural women everywhere. Every hair type uses it. We rocked with Shea Moisture because the products were for us and by us. My bathroom is FILLED with your brand. FILLED! And create this commercial that targets an audience that hasn't supported you. . And I get it. You were trying to reach a new demographic. You want the world to know that anybody can use the products. I get it. But you will NOT create a commercial highlighting "hair hate" with a light skinned girl with "wet and wavy" hair complaining about kids teasing her and then some white lady talking about hating her straight red hair and dying it platinum blond and expect us to gobble it up and buy more product. I don't know the real story of those women but I can assure you that there are some women out there with 4c hair that can tell you what it's like to hate their hair because they were/are teased and what it's like dealing with it on a daily basis. . I'm just....I'm disappointed. I'm not throwing away my products because I spent way too much money on them. But...I may not be as quick to purchase more. When Carol's Daughter sold out we all prayed that you guys wouldn't too. Now it seems as if being mainstream is more important to you than being loyal to who was loyal to you

1 1 Apr 25, 2017

#Repost mizaniusa with repostapp ・・・ Mid-week beauty therapy❣️❣️‼️ #StrengthFusion Intense Night-Time Treatment 🔥🔥 Benefits 💁🏾💁🏿🙌🏽💁🏼💁🏽 : Dramatically strengthens and conditions as part of your night-time regimen• Patented Anti-Breakage Technology with shea butter and vitamins• #MIZANI #healthyhair #ajaxnaturalhaircorner #kyrochebeautysupplies

2 0 Apr 25, 2017

My babies came 😍😍😍 "Let the world see you baby girl" | Book me (Link in bio) #tonhair #healthyhair #getyousome #baltimorehairstylist #dmvhairstylist #phillyhair #dchair

1 0 Apr 25, 2017
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