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This has been a favourite meal this past week. I know, it looks boring but it’s so tasty! (And really simple!) Ingredients: Shirataki noodles (I used the “Magic Noodle” brand) Bone broth Olive oil Garlic powder Salt/Pepper Strain and rinse the noodles well (they come packaged in liquid). Sauté the noodles with the oil and seasonings at medium heat for 15 minutes. While the noodles are cooking pour your bone broth into a pot and heat it on low. When the noodles are done add them to the broth and enjoy!! It tastes super rich and greasy, kind of like you should feel guilty about it 😋 but shirataki noodles (made out of Konjac Yam) have almost no carbs and bone broth is so good for you! I know bone broth can be SUPER expensive to buy BUT if you ask your local butcher for cow femur, knuckles, pigs feet etc. (Basically unpopular bones of the animal) you can get them affordably and make your own bone broth in a slow cooker. 👌🏻

2 1 Jan 18, 2018

Ok, I don’t talk about coaching nearly enough as I should. But that doesn’t mean it’s not one of the best things I’ve ever done! ******************************* When I started out, I was just excited that I had finally found something that worked. And it was legit. There were no pills, no crash diets, no extreme detoxes or cleanses, no restrictions and no killing yourself in the gym for hours. ******************************* What I did find was a supportive, motivating, inspiring community. Workouts that could be done in my living room, usually in half an hour, that came with easy to follow meal plans and a delicious shake that helped curb cravings, gave me a full serving of veggies and kept me going for hours. I knew I had to share it! ******************************* I have always had jobs in customer service and working with people is my PASSION!! But being able to help people change their lives and reach their health and fitness goals fills my cup!! ********************************************* If you’re interested in learning more about the amazing women that I am lucky enough to call my team and how this part-time coaching gig is quite possibly the best job I’ve ever had, join us tomorrow for a SNEAK PEAK into coaching and see what it’s all about!! Drop a 🙋🏻‍♀️ below or send me a message if you want in!! Can’t wait!! #coachlifeisthebestlife

1 1 Jan 18, 2018

Has this cold weather stirred up any of those dormant achey spots for you! It sure has for us! One of the most common places we see tension is in the neck. Before your next float, remember to stretch out the neck a little. Gaze over each shoulder, take a gentle neck roll and maybe even try stretching the cervical spine laterally by bringing the right ear towards the right shoulder and visa versa. When you finally settle in to your float, notice if you’re still holding in the neck. You’d be surprised how often we find ourselves subtly suspending the neck. Eliminate pain and gain deeper relief with flotation therapy! 💙

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My brother hates mushrooms because of how they look growing 😂 He doesn't know what he's missing. Mushrooms are delicious and are a great source of protein and iron. Like this picture if you're a mushroom lover 🍄🍕🍚 One of my favorite things to add mushrooms to is rice dishes! Like the one on our blog! Link in bio. 😍 #enerex #healthyfood #healthyfoodrecipes #nutrition #health #healthyliving #protein

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Some bad days are cures with a workout. Others are cured with cosmos and girl talk. 🍸 . . . Over the past few months, I’ve really figured out what I want out of life and how I want to live my life. 80% of the time I eat healthy. I focus on getting vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and good fats. The other 20% I account for being human. I will never be able to follow a meal plan or lifestyle that tells me I can’t eat or drink something. I love wine. I love cheese. No healthy dessert is going to replace a delicious donut 🍩 Instead of taking away food, I add healthy options to it. I pay attention to what I eat and how I feel. I plan out my meals according to my plans for the week. I knew I was getting drinks tonight. So when I got home, I had baked fish and veggies. I followed my meal plan at work. You have to find BALANCE or you will never succeed at your healthy eating goals!

3 1 Jan 18, 2018

“There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty.” - Steve Maraboli. #healthyandhappy #workingoutislife #feelingood #feelingmyself #smilebro #happygirlwithahappyheart #blessed #ihavesomeonewholovesmeforthatiam😍 #pushyourself #blessedwithagoodman #sohappy❤️ #myheartisfull

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Need a new diet? 🍇 • ✔️ Want to drop a few pounds? 👍 ✔️ Want to burn body fat & lose weight? 🔥 ✔️ Link in bio: inspiration.weightloss • Follow inspiration.weightloss Follow inspiration.weightloss Follow inspiration.weightloss

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Day 3 of 80, DONE! I’ve been struggling with detoxing, from holiday indulgences (not one single regret, thankyouverymuch), alcohol, and nicotine. Yes. When I quit smoking after my Mom’s bypass, I vaped. I’ve been using the lowest nicotine level for two years, and decided this program was the time to REALLY commit whole-heartedly to being obsessed with my health and self-care at EVERY level. Which means, addressing my coping skills, healthy or not. Since my surgery last summer, and PTSD flare in the fall, I’ve been struggling with really staying on plan. You can only call it Balance for so long... before it’s not balanced anymore. I stopped taking progress pictures, because I knew they’d be evidence I was on the wrong track. Look, I’m a human becoming, just like you. Being a coach doesn’t mean I’m prefect, and I do a disservice by pretending to be. It’s my hope that by sharing my failings AND my wins, you’ll be inspired to make healthy changes in your life. Look for day 1 pictures here tomorrow. Time to be totally transparent about this journey. Ready to change your course? Message me. Our wellness tribe does hard shit together, and we’d love to have you! . . #momoftwo #almost40 #quittingvaping #healthyandhappy #foulmouthedmama #unicornhair #ihatecardio #blendedfamily #t1dmom #cattledog #baxter #skiseasonishere #ptsdrecovery #anxietysucks

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Just a month away...... Decisions Decisions ❤🎁❤🎁❤🎁❤ Gift Certificates and exclusive Valentine's Day packages available #HealingHands845 #HealthierHappyYou #HealthyANDHappy #Reiki #MassageTherapy #Relax #Renew #Recharge #PeacefulMoments #BOOM #TreatYourself #TreatThoseYouLove #VDay #BOSSBabe

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It is that time of the year where sh*t just got real. We are less than 8 months away from our wedding which means I really have to start planning and getting my self organized. Tonight I am mailing out invitations and booking a tent rental! Then the list goes on from there. Wish me Luck!!! . . . #teamriseandslay #teamriseaboveit #bridetobe2018 #fitbride #wifey #shreddingforthewedding #slimmingdownforthegown #gettingmarried #tiubride #healthylifestyle #bridetobe #lifestylechange #procrastination #weddinginvitations #healthyandhappy #healthystart #healthyfit #coupleswholift #goaldigger #homebody #sweatingforthewedding #balancedlife #shortgirlproblems #fitnessinspiration #needmotivation

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I have no words for today — draining and exhausting come to mind... 7.25 miles walked, 40 minutes of additional cardio and I decided to take my friend jon_sward up on a challenge. Each day for the next 15 days we will be doing 250 push-ups. Say whaaaat?! . . If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. Right? . . #swardpushupchallenge #fitfamuk #cleaneatinglifestyle #noexcuses #believeinyourself #keepit100 #thyroidectomy #girlbosslife #strongisthenewskinny #fitgolfer #redwinelover #healthyandhappy #spiritualgangster #positivespirit #nobaddays #positivementalattitude #blessingsonblessings #onlineaccountability #athomefitness #faithoverfear #weightlosssupport #faithfullyfit #godisgood #hypothyroidism #pushupchallenge #naturalweightloss #wakeslayrepeat #thyroidwarrior #challengeyourself #pushyourlimits

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