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This morning when my eyes opened to the sound of my alarm & I jumped out of bed & stood there feeling healthy&whole, 100% symptom-free, I paused & did what I often do @ times like that… I teared up with an overwhelming amount of gratitude. But then the little fear that always follows arose — “what if you lose it all again? What if your health deteriorates so greatly you relapse to rockbottom again? You have before, it was the most heart wrenching heart break imaginable, b/c to lose yourself is far worse than to lose anyone or anything else in the world how could you survive a heartbreak like that again? Could you? Would you?” ... typically I push these fearful thoughts back down after they surface, but not today. Today I let myself reflect on them & realized those very fears are ones embedded deeply in all of us who have waded through the dark waters of years of debilitating illness and made it to the other side, whether we have relapsed before or not. I also realized although such fears are natural, they also hold us back in life. I’m not sure why some of us get second chances, but I do know by living in fear of having that chance stolen away, you are the very thing holding yourself back &in many ways are the very one stealing your second shot at life away from yourself to some degree. So while fear-based living may be natural in some situations, that doesn’t mean its OK. That doesn’t mean we should just push it aside & say, “oh that’s normal,” & go on w/the day. Rather, we should tackle that fear, we should face that giant when it rears its ugly head & beat it the same way we have beaten other obstacles in the past ...b/c we all deserve so much more than fear-based lives & when it really comes down to it ✨💚 ...there’s not one experience, no matter how devastating, no matter how torturous it may have appeared to have been, that is wasted.Everything that is happening to you is being drawn into your life as a means to help you evolve into who you were really meant to be here on Earth. It’s not the thing that matters, it’s what that thing opens within you. 💚✨

25 5 Mar 21, 2018

🙏🙏🙏 thank you strangegrainsbakery for making yeast free, gluten free, dairy free, egg free, non-GMO, soy free, wheat free, DELICIOUS bread 😂😋

25 5 Mar 20, 2018

Struggling hard today but thankful for my people. . . . . . . . . . . . . . #lymedontkillmyvibe #healinglyme #healinglymenaturally #lymewarrior #ebv #epsteinbarr #adrenalfatigue #chronicillness #healing #thestruggleisreal

36 6 Mar 20, 2018

This coconut water is the bomb. If you like coconut water, this Trader Joe's coconut water box is awesome for helping with POTS symptoms. It is low in sugar and carbs, and it is pure organic coconut water with nothing added. Coconut water has many beneficial health properties but two are that it is very hydrating, and it also is a lot like blood plasma. It acts as a substitute blood plasma helping with some POTS symptoms. Plus you feel all tropical and stuff while Sippin 💙💚💙💚 #lymedisease #pots #healingwithfood #healinglyme #chronicillness

32 1 Mar 19, 2018

Reading up and learning about this new path of healing I’m on #healing #support #healinglyme #lifteachotherup #healthylife #reading #onedayatatime #mightyseedlife

30 4 Mar 17, 2018

You don't have to be perfect to inspire others. Let people get inspired by how you deal with your imperfection. 🌠 . Happy St. Patrick's Day and have an awesome weekend, guys! 🍀 .⠀ #reallife #inspiration⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #LymeDisease #Lyme #chronicLyme #Lymetreatment #LymeDiseaseawarenss #chronicillness #chronicpain #spoonies #bethelight #fightlikeagirl #Lymewarrior #inspire #hope #believeinacure #healinglyme #lymesurvivor #Lymerecovery #Lymestrong #Lymefighter #lifestyle #growth #healthy #wellnesswarrior #Lymedontkillmyvibe #LymeWarrior #intermittentfastinglife #gratitudeattitude #momlife

61 2 Mar 17, 2018

Local, grass fed chuck roast last night for dinner. Eat your healthy fats for whole body nourishment! Quality does matter ☝🏼 it’s not the cow, it’s the how 🍴 #animalfats #grassfed #local #grassfedbeef #paleo #bulletproof #healinglyme

6 3 Mar 17, 2018

✨🌸NEW POST & VIDEO: SIMPLE ARM STRENGTHENING EXERCISE FOR ANYONE BEDRIDDEN FROM CHRONIC ILLNESS OR INJURY🌸✨ Link to post and video in Bio ⬆️, video alone on YouTube channel: “When bedridden from illness or injury, you lose strength, muscles begin to atrophy and weaken, joints start to stiffen and more. The longer you remain inactive, the more difficult it will be to regain strength. Perhaps most pressing is the fact that when bedridden you are prone to blood clots and bone deterioration (including spinal degradation) on the most extreme end, on the lighter end but still of importance is that the longer you are bed ridden the more prone you are to bed sores and even a decline in mental wellbeing (i.e. depression, boredom, feelings of hopelessness …all of which can delay healing or worsen one’s current state of health dramatically and can also be prompted by or exaggerated by inactivity and thus improved BY activity, such as gentle movement/bed exercises) ...” FULL POST: link in Bio ⬆️🌈💚

28 3 Mar 17, 2018
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