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**RANT** I am so late to this but I really can not stop thinking about it so here we go. - I have a very strong hate for the media, we all know that the only thing they want is to get people to click on their articles and by that, get money of the clicks. This is what everyone knows, but the fact that they go so far as not even writing the truth makes me even more disgusted. They have no, fucking, evidence about Harry having dated the people that they say he has! It even shows in the article: “Harry and Sara spotted in 2015 leaving a hotel with nothing else actually coming from it” DO THEY FUCKING REALISE HOW DUMB THEY SOUND! When does ‘leaving a hotel together’ make two people lovers?? - And of course they can’t leave him alone after saying these old things about him, they have to go and point out that they didn’t know what hotel-room he went to after the show and by that obviously calling him a player (like they always do). Because to them there is no way he could have gone to his own, fucking, hotel room! - What probably disgustes me the most about these posts is the ones from twitter. The constant accusations that Harry gets for “being a womaniser” is going so fucking far. This girl is a true example of that but even worse, in what world is it ok to call someone a whore??? I have a huge problem with people like this, they are in the whole media world too. That is people who forget that people who are famous are fucking humans too, like is it so hard to get??! - So in conclusion, the media doesn’t care about real news, gossip and rumours are apparently more important. They will do anything for a “story”, even lying and calling the most wonderful man in the world a whore. It’s the most disgusting thing in the world

31 2 Nov 30, 2017

¿que outfit os ha gustado más? // which outfit do you like the most? ❤❤❤❤❤ #harryatyles #harrystylesvictoriasecret #victoriasecret

144 3 Nov 29, 2017

📸Harry en el desfile de Victoria Secret. #harrystyles #harrystylesvictoriasecret #victoriasecret

88 0 Nov 29, 2017

📸Harry en el desfile de Victoria Secret. #harrystyles #harrystylesvictoriasecret #victoriasecret

70 0 Nov 29, 2017

2 amazing performances! // ¡2 actuaciones increibles! 😍🔥✨ #harrystylesvictoriasecret #harrystyles #victoriasecret

82 0 Nov 29, 2017

🎥Presentación de Harry cantando 'Kiwi' en el desfile de Victoria Secret. (4) #victoriasecret #harrystylesvictoriasecret #harrystyles

111 1 Nov 29, 2017

🎥Presentación de Harry cantando 'Kiwi' en el desfile de Victoria Secret. (3) #victoriasecret #harrystylesvictoriasecret #harrystyles

93 0 Nov 29, 2017
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