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happiest of birthdays to my number uno adventure buddy. you're lucky I'm not there to beat your ass at beer pong or rage cage...because we all know I COULD DRINK YOU UNDER THE TABLE ANYDAY. 🎂🍻🍺 #bdayboy #happydays #bertababy #throwback #l4l

3 0 Sep 24, 2017

Let me tell you about my three must have favorite oils! Peace & Calming + Joy + Patchouli 😍 I love Peace & Calming for the days I need help getting rest and for the days I can't seem to get my uneasy feelings to calm. ✨ Joy is a daily must have, can not go without oil for me! Sometimes I battle a "winter blues" mindset, but it's actually year round. If I wear this oil daily, the bad days just aren't as bad 😉 Patchouli was not a favorite of mine for quite some time. My first bottle was given to me free from Young Living and my first thought was, "why did they bottle the scent of dirt and give it to me?!" Then gaites and I went to hike some cliffs and I was looking for some grounding oils to take for meditation. Patchouli popped up, and I figured "I'll try it once, and if I still hate it, I'm throwing it out" YOU GUYS that was the BEST deep meditation I have EVER experienced. I'm not even sure the proper words to explain how blissful it was! Since that day, I've worn this oil on my wrist consistently! I smell it when my patience are running thin, and my heart is racing. It's great to remind me to pick my battles and that every situation only has power if I let it have power over my emotions. If I forget these oils in my daily routine I'm a #hotmessexpress 😂I have no shame in admitting I need a little help balancing my emotions, and I'm so thankful I've found something natural to help! Plus I always smell great 😍😉 • • • #feelings #emotions #balance #meditation #hiking #dailyroutine #happydays #calm #peaceofmind #lightandlove

0 0 Sep 24, 2017

The moment when you come to your colleague's house for dinner and plan on taking a selfie with a wine bottle and then all of a sudden this cheeky and the cutest little man shows up wanting to take a selfie with you..! 😍😍 #forgetthewine #dinner #bestbuddy #happydays #bugøyneslife

1 0 Sep 24, 2017

Aweee I'm still in the car...... #babygoo #sweetCaroline #saturday #happydays

0 0 Sep 24, 2017

What a lovely day!! Sight seeing and exploring with my favourite people ❤ #familytime #seapoint #beachwalks #happydays #springdays #capetown #specialtimes #heritagedayweekend

1 0 Sep 24, 2017

He ihr Lieben, ich hoffe ihr habt ein bisschen freie Zeit und könnt ein paar Blicke in unsere aktuelle Story werfen. positiviphy schlägt sich tapferstens und erkundet mit howiflow die saechsische_schweiz und ich hab mir beim Wandern mal das Handy geschnappt und schnattere über Campsides, ein paar der aufkommenden Kosten, die bei so einem Kanada Roadtrip wie unserem anfallen können und was so Vorteile und Gegebenheiten sind, die es zu beachten gilt! Ich hoffe es gefällt euch, dass ich euch auf einige der Exkursionen mitnehme, es ist so schön hier, dass ist viel zu großartig für uns allein!!! Ich umärmele euch und wünsche euch ein ganz feinstes Wochenende und freue mich auf alle weiteren Fragen und Anregungen rund um unseren Trip 💋 #reisenfuerweltentdecker #canada #explorecanada #howtooutdoor #150yearsofcanada #nationalpark #myjasper #wildlifephotographer #naturelover #gobackpack #kanada #hiking #travelblogger #outdoorblogger #reiseblogger #forrest #mountains #nature #happydays #trekkingtour #burton #fjallraven

20 1 Sep 24, 2017
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