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No trip to Nautilus is complete without buying stuff! I got my aluminum reel and a new clip. I was just supposed to have my gear serviced, lol. Who has a gear acquisition problem? #materialthings #happinessproject #day043 #365days


What makes me #happy is family, spending time with them and the act of giving. Since I got my job, I have been spending money on my mum. I love the look on her face when she gets a little present from me. I never knew how happy giving can make you. When you are younger, taking is the best thing. But giving is more rewarding.So, my family is the main thing that makes me happy. Though eating a slice of cake is good too. - Sophie, Radio student. #sydneytafemopho #humansoftafe #happiness #happinessproject #mydayatsydneytafe Photo and interview by saturnaliandaydreams


#Happiness means a lot to me in this world. I like to see people who are happy and smiling. And the spirits are very high when you’re happy. Just seeing my twin daughters every time I get to go home from work, TAFE and university - I see my daughters, they’re happy, smiling, laughing and they’re playing around, and that is great, to have a family that is always happy. And I like to see comedians that make me happy too. Bob Hope - who has passed away now - he’s a comedian and he always makes me laugh, and all the other comedians that I see, like the Three Stooges. I missed Bob Hope performing live, and that made me sad. I think we should teach other people about happiness. I mean, happiness comes naturally - if you’re happy, you’re happy, and if you’re down, you’re down. But I think the majority of people should always be happy and rock n’ rolling. - Raymond, Radio Broadcasting student. #sydneytafemopho #humansofTAFE #happinessproject #mydayatsydneytafe Photo and interview by grooveentreprises


Happiness is when you feel at peace with yourself, everything is in harmony, you have this stable footing, friends and family around you, everything is going really smoothly, and you can sort of look up and around instead of looking at your feet and marching on. When I think of happiness I get this sense of quiet, and having a supporting community, I think that’s a big part of it. If happiness was a place, it’d be in the mountains. Thinking about what makes me happy has made me who I am today and really put me in the place I’m at right now, I’ve tried a lot of things and that’s how I’ve sort of found my way. When I was about 18 I went overseas on a gap year, I lived away for a year in Switzerland, I went there to learn German actually, and I lived there with someone’s family. There was a day or a week, period in that year about midway where you realise that you sort of fit in and that you have a lot of friends and that you click with the language so it suddenly works, everything’s going well and I think that is a moment of happiness for me, I don’t know if it’s when I was most happy but I remember it quite clearly. - Nicole, Radio Broadcasting student. #humansoftafe #sydneytafemopho #happy #happiness #happinessproject #mydayatsydneytafe Photo and interview by iusecomicsans

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