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Nachdem ich ja sehr gespannt war, ob es wirklich gut klappt, Eier zu belettern hier dass Ergebnis. ... ... #Lettern #letteringart #handlettering #handmade #selbstgemacht # #handmadelettering #brushlettering #Ostern #froheostern #ei #eier #eierfärben #creativ #letterlove #handwritten # #moderncalligraphy

1 0 Mar 23, 2018

“For each of us has no need to wonder about what God’s will must be for us His will for us is clearly revealed in every situation of every day, if only we could learn to view all things as He sees them and sends them to us...” Bloom where you are planted. He has you. Trust. #oodsofdoods

1 1 Mar 23, 2018

🇪🇸Llevo unos días haciendo un repaso de todas las novias W&W 2017 y los editoriales en los que participé, ya que quería enseñaros en estos días algunas de las novias que lucieron mis lazos la temporada pasada, y he de reconocer que me cuesta elegir. Tengo fotos tan bonitas, que transmiten tanta felicidad y emoción, que es imposible elegir una. . He decidido enseñaros a Tasha, que eligió varios lazos de seda en color blanco roto tanto para ella como para sus damas de honor. Me encanta el estilo bohemio de las cuatro. ¿Quién dijo que las invitadas no pueden ir de blanco? . Este tono de lazo ya no está disponible en la web, ya que decidí cambiarlo por el Ivory que es un tono que tira más hacia un beige muy clarito, tras haber visto que la mayoría de las novias lo preferían así. No obstante, os recuerdo que hago pedidos personalizados, siempre que la naturaleza de los tintes naturales me permita dar con el color que buscáis! Así que si necesitáis algún color que no veis en la web no dudéis en poneros en contacto! . ¡Que paséis buen fin de semana! ________________ 🇬🇧I've been reviewing pictures from last year's W&W brides and photo shoots for a couple of days, since I wanted to show you some of these pictures. And I have to admit that I find it very hard to choose one pic. All the snaps are so lovely and show so much happiness and emotion that I can't choose just one! . But I have to! So here's Tasha, who chose a few off-white habotai silk ribbons for her wedding: some for herself and some for her bridesmaids. I love their bohemian look. Who said wedding guests can't wear white dresses?? . This tone of silk ribbon is no longer available on my website. I decided to change it for an ivory colour instead after realising that most of the brides preferred it that way. But just to remind you, I take custom order, as long as natural dyes allow me to create the colour you're looking for! So if you need a colour you can't find on my website, just contact me! . Have a nice weekend! #wwsilkribbons

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“Michael always says ‘K-I-S-S. Keep it simple, stupid.’ Great advice. Hurts my feelings every time.” -Dwight ✍️ For real, most of the time you can’t go wrong by keepin’ it simple!! Less is more!

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♦️ H A P P Y W E E K E N D ♦️ Es ist Freitag! Genießt euer Wochenende und viel Spaß, bei allem was ihr vorhabt☺️ #handlettering #beginner #handletteringcommunity #brushpen #happy #weekend #tombow #love #itsfriday #feierabend #brushlettering

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Inspirado no design tradicional de 1915, mande uma mensagem caso tenha interesse em ter a história da sua marca contada nesse estilo ☕ #branding #designgrafico #designinspiration #vintage #brazil #typographyinspiration #logotypeclub #logo #logotype #art #graphicdesign #badgedesign #creative #creativroom #illustration #mkt #type #handmade #handlettering

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Our hand lettered pillows make the perfect accessory to cozy up any space in your home. Custom pillows available! . . . #handlettering #handlettered #homedecor #homeinspiration #homeinteriors #interiordesign #supportsmallbusiness #handmade #housewarming #custom #gifts #handlettereddecor

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I love c.cassandraturkey ‘s artwork! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #comic #c.Cassandra #calligraphy #calligraphyvideo #mesmerizing #pretty #handlettering #handwriting #video #mesmerizing #bulletjournal #bulletjournaling

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How we feel about coordinating a dear friend's wedding 🙈💗 #weddingplanners

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spring break has finally STARTED for me !! one week to rejuvenate my thoughts :') have you gotten on break yet? if not, how are you doing?

10 1 Mar 23, 2018

Warning: Public 'diary' post! This question has been on my mind a lot this week. I am realizing that even the most seemingly trivial things have an impact on my overall well-being...Music. Movies. TV. Podcasts. Social media engagements. It's all feeding into our spirit. It doesn't even have to be inherently 'bad' or 'evil' for it to have a negative impact. For me, the big one is Music. What I listen to on any given day not only triggers a certain mood, but it can literally move me toward one direction or the other, one decision or another. I FEEL the most when immersed in music and it is powerful. And therefore dangerous, because emotion can be a driving force that should have never even been given a license. I have to monitor what goes in to keep myself in line with my goals, commitments, and purpose. And yes, that includes skipping past beautiful songs I once loved because of the emotional turmoil of the past that they can trigger. It may sound silly to some, but we so often allow things to enter into our hearts and minds without understanding the impact of whatever is entering. In a world with flourishing negativity, it isn't hard for our spirits to be tainted. But I challenge you to intentionally fill your life with positivity. Encouragement. Healthy, meaningful relationships. Seek uplifting entertainment. Enlightening conversation. Joyful noise. And respect those who are trying to do the same for themselves. - My spirit is my responsibility, and tending to it may just be the most important responsibility that I have.

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Post de utilidade pública! Entramos em um daqueles períodos sacaninhas do ano! Acordou atrasado e perdeu o ônibus? Culpa do Mercúrio! Teu celular estragou? Culpa do Mercúrio! Encomendou algo que está demorando pra chegar? Culpa do Mercúrio!!! Mas apesar disso tudo, eu juuuro, não acredito em astrologia 😁😁 Ps: Mercúrio vai estar retrógrado de 22 de Março a 15 de Abril, e eu saber disso é mera casualidade do destino 😏 . #caligrafia #calligraphy #caligrafiamoderna #moderncalligraphy #caligrafiaartistica #lettering #letteringbrasil #handlettering #brushpen #brushpencalligraphy #designgrafico #astrology #astrologia #astrologyzone #susanmiller #horoscope #horoscopo #mercurioretrogrado #scorpiorules #ncdl #nocaminhodasletras

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