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Giving these two a pep talk - they’re going to need it when they see what I’ve done to the carpet. #theworldismytoilet #alldayeveryday #notsponsoredbyhoover

141 13 Oct 12, 2017

Who wore it better? #beiberfever

137 15 Oct 4, 2017

"cause it's Friday; you ain't got no job... and you ain't got 💩 to do!" #theoldertheberrythesweeterthejuice

270 23 Sep 22, 2017

Contemplating the rising levels of nitrogen and methane pollutants in fresh water tributaries caused by agricultural run off and whether or not to just pee in my stroller. (I did). #peepeepondering

277 12 Sep 17, 2017

Questions to ask yourself before sitting down: 1. Is it in the way? Not just a little inconvenient but very very in the way so as to cause bodily harm to anyone trying to get by. 2. Does it allow the air conditioning to exit the house as efficiently as possible? 3. Does it give you prime views of things that don't matter but that you will Bark obsessively over anyways? 4. Is it clean? If so, am I equipped and ready to make it not clean? If it isn't clean, then let's find a cleaner spot. 5. Will anyone be able to smell my farts from here? We don't want to waste any smells or sounds on an empty room.

214 14 Sep 8, 2017

Dog undies that look like real undies hah! #handicappedpug #handicappedpets #handicappeddog #pugworld #pug #pugs #thetomcoteshow

40 1 Sep 7, 2017

#tbt to that time the hoomans actually lost their minds.

173 13 Aug 31, 2017

In loving memory of our friend, Tank. You'll always be in our hearts...forever. Run free, sweet angel...until we meet again! tank_wheelinpug #foreverinourhearts #grumblerainbowbridgecrew #inmemoryof #neverforgotten #grumble_inc #webadbutnotbadbad #grumbleforever #4onthefloorfortank #handicappedpug #wheelinpugs

114 28 Aug 26, 2017


238 8 Aug 24, 2017

Who wore it best? #frogdog

171 13 Aug 21, 2017

The hoomans are back. I forgot how boring they are.....😴

210 12 Aug 19, 2017

Mami and Papi left us AGAIN to do more adventures - this time in Snortland Boregon or something stupid so we are at Grand-ma-maw's and Poo-paw's where Grand-ma-maw thinks she is going to get me to use my wheelies outside! In the grass! Where there is dirt! Keeping dreaming, G-maw! #insidedog #Repost burns3102 ( get_repost) ・・・ Little vamp. I got her WalkinWheels on her--with one arm of course, not an easy task--so she could walk outside with us for the first time in many months, and she just stood there. I share the thought projected by Winston ' s quizzical look. I think she's been spoiled by being carried and riding in a dog carriage.

174 12 Aug 10, 2017

Exteme #tot: wilderness edition

215 19 Aug 8, 2017

What goes up, must come down 🙄

170 5 Aug 5, 2017

My post-bath zoomies made possible by walkinpets - they're slower than they used to be but that's ok - the hoomans could never keep up before anyways. #zoomies #bathday

176 13 Aug 5, 2017
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