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Supplementing with formula was never an option when I first became pregnant. I wanted to solely breastfeed for at least a year, I will write more about that soon with a breastfeeding shot to boot 👢 haha. Just waiting on a few things...However, in lieu of store bought formula, we opted for a homemade goats milk formula, suggested to us by Astrea Charlett, her naturopathic doctor, as well as many people online. The more I learn about it, the more people I find out in my own life who either, used goat milk to feed their own children, or they themselves were raised on it! Attached are some links including the recipe and more!***Ask your healthcare provider and do your own research before making any decisions on choosing this as a supplemental option to feed your baby, as I am not a doctor. Not pictured here are the liquid vitamins and gelatin for the recipe. #meyenberg #meyenberggoatmilk #doctorbrowns #local #localbusiness #smallbusiness #natural #knowwhatsinit #makeyourown #zarbees #zarbeesnaturals #zarbeesbaby #oils #nappavalleynaturals #hallfarms #carringtonfarms #organic #nongmo #greatful #happybabyhappymama

17 7 Jan 22, 2018

The best kind of mail during sowing season 📬

79 8 Jan 20, 2018

How could one resist something this lovely 💚 Bringing a whole new meaning to Monstera Monday 🌿

68 4 Jan 15, 2018

Beauty, in brown paper packages 🌿

83 1 Jan 14, 2018

Coming home from the coffeebinx roastery with a batch of freshly laid eggs makes for Good Mornings🥚 #happyfriday

79 2 Jan 12, 2018

Look at what came in the mail. All my pepper seeds showed up. Move out the way winter, Summer here we come

77 1 Jan 12, 2018

Ready to add some fire to hallfarms_yarden 🔥🌶

76 2 Jan 10, 2018

Finally getting some much-needed downpour in Los Angeles, and our garden and indoor plants are very happy ⛈

75 6 Jan 9, 2018

Preparation is almost done. I hope I got all the right stuff. All my knowledge comes from the internet or trial and error. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears.

60 7 Jan 8, 2018

Caramelized Fennel Tart with Rosemary Crust for a cozy winter brunch 🌿

89 3 Jan 6, 2018

Garden Security on Duty 🐕👮‍♂️

80 2 Jan 5, 2018
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