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HPDL Women’s History Month In honor of #womanshistorymonth we are honoring old and new trailblazers. Join us in giving them their well-deserved accolades. Myleik Teele is the founder & CEO at #Curlbox, the first monthly subscription service for naturally curly hair. Myleik took the leap of faith and launched curlbox in 2011 and hasn’t looked back. Prior to the launch of Curlbox she had a notable career in public relations. Because of her skill to identify and market trends to the masses she had the opportunity to work with brands such as Calvin Klein Cosmetics, The Grammy Awards, Nike and many other beauty brands and music artist.  She masterminded a monthly product-driven subscription service. CurlBOX gives women the opportunity to try several products for the price of one delivered to their door step every month. Since the launch many brands trust and value Teele’s vision on how to make the lives of colored women easier with a good selection of products. Her work continues to inspire, influence and impact the next generation. Myleik is the personification of hard work and excellence.  Myleik stated “there was no one who looked like me to show me the ropes, so I vowed that if I ever became successful, I would help others”. She shares her insights, thing’s she’s learned along the way through her IG, Twitter, blog, and podcast and her website Most recently she hosted a women’s retreat in Mexico. At the #MYretreat women of color had the opportunity to attend inspiring talks centered around business, personal branding, and women’s empowerment to support them on their personal journey of limitless living.  Myleik Teele is a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it! #thehpdl

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Unknown figures of the Haitian Revolution. #haitianhistory #haitianrevolution #oge #ogérebellion #Jacquesvincentogé #Mackandal

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👑 #DuttyBoukman #Revolutionary #BlackHistory [source:] There may be no man more important in the Haitian Revolution than Dutty Boukman. A native Jamaican, his name literally meant “Dirty Bookman,” a likely reference to a secret book of occult lore he always kept close. He was an educated man, although a slave, who was sold by his British master to a French plantation in Haiti. Dutty Boukman would teach other slaves to read as well as instruct in closely guarded Vodou lore. But his fame would come in August 14, 1791 at the Bwa Kayman ceremony. Boukman was the leading Vodou Priest and called for sacrifice and slave rebellion. It is said that the Petro Lwa family was born from these rituals and from the Haitian Revolution itself. Only eight days later, on August 22, the rebellion began in the Haitian mountains in the north. Boukman was quickly captured and beheaded, but the Revolution had started and would lead to Haiti becoming the first independent Republic of Haiti. Boukman lives on today, immortalized as a Lwa in his own ---------- Boukman Dutty began the rebellion with a prayer to the people: Boukman’s Prayer Good God who created the Sun which shines on us from above, who rouses the sea and makes the thunder rumble Listen! God though hidden in a cloud watches over us. The god of the white man calls forth crime but our God wills good works. Our God who is good commands us to vengeance. He will direct our arms and help us. Throw away the likeness of the white man’s god who has so often brought us to tears and listen to liberty which speaks in all our hearts. --------------- Boukman’s philosophy was “Conquer or Die.” He was eventually killed and replaced by less effective, Negro, accommodationist leadership. As a result, Haitian independence took much longer than it should have. By 1802, the revolution had fallen into the hands of a man of the same ilk as Boukman Dutty. He was an Afrikan War General named Jean-Jaques Dessalines. He became the liberator of Haiti. #HaitianRevolution #Haiti #Jamaica #2Islands1Blood ✊🏿🇯🇲🇭🇹

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#CustomerAppreciation "I was born a slave, but nature gave me a soul of a free man." - François-Dominique Toussaint Louverture La_Belle_Nancy88 we thank and appreciate you so much!!!! Thank You! ❤

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#CustomerAppreciation Some of the things you get inside your package! Our customer loved it, and MzsIrreplaceable74 we love you too! Thank you!

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Had a ball with these two beautiful, BRILLIANT ladies!! They were gracious enough to be on #TitiTalks impromptu! I appreciate yall!! Myself, nzingaoyaniyi , and funlayophd discussed 45's comments on #shitholecountries!! IG: link is in the bio, episode 7, FB: link in the comments. On #iTunes as well! #podcast #podcaster #Haiti #Ayiti #ayibobo #HaitianRevolution #Imperialism #Capitalism #Maafa #BlackHistory #panafricanism #Africa #WakandaForever

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Say her name Marielle Franco a black politician from Rio de Janeiro. As a councilwoman from the Maré favela, where she grew up, she denounced the police brutality that Favela residents, most of them black, regularly experienced. Last week armed men gunned the councilwoman down in her car in the center of Rio de Janeiro with nine shots—four to the head. Her driver, Anderson Pedro Gomes, also died. She was leaving an event that she organized about black women’s empowerment. Her assassination has sent shockwaves all over the world. It’s forcing Brazilians to ask themselves about the country’s existing racism, violence and culture. Franco gained attention for her role as a human-rights activist, arguing that the city’s inequality and aggressive police culture were the cause of the violence that affected Rio de Janeiro for generations. She was elected to the City Council in 2016. Marielle was the only black female representative and one of seven women on the council. She broke barriers and represented hope for so many. She fought for the rights of women, single mothers like herself, gay people and favela residents. Marielle Franco was a fearless, charismatic politician with integrity. She was murdered for her beliefs, her race, and her sexuality. She proved that a black person from Favela could be educated, and fight against the social injustice that black Brazilian suffer from. We can’t help but realize that all the threads are coming together #Metoo #timesup #MariellePresente

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#Repost el_jemedari ( get_repost) ・・・ "Look for the portal in order to execute what is mandated" -Dessalines From Aponte: Art & Black Freedom exhibit lhccmiami #Haiti #HaitianRevolution #BlackMiami #BlackArt #BOLD #Afrofuture #Dessalines #Aponte

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We need to free all the fathers we need a fraction of the dollars they made from the black panther!! #massincarceration 25thdynasty I had to bless this classic track! #naturalelements Mr #voodoo #Dawud TheBlaKseed #freemutulu #freemumia Happy to see Brother Herman Bell set free after 44yrs of prison! Now #freeallpoliticalprisoners #Hiphop #hueypnewton #mosdef #yasiinbey #canUcThePrideInThePanther #blackpanther #blackpanthermovie #erickillmonger #timbuktu #tupac #natturner #harriettubman #malcolmx #drkhalidmuhammad #nilevalleycivilization #getout #ancestors #spirituality #marcusgarvey #maat nas #haitianrevolution #blackstar #90shiphop

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Jean-Jacques Dessalines defeated the French army at the Battle of Vertières in 1803. You gotta teach them young #haitianindependence #haitianhistory #haitians #haiti #caphaitien #haitianamerican #haitianrevolution #haitianpride #besthaitichallenge 🙌🏿🙌🏿🇭🇹🇭🇹

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**[CLASSIC BOOK]** The Black Jacobins: Toussaint L'Ouverture and the San Domingo Revolution by: C.L.R. James ° This powerful, intensely dramatic #book is the definitive account of the #Haitian Revolution of 1794-1803, a revolution that began in the wake of the Bastille but became the model for the Third World liberation movements from #Afrika to #Cuba. It is the story of the French colony of #SanDomingo, a place where the brutality of master toward slave was commonplace and ingeniously refined. And it is the story of a barely literate slave named Toussaint L'Ouverture, who led the black people of San Domingo in a successful struggle against successive invasions by overwhelming French, Spanish, and English forces and in the process helped form the first independent nation in the Caribbean. ⚫ We have free shipping for purchases over $100 and other bundle deals and will also put in an extra book or two for FREE !!!!!! #DTR360Books 📚💯💪🏿🖤🌌 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ➡ CHECK OUT MY WEBSITE FOR MOOR BOOKS AND HATS LINK IS IN MY BIO ⬅ -- #KnowThySelf #FrantzFanon #MalcolmX #ProfJamesSmall #IvanVanSertima #TheBlackJacobins #DoForSelf #BlackHistory #BlackLove #BlackUnity #BuyBlack #Powernomics #Black #BlackAndProud #BlackPower #SupportBlackBusiness #Books #BlackBusiness #Bookstore #RaceFirst #1804HaitiMovie #HaitianRevolution #DrUmarJohnson

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These are the facts, and are indisputable. . .They've raped both women, children and some men. Everywhere they've gone, they brought homosexuality, bestiality, incest, pedophilia, necrophilia etc..along with them. . . #revolution #picoftheday #politics #policebrutality #motivation #freedom #trump #smile #likesforlikes #beauty #beach #sunset #vacation #summer #weekendvibes #africa #haitianrevolution #fuckyou

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