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I started shaving when I was 12 because I believed that nobody would love me with hair on my body. I believed that hair was disgusting and that you are dirty if you don't shave. I still shave my armpits and pluck my eyebrows because I prefer it that way, but I stopped shaving my legs because hairy legs don't bother me. I've learned that I can feel sexy even if my legs are hairy. My boyfriends legs are hairy as hell, but I think he is hot, why would I feel less confident in my body just because my legs are not smooth 😉 #hairylegsdontcare #hairylegs #hairyladylegs #womenwithhairylegs

0 0 Mar 24, 2018

Since the “March for Our Lives” protesting gun violence is happening in DC and 700 other US cities today, it’s fitting that we think about random violence & its place in the gay community. To be fair, except for occasional domestic violence (physical abuse of one partner by another), it’s almost unheard of for gay men to engage in outright violent behavior. Are you aware of any examples? The only one that comes to my mind is Andrew Cunanan’s rampage in assassinating Gianni Versace, but he was clearly “disturbed”. Gay men are more likely to use sharp tongues as weapons than guns, knives, or fists. Fights in straight bars are common events, but I’m hard pressed to remember seeing one in 40 years of gay bar hopping (The joke is we’re far more likely to use our fingernails as weapons in a physical fight than any other implement.). What is it about heterosexual men that leads them to so frequently foment violence and why is it generally absent among gay men? Not surprisingly, there are no photos of violent behavior in my collection, only this shot of a straight hunk I had met at my YMCA and was enamored of in 1982, wrestling in a local tournament (and getting badly beaten, at least momentarily). I loved his big hairy thighs!:). #35mm

91 3 Mar 24, 2018

#feet #converse #relax #man #weekend #legs #hairylegs 🐻😉🐺

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Nice to be back home after a busy day at work ahh time to chill in the garden in my shorts. #gay #instagay #gayuk #gaybrit #gaylad #hairylegs #garden #gaycumbria

28 2 Mar 24, 2018

It’s that time of year again... damn lodgers! #spider #bikeshed #lodgers #hairylegs #dontmindthem

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Yes !! Lucky finds. #harrypotter4life #beetlejuice #hairylegs

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