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Thin hairs can be seen in many hair loss conditions and are not specific. One of the more common reasons to find "thin" hairs on the scalp is genetic hair loss. These "miniaturized" hairs are typical of genetic hair loss (red arrow). #hair #hairloss #androgenetic


A lot of keif and hairs. I have plans for this. #weed #dank #loud #loudpvck #keif #orange #hairs #lustthedust


All these bundles are 18"!! This is just to show you the versatility of hair, notice the blunt cut ends on the straight bundle? That is because it is double drawn, meaning all short hairs are taken out and replaced with longer hairs to ensure FULL body volume with ease


Here we will again review some interesting up close scalp photos of alopecia areata, this time a form known as "subacute AA." Alopecia areata is an autoimmune condition which is usually easy to diagnose because affected individuals develop circular hairless patches. In the early stages of this condition, one often sees short tiny hairs in the bare areas (exclamation mark hairs). Exclamation mark hairs are only seen in early stages of alopecia areata (acute AA) and not in subacute and chronic stages. In the subacute stage in this patient with AA for 1 year (photo), numerous small miniaturized hairs are seen. This can trick one into thinking these are the miniaturized hairs of androgenetic alopecia. A biopsy is usually not necessary in acute alopecia areata because the diagnosis is generally obvious. However, if one decided to do a biopsy, the pathologist can easily confirm the diagnosis of alopecia areata. In subacute AA, a biopsy may or may not render the diagnosis. Inflammation may be gone and the only finding sometimes is an increased number of catagen and telogen hairs. Tomorrow we will review together the features of chronic AA.


Androgenetic alopecia (AGA). A mix of thick ("terminal") hairs and thin ("vellus") hairs is typical of this type of hair loss. By age 50, about 60 % of men and 40 % of women will have androgenetic alopecia.


And from a tiny seed....These are the brassica seeds R and I sowed yesterday. Already germinating, and showing off their root hairs. These hairs increase the surface area of the root and allow for greater uptake of moisture and nutrients from the soil. Grow, babies, grow!. #science #horticulture #plantnerd #organicgardening #growyourown #microgreens #sowgood #plantlove #creationcare #gardening #sowingseeds #germination #brassica

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