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Nothing could fit miss Jaime's personality more than bold and blonde! When anyone asks to go full 👗Mariliyn👗 (and they are a good candidate for that service) the answer is an excited "Yes!" . . . with guidelines. Blondes need to know that blonde isn't just a color - Blonde is a lifestyle. . A product regiment for use at home is a must (I recommend paulmitchellus #ForeverBlonde line). Seasonal treatments are smart (a Paul Mitchell #Keratriplex treatment is perfect). And regular visits to the salon to update the regrowth is crucial. . . There is a heat zone that extends about half an inch away from your scalp that causes Lightener to process faster. Coincidentally this is about how much hair a person grows, on average, in around four weeks. Once the regrowth passes the half inch Mark you're dealing with hair that processing at different speeds depending on its distance from the scalp and that creates complications and really life is complicated enough. If you want to adventure through life as a 💎bling 💎bling 💎 blonde expect to see your hairdresser 11 to 12 times a year, but baby, it's worth it! 👸And the blondes go #YASSS. . . Cut, color, and style theprofessorhairdresser Thanks for stopping by and have a 🥇 day. 👋 . #PaulMitchell #SynchroLift #PMShines #AwapuhiWildGinger #ForeverBlonde #PlatinumCard #Blonde #Blowout #OCHair #HairBlog #StyleBlog #AmericanSalon #BehindTheChair #ModernSalon #Milady #HairBrained #HairNerd #HairSalon #Hairstylist #NewportBeach #CoronaDelMar #ChristopherAndCompanySalon #ProfessorChris

7 1 Feb 19, 2018

You do not want to miss out on this! Just a few spots left for this class. Follow the link in my bio for tickets ✨✨

4 2 Feb 19, 2018

Colorado Sunrise 🌅 #denverhair oraclesalon

145 1 Feb 19, 2018

Do you ever want to walk into a sunset to be closer to its beauty? Photo: witandfolly

16 1 Feb 19, 2018

Balayage, which is also called “hair painting,” creates the most natural-looking results because we paint on the highlights by hand, and can scatter them throughout your hair in a more truly “sunkissed” pattern.

94 1 Feb 19, 2018

Trying to will Spring with bright blonde highlights.

14 1 Feb 19, 2018

I want to welcome bristleandcrown to the livingproofinc family. I had the privilege of spending the day with this amazing group of stylists. Beautiful salon with even more beautiful people. If your in Boise stop in and experience the amazing work they are doing for yourself. They will not disappoint. Thanks for having me. thomcostello livingproofinc bristleandcrown

39 2 Feb 19, 2018

Rose Gold Balayage 💕 oraclesalon #denverhair

106 1 Feb 19, 2018

⬆️⬇️ Vanilla Balayage ☺️

20 1 Feb 19, 2018

Blended balayage

16 1 Feb 19, 2018
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