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I would literally die if halsey dyed my hair, these lucky fucking people😩 #halsey #halseyhair #halseylover #weloveyouhalsey #halseyfanpage #halseyqueen #geazy #hairdye #style #tattoos #croptop #purple #purplehair #hairdyeing #lucky

0 0 Jan 20, 2018

Hair time - thank u abbisilver #haircolor #hairdye

0 0 Jan 20, 2018

I have gotten super duper fat and I like legit cutting down the sodium aka Ramen noodles. Addicted to that shit😣😂 everybody is getting sick and I'm really confused on why ppl would let strangers kiss their babies? I just find it a big no no Cuz your kid could get really sick. But that's just mean. And they need some damn hand sanitizer before. It's just basic hygiene rules and keep others from getting sick. Washing hands with soap. Not coughing in your hands..which is sad my mom use to be a nurse but literally coughs in her hands everytime. I open my shirt up and cough in there. Drink lots of water..vitamin c and I take #prenatalvitamins which are awesome and both that and a 1000 mg of vitamin c 3 times a day is amazing for the #skin #skincare is important to me and moisturize after showers and stuff. I like smelling good, who doesnt😂 anyways I love #dove good skincare and I love herbal essence and Garnier is a huge favorite too. I love #hairdye was thinking of bleaching it again but that is super hard on hair so idk. It's only been a month anyways I am probably gonna wait alittle longer. I got other stuff to buy anyways right now. 😂 I'm rambling lol I'm literally spending all my money on shoes so maybe next time I will get hairdye with more money. But will be doing intense moisturizing before I do because I am legit scared I'll kill it again and have to cut it off😣 so yeah #haircolor

2 0 Jan 20, 2018

Really would want to dye my hair fully blue, but I'm trying to get a summer job and I'm not sure would the possible employers take me seriously... *sigh* #dilema #hairdye #dreamhair #manicpanic #eyeglasses #selfie

0 0 Jan 20, 2018
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