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Fresh and clean hair for your big day. #PrellShampoo

0 1 Jul 21, 2017

Check out some foods that assist in hair growth and hair health. Next time you go grocery shopping grab some of these guys to give your hair the nutrients it needs. So you can have a Krush on your beautiful hair 😋 _________________________________ Shop: Hair Krush Extensions 👆 Follow: hairkrush_ext

7 1 Jul 21, 2017

Our favorite hair products for the blondes 😉💁🏼💁... Buy any 2 hair products and receive 30% off any additional product of equal or lesser value. Same day purchase only (in store deal). Maximum 5 products per person. 🛍

9 2 Jul 21, 2017

Mfs London has landed nayahair Awesome #keratin #shampoo and #conditioner for #keratintreatment hair. This is the latest technology in maintenance products designed to mantain moisture on Keratin treated hair exclusively made in Uk. Any more info please contact us : 0207 376 3682 #keratinshampoo #keratinhair #keratintreatment #keratintreatments #keratinconditioner #haircare #haircareproducts

2 0 Jul 21, 2017

Flash sale!!✨✨ on till Sunday! Get a set of minis for $20 when you buy ant system for $110 as a VIP or $90 as a MP. First time VIPs will also get the curl cream for free in their flexship order! 😊❤ ask me about my exclusive VIP group and the benefits of becoming a VIP! #flashsale #VIP #monatglobal #USA #Canada #naturallybased #haircareproducts

4 0 Jul 21, 2017

Psssst... we've got some awesome specials coming soon! 🛍 Our Bio-Cleansing Shampoo keeps the scalp balanced and hair looking thick and full! Get it at beautycollectionstores #thickerhair #bighair#hairfordays #hairtreatment #hairsolution #healthyhair#volumizer #thickeningshampoo

10 1 Jul 21, 2017

Been trying out new products......New video up #tachasociety #naturalhair #newproduct #haircareproducts. #haircare

14 2 Jul 21, 2017

How cool is this... Sea Buckthorn grows wild by the shores of our home in Newcastle, Ontario and the oil is one of the key ingredients in our Shampoo & Conditioning Mist. Used for over 5,000 years in Ayurvedic Medicine, Sea Buckthorn Oil (Hippophae Rhamnoides) "Tree that makes the horse shine", improves hair health and makes hair shiny and smooth, restores hair strength and nourishes scalp and follicles for better thicker growth. We're addicted and bias but our customers love it just as much as we do. Check out our reviews to find out what they have to say. And stop by our shop timmdavidshampoocompany today and give it a try today!

35 1 Jul 21, 2017

Sonaki Vitamin C Shower Head . This is the Luxurious and most amazing shower 🚿 filter I have used. Its made in Korea and it turns your water in Vitamin Water. Vitamin C is the safest and least toxic of de-chlorination media. It fully neutralizes chlorine and chloramines, and provides additional nutrients for skin and hair. Vitamin C works best with the hot water while other filters do not. 100% pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C shower filter utilizes ascorbic acid for de-chlorination. Vitamin C does not hold chlorine, it neutralizes chlorine from an element into a harmless compound. The life time of the Vitamin C shower filter is about 3-6 months or 10,000 litters of water and depending on the usage and the water quality. * Excellent natural beauty care * Improves dry, irritated and itchy skin conditions * Good for sensitive and damaged skin * Improves hair condition * Protects dyed hair so it lasts longer * Reduces chlorine-caused dandruff * Safe for babies and young children * Vitamin C is great for baby’s sensitive skin * Protect childrens' sensitive skin and eyes from irritating chlorine and chloramine * Prevent respiratory problems caused by the inhalation of vaporized chlorine particles * Great for pets * Good for fish aquariums – no need to age or treat tap water * Protects pets’ skin and hair from the chlorine and chloramines of tap water * Eliminate pet dandruff, which is commonly caused by chlorine exposure Water enters in through the bottom of the handle and passes through the vitamin c filter cartridge. As water passes through the Vitamin C Filter, the vitamin c dissolves into the water and neutralized 99.9% of all chlorine and chloramines present in the water. Unlike other filter mediums that surround or “hold” most of the toxins in them, thus reducing their effectiveness as they reach the end of their life cycle ...vitamin c filters distribute vitamin c into the water supply evenly during their entire life cycle passing clean, pure, chlorine free water through the high pressure designed head. . Exclusively available in GCC at etariq.official Order yours at link is in bio.

26 2 Jul 21, 2017

Sometimes I focus so hard on my skincare and make up that I often neglect my hair. But not anymore!! This kerastase_official resistance ciment thermique was recommended to me by my hairdresser and I've really noticed a difference. My hair seems to be growing quicker and just feels so much stronger. I put a generous amount in towel dried hair and BAAAAM I'm ready to go with my hair tools as it has heat protection!! #haircare #haircareproducts #haircaretips #kerestase #cimentthermique #beautyguru #beautyblog #beautytips #beautygram #loreal #lorealhair

36 2 Jul 21, 2017

Book A Shampoo/BlowDry/Curl With malyssamonique and receive a FREE bundle of secretsocietyhaircare Luxury Hair Care Products!!!! *Limited Time Only* TEXT 302-607-4009 To schedule an appointment!!!! ❤️ #healthyhair #naturalhair #haircare #secretsocietysalon #malyssamonique #hairgoals #destylist #delawarestylist #pastylist #hairstylist #haircare #haircareproducts

7 0 Jul 21, 2017

Book A Shampoo/BlowDry/Curl With malyssamonique and receive a FREE bundle of secretsocietyhaircare Luxury Hair Care Products!!!! *Limited Time Only* TEXT 302-607-4009 To schedule an appointment!!!! ❤️ #healthyhair #naturalhair #haircare #secretsocietysalon #malyssamonique #hairgoals #destylist #delawarestylist #pastylist #hairstylist #haircare #haircareproducts

6 0 Jul 21, 2017

. . Bingung dan ndak pede pake baju atau t-shirt hitam karena ketombe? Padahal sudah ganti-ganti sampo, ndak hilang juga? Bikin gatal kulit kepala dan digaruk malah luka, tenang gaiss ada minyak rambut sagha. Asikin saja dengan sagha ketombe bakal sirna :) . Ketombe merupakan kulit kepala yang terkelupas dan menempel pada rambut atau bahu. Ketombe ini ndak menular kok dan juga ndak berbahaya, hanya saja menyebabkan gangguan estetika. Ketombe terjadi ketika pengelupasan kulit kepala terjadi secara lebih cepat dari normal. Beberapa hal yang dapat memicu terjadinya ketombe: 1. Pemakaian produk rambut (shampoo, gel, dan sebagainya) yang tidak cocok dengan kulit Anda. 2. Stress 3. Jarang mencuci rambut 4. Iritasi kulit kepala yang dikenal dengan dermatitis seboroik Nah gaiss untuk mengatasi ketombe, yang dapat kamu lakukan: Gunain minyak rambut sagha. Dijamin deh ketombe lo bakalan kabur. Rambut jadi lembut, lebih tebal. Tidur jadi makin nyaman, yang suka sakit kepala atau punya migraine pun jadi hilang. . Minyak rambut sagha terbuat dari rempah, essential oil/minyak atsiri, serta base oilnya terdiri dari minyak argan, jojoba oil, virgin coconut oil (minyak kelapa tanpa proses pemanasan), sweet almond oil, dan lavender essential oil. . Tunggu apalagi percayakan perawatan rambut dan kulit kepala Anda dengan minyak rambut sagha. Sagha satu yang terpercaya. . #hair #hairfall #sagha #minyakrambut #haircareproducts #avaloka #rontok #arganoil #jojobaoil #perawatanrambut #perawatantubuh #herbal #ketombe #ketodiet #kuturambut #kuturambutanak #bayi #organic #freetoxic #uban #rambutberuban #vertigo #rambutbercabang

5 0 Jul 21, 2017

Book A Shampoo/BlowDry/Curl With #malyssamonique and receive a FREE bundle of secretsocietyhaircare Luxury Hair Care Products!!!! *Limited Time Only* TEXT 302-607-4009 To schedule an appointment!!!! ❤️ #healthyhair #naturalhair #haircare #secretsocietysalon #malyssamonique #hairgoals #destylist #delawarestylist #pastylist #hairstylist #haircare #haircareproducts

10 0 Jul 21, 2017

Con este KIT no volverás a preocuparte por el sol, agua de albercas o de mar que estropee tu cabello en estas vacaciones. Que esperas para venir por el??? A sólo 🚩📣🚩📣$650🚩📣🚩📣 #miosalon #salonavynablack #haircareproducts #parabenfree #haircolor #AvynaCosmetici #avynahermosillo #avynacos #hairstyles #platinohair #shampoo Hialuronico #cabellomaltratado

13 0 Jul 21, 2017
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