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#Repost jess.xv.v with repostapp・・・lunch ladynoun a woman who serves meals to children in a school. • TUCK IN • Despite a couple of neg. reviews, this place has been good for me. Perhaps, it has to do with what you order. My fav items include, the #hongkongmilktea, #pineapplebun, #ckt, #garlicchilli #chickenwings and the #hainanchickenrice.


traveller. (ˈtrav(ə)lə)nouna person who is travelling or who often travels. • DINING TABLE TRAVELLER • Seriously, I felt like I was in #HongKong today. Found myself at hkbingsutt for lunch today - thanks to __mooksy__ - I had some #hongkongmilktea, #charkwayteow, #hainanchickenrice and #pineapplebun. Much cheaper than jumping on a plane.

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