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MEET THE TEAM! 5 questions with co-founder and Coeliac Girl Amy! 🙌🏻🥑 1️⃣ How would your friends and family describe you in 3 words? Resilient, Determined yet Laid Back! 2️⃣ What is your favourite film? (More so in book format but I also like the film) The Horse Whisperer - through difficulties comes joy and learning. The relentless determination of overcoming challenges comes through in the end for both the horse and the owners! 🐴 3️⃣ If you could have a super power what would it be? To be able to talk to animals - they could share so much and you could do so much good with all the worlds animals by your side! 🐱🐷🐵 4️⃣ What is your favourite country you've visited and why? Thailand - for someone with food allergies it was actually an amazing place to visit as food is cooked fresh and is vibrant and flavoursome. I also discovered what my skin rash was related too dairy in Thailand so will be thankful for overcoming that!! 5️⃣What makes you happy? Being out in the countryside, spending time with Jeff and the family. Playing with Millie and Milo too and riding Hippo.. it’s the simple things 🤗 Pic: taraliondaris 📷 * * * #hunterandgatheruk #paleo #keto #glutenfree #realfoodmovement #lchf #sugarfree #realfood #cleaneating #paleofood #healthyfats #grainfree #nsng #coeliac #coeliacfriendly #realfooddelights #guthealth #healthygut #healthyguthappylife #guthealthmatters #jerf #goodeats #paleoapproved #eatgoodfeelgood #primal #meettheteam #bts

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Your appendix is useful after all......... 😲 (Gut Health Matters) Actually, 70% of all primate and rodent 🐿️ groups contain certain species with an appendix, if there was no purpose for it, then why would so many different species have it? 🤔 It serves as a safe house where beneficial bacteria lie and wait until they are needed to repopulate your gut. It also helps make, direct and train white blood cells what to do. These cells are very important because they help fight infections by attacking bacteria, viruses, and germs that invade the body. 😍 When the good bacteria is destroyed in your gut (by antibiotics or other prescription drugs 💊, foods with hormones, chlorinated water, birth control pills, stress, preservatives, alcohol, sugar 🍩, and many other reasons including an array of environmental factors) your appendix steps up to help recolonize your gut/colon with good bacteria. This good bacteria has many important functions such as: * Digesting and absorbing certain carbohydrates * Producing vitamins, absorbing minerals and eliminating toxins * Keeping bad bacteria under control * Preventing allergies * Provides vital support to your immune system A study done in the journal "Radiology" discovered that women who have had an appendectomy had a perfectly healthy appendix removed 28% of the time. It is recommended that you have a CT scan or ultrasound prior to surgery.. Causes of appendicitis are: * Parasites * Calcified fecal matter * Enlarged lymph tissue caused by an infection in your GI tract * Ulcers and other GI tract irritation caused by chronic digestive ailments like ulcerative colitis and diverticulitis * Foreign objects like bullets, stones, pins and air gun pellets that have been accidentally ingested As you can imagine, a high quality anti-fungal probiotic, along with keeping your gut healthy, hydrated and eliminating waste daily is EXTREMELY important in preventing health issues. #guthealthmatters #askmehowicanhelp

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Watch me break your #keto rules one carb at a time. And still stay in ketosis. 👊Yeah, that’s a piece of toast. Thank you, ketones. . Keep worrying about every little thing, but I’ll be over here in ketosis the easy way. #dirtyketo #tastessogood #byebyefat #runningonketones #guthealthmatters

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I know first hand how hard it is to struggle with gut health issues. Food is medicine and to heal your gut a high fat, low carb meal plan is best and to steer clear of inflammatory foods! Even at the grocery store the "healthy" snacks still contain ingredients which can flare up your gut. Here is a great idea to satisfy your craving. . . 🥑Buy the liveorganicfood Tumeric wraps and toast them in the oven and cut them up into nachos. They are made with coconut flour and have tumeric which is widely known as an anti-inflammatory! Grain free, gluten free, plant based and organic! . . 🥑 Find guacamole at a store which does not contain tomatoes. Tomatoes are a beautiful, delicious, and seemingly harmless fruit, unless you have a sensitivity to solanine. For those folks, eating tomatoes can lead to inflammation and other side effects 🥑 I suggest making your own Guacamole! . 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 3 ripe but firm avocados, peeled and pitted 2 tablespoons fresh lime juice 1/4 cup chopped white onion 1/2 cup chopped fresh cilantro Sea salt and freshly ground pepper . . . . . prilaga #keto #gut #guthealth #chemicalfree #holisticmedicine #ketodiet #ibs #celiac #anxiety #leakygut #holistichealth #crohnsdisease #sibo #healthandwellness #aromatherapy #smallintestinebacterialovergrowth #essentialoils #depression #ketogenic #naturalhealing #ketosis #celiacdisease #avocado #crohns #holistichealing #holistic #guthealthmatters #mentalhealth #sibodiet #holisticlife

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Can I have all of them??? 😋

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Happy Friyay! Finally the weekend can commence 😥😄😄here is a healty bite for my lunch meal! Health is WEALTH y'all. Did you know that your gut [stomach] is where dopamine is made? Dopamine is the chemical also secreted in the brain that makes you happy. Yes we are all just living organisms and OUR bodies are made up of different chemicals. It's so amazing how much our body can heal us on it's own! But with the help of healthy vitamins and minerals from NATURAL ORGANIC sources, we can inhibit this natural process of homeostasis in our bodies. Balance is key. Healthy foods for our gut are healthy foods for our vitality and life. Depression , anxiety, and other mental health illnesses are connected to an overgrowth of bad microbes in our gut, but if we combat those bad little microbes by eating more greens, fruits, and whole grains we can actually produce good microbes to fight against pathogenic diseases!!!! A healthy gut = a healthy mind AI SO BOOM.

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I get asked quite often about the 30 day price breakdown for Triplex... here is what a daily supply would cost you ($3.83) and just for fun I did a little price comparison with common coffee shop items that are often purchase daily. You'd be amazed at what 90 days of attention to your gut health will do! #guthealthmatters #thepriceisright

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Happy (almost) weekend, friends! To kick things off, I wanted to share another of my personal nutrition pillars—aka a practice that I’ve found works for my body. And this one’s about partaking in a libation...or two... ⠀ .⠀ Pillar 4: I keep my boozin' to Friday & Saturday only. And when I say boozin', I mean 1-2 glasses of wine or gin & club soda (plus lime). Alcohol, in general, throws off my gut—especially so when I overdo it. So I try to keep it to a minimum. That means saying "no" to happy hours or ordering something different (like kombucha) OR offering up an alternative activity (like a workout class, walk, or tea time). Call me boring, but the trillions of bacteria in my GI system are cheering me on and there is something to be said for being able creating your own fun and confidence, sans alcohol. ⠀ .⠀ But also let's be real...I partake in the random, spontaneous crazy occasion once in a while...I am human after all. But I try to keep these few and far between and I do my best to restore my gut health as soon as possible after!⠀ ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #wine🍷 #guthealth #guthealthmatters #healthygut #healyourgut #digestive #goodgutstuff #digestivehealth #digestivesupport #fridaylove #fridayfoodforthought #dietitianandrea #behavioralcoach #healthcoaching #dietitiansofinstagram #dietitianapproved #healthandwellbeing #healthandwellness #wellnesscoach #wellbeingcoach #transformationalcoach #weightlosscoach #integrativehealth #integrativenutrition #holisticnutrition #dietitians #registereddietitian #healthandwellnesscoach #rdsofinstagram #behavioralhealth

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Plexus has officially launched in Canada!! 🇨🇦 I have TWO FREE sign up codes for anyone in Canada!! Plexus has just made it's way North and we couldn't be MORE excited 🎉 . If you live in Canada, have friends who live in Canada, or know anyone who would be interested, let me know!! Two people can join for FREE!!! . . #plexuscanada #oneplexus #ohcanada #healthandhappinesscompany #canadiansneedguthealthtoo #guthealth #guthealthmatters #yourgutisyoursecondbrain #healthyhappymamachs #plexusmamacharleston #

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Fun fact(s) Friday: • $49,900,000,000 -- 49.9 BILLION dollars is how much Americans spent on energy drinks in 2014. (I’m sure I contributed to a tiny bit of that, but now I know better!) • $77,000,000,000 -- SEVENTY-SEVEN BILLION was spent on weight loss fads and diets. There's an epidemic in our society and these bandaid-like systems are causing millions of Americans to waste their money on products that only work short term. ➡️An energy patch is NOT dealing with the root issue. ➡️An energy shot that is supposed to last 5 hours is NOT dealing with the root issue. ➡️A quick-fix fat loss program is NOT dealing with the root issue. You want to know where the root is? YOUR GUT. More than likely, if you have any issues going on in your body, it can be linked back to your gut health. 💟80% of your immune system is in your gut 💟95% of serotonin (happy hormone) is produced in your gut 💟400-500 times more of melatonin (sleep hormone) is produced in the gut than the pineal gland This is WHY I am so passionate about sharing Plexus. We have the most powerful and most affordable gut health products on the market today that you can try RISK FREE with a 60 day money back guarantee! Sooo.. what exactly are you waiting for? 🤔

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If you have the desire to lose weight and improve your health... make it a priority to not become overwhelmed by the end goal and not to expect overnight success. Small changes every day, add up to incredible lifestyle shifts in your diet. It doesn't have to be all or nothing or perfectionist mindset to see results. This is the goal of my new group Diet Less, Live More ! ( we're starting april 2, get yo booty in there ) Something as simple as using lettuce to make tacos, as opposed to highly processed tortillas... or cauliflower rice as opposed to white rice... or maybe its using Monkfruit instead of white processed sugar.... Focus on baby steps not giving up everything you love at once or trying to kill yourself with ridiculous amounts workouts. You'll burn out fast ! What is SO AMAZING about small daily changes, is they ingrain healthy habits into our life. Drastic overnight changes , super restricted plans, or fad diets do not - these typically cannot be sustained and therefore we end up falling right back into bad habits. So let's take it day by day... moment by moment. Let's spend 12 weeks together making sustainable life long changes you not only see but feel! Does that sound good ? Do you want me here to support you through the process?

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Hey everyone! I'm super excited that we can NOW SHIP to Canada 🇨🇦 from Canada! Cheaper shipping and Canadian prices! To celebrate your first shipment 🎉🎉🎉, all orders going through by March 25th @ midnight will be entered TWICE into our amazon gift card draw! Ready to win? Free shipping for the next 8 people ($15 Canadian refund)! Message me to help you walk through your first order ) #guthealthproducts #candida #yeastovergrowth #weightloss #metabolism #free #canada #mentalhealthwarrior #backtobasics #guthealthmatters #thereishope

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Happy #nationalpuppyday! 🐶 Did you know that you and your dog might share a microbiome?! 🐾 • Studies showed that humans owning dogs had similar skin microbiomes to their own dogs. Having pets in the home may have beneficial effects on the gut microbiome of your children. Evidence demonstrates that early exposure of infants and young children to pets and siblings influences the development and diversity of the gut microbiome. Also, infants born into households with pets had gut microbiomes with increased amounts of two bacteria that are associated with lower rates of childhood allergic diseases and obesity.

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🇨🇦Oh CANADA!!!!!🇨🇦 “I’m not gonna tell you that natural supplements will make you #skinny because lets be real, even if you take them every day, but still make poor food choices and never exercise .... the scale isn't going to magically go down..... The company I’m with has incredible products that help bring healing and balance from the inside out, but they aren’t going to MAGICALLY make me stop eating fries and doughnuts💣! (It does however lessen cravings like crazy!) So, since all women care about being thin (you know it true!) why do I even mess with taking these products every single day ?? I'll tell you why! Because, I can truthfully say I am SUPER healthy. I never get sick, (and if one of us does catch something, it lasts maybe a day or two and never puts us down and out!!) I sleep like a baby, I no longer have discomfort after eating, I no longer have daily headaches and am almost always in a good mood despite dealing with some MAJOR stressors in my life lately....🔨🛠🔨💥That’s the stuff that matters to me. Quality of life right???!!!! I wake feeling amazing and ready to be the best mom (and wife!!) I can be. I’m able to get so much stuff done in the day as well as homechool my kids (something I could never do before) AND get house renos done!! I ENJOY the day that the good Lord gave me. 😜 That’s quality of life!! ❤❤ My gut and body are protected and healthy. Look at me before and me after! I’m thriving! My immune system is a friggin ROCKSTAR ! I feel AMAZING about that! 😜” - Stephany Lamarche #takeresponsibility #naturalsupplements #probiotics #plantbased #healthyfromtheinside #guthealthmatters #brainhealth #gutglam #free2be

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🌱Plexus is so smart! It is about BALANCE. Everyone is not over weight. It is NOT just about weight loss! Are you underweight & concerned Plexus products will cause more weight loss? Here is Willow’s story to ease your concern. 🔹🔹Meet Willow Downs.🔹🔹 Here is what she has to say: “As most of you know, I was underweight a little for years and I battled it as much as I could (eating a lot, weight gaining supplements, prenatal vitamins, everything I could think of), but I stayed at a steady 98 pounds. I started taking Plexus about 4 months ago, and since then I have gained 12 pounds and grown 3/4 of an inch!! This is such a break through for me. I used to have low sugar problems, and in my recent blood tests, they said that my blood sugar was great! Plexus has made me so much healthier, and helped me gain healthy weight. Thank God for Plexus!” #guthealthmatters #underweight #natural #products #work #balance #60daymoneybackguarantee

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Happy friday!!🤗🤗🤗 #funfactfriday #friday #worklife #lovelife #blessed #godisgood #blance #healthyliving 💕 Plexus Slim-"Pink Drink" was developed by an endocrinologist out of Ohio State University to help balance blood sugar. FACT: EVERYONE needs balanced blood sugar! 💁🏼‍♀️You may not even realize the far-reaching effects of having blood sugar levels that constantly dip and spike. 💕So when we say that Plexus Slim has the ability to help balance your blood sugar, what we are really saying is that it helps decrease: fat storage, sugar cravings, mood swings, brain fog, fatigue, and the amount of insulin and cortisol that your body is having to produce. 🙌🏼That is powerful! 💁🏼‍♀️That is why people are feeling better and losing weight. It's not a magical diet drink by any means, it's simply addressing your body's basic need of blood sugar stability. 🌴🌸🌺And as a side note: I have never felt so good!!!! . #bodybalance #naturalenergy #notadiet #healthandwellness #prebiotics #guthealth #guthealthmatters #glutenfree

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